This category covers all topics related to the Ruina Imperii alternate timeline, where the Age of the Imperium has come to a swift and brutal end through a 100 years long revolution. Beset by enemies on all sides and rife with corruption from within, a massive civil war spread across the width and breadth of the Imperium, until the fires of war finally came to the Throneworld itself. In a final apocalyptic struggle, the irredeemably corrupt members of the Senatorum Imperialis were cast down. The New Imperium of Man, built according to ideals of the revolutionaries, continues to fight the old Imperium, renamed the Imperial Remnant, and all the other petty xeno empires built during the downfall of the old Imperium with no end in sight. But as the shadow of darkness descends across the galaxy, Mankind may yet endure; because for the first time, the New Imperium fights not only for the survival of Mankind, but also the advancement of it as new inventions are made from every corner of the New Imperium every day to help the war effort. But for today, the resurrecting the old prestige of Mankind is nothing more than a wild desire as Mankind is forced to fight both each other and their enemies at the same time to do so...

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