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Lune Crackham/Bluestone Blades
Original Name



Unknown, the records of many of the Chapters during the Abyssal Crusade have been erased.

Descended from

Imperial Fist.

Servants of

Chaos Undivided, heavily preferring Khorne and Tzeentch.


Galt Talbot


Concurrently the Eye of Terror

Original Homeworld







previously they used hit and run tactics, after their fall they now use flexible Chaotic units, including Daemon and Daemon engines.

Special Units

Warpstone weaponry


"The Gods Judge all, for we are the executioners!"


The Bluestone Blades are a Chaos Space Marine Warband dedicated to Chaos Undivided, a large part of the Warband favoring Tzeentch and Khorne. They are known for their aggressive tactics, and liberal usage of Khornate Berzerkers, Sorcerers and all manner of daemonic forces.

as the name implies the Blades use the sparely known material Warpstone, which is used in the construction of planetary monoliths, batteries and the creation of Power Weapons and Chain Weapons.

“You call us betrayers, You call us heretics, You call us evil and servants of evil. the truth is that we deemed you self-righteous and weak, your paranoid delusions would consume you and attack all those that served you in true fealty, we took a greater god than your rooting corpse. the forces we serve gave us power beyond the tools we possess, their might is beyond mortal ken and mortal dichotomy, and soon enough, all of those that you have ditched to the abyss shall rise to do exactly what you have unto them, we shall fear no resistance, we shall not suffer mercy, we shall not suffer remorse.”

History Edit

Originally a chapter of mixed heritage of the venerable First Founding Chapter known the Imperial Fists the Bluestone Blades fought with religious piety to the Primarchs and the Emperor of Man, seeing them as demigods and Deity respectively, as the vast majority of the population was from a world that have been mythologized by many as holy, and it is regularly seen to be born as an earth-dweller to be an almost holy honor by the will of the Emperor. It is known that some of the converts with the highest will and fervor survived the indoctrination processes to eliminate religious undertones.

The Bluestone Blades fought for a century of standard Astartes exemplar job, mainly specializing in melee and coordinated strikes to test and analyze the enemy before striking the head. The Blades found a seemingly worthy Chapter World in Cyruzia, a Feudal World one with great abundance of life and the best of services in regard to comestibles to the Imperium. In a incidental manner the planet had deep beliefs similar to those of the ancient Norse of Old Earth, characterizing the Emperor as a martial, inhuman figure that should be respected and venerated beyond human morality. As such their population was grizzled, violent and highly honor bound. The Bluestone Blades recruited regularly from these primitives of Cyruzia and identified with the Northmen’s religious piety to He on Earth, they frequently adopted the rune symbols and culture that the primitive Cyruzians lived with, including replacing their own chestplates with ones more in line with older models in order to create more space for their runic symbols and small feats of honor, mastery or martial capability.

For decades the Blades had fought valiantly against all manner of threats to protect the galaxy, many of these where in regards to Xenos, but on occasion they opposed the Heretic Astartes, their concurrent Chapter Master Galt Talbot has repeatedly ordered the survivors to be taken to questioning, mostly to torture them in the name of the Emperor and this holy Primarchs. some of their neighbor Chapters saw this with weary eyes, thinking that the Blades obsession with purity and loyalty was going to extremes.

During some nights, the Stone Priests had horrid dreams of a breach on the sky, a Eight pointed hole where cosmic energy and singing figures of light emerged. At each inform of this visions the Blades feared for their future, if it was a omen of possible imminent doom or a sigh of corruption. Many of the Priests said that they felt this as a event, as a telling of a uncertain future. The Chapter Master Talbot feared about this and suggested the visions and premonitions to be kept in secret, only informing the Imperial higher ups, and even then it would have to omit details in order to not be judged as heretic and daemon users.

The Abyssal Crusade Edit

The Bluestone Blades began one night experiencing great fever, astonished at the fact that they felt such human weakness they immediately began to ask other fellow Astartes Chapters to know if they knew, horrifically enough many of those began suffering their own agonies, mutation, visions of indescribable horror and such. the Blades in their horror began to hear reports of their recruiting planet suffering similar illness, if not worse, as they approached to their home many of the Battle Brothers's bodies began to change, some even had their armour fuse with their skin and muscles.

They where Tainted.

The newest Warp Storm Dionys was the one who changed all, thanks to this horrific size it affected many worlds, when the Ecclesiarchy heard of this sinister tum of events, Saint Basillius demanded that all those Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes whose homeworlds had been touched by the Warp Storm be rendered unto his judgement. After a series of stringent tests and prognostications, hundreds of Chapters were deemed unaffected by the Warp Storm. No less than thirty were found wanting. Tne Bluestone Blades where clasified as such, he asked for consul with this brother Chapters in order to see what could be done at such turn of events.

In their council the Astartes of all thirty Chapters decided to do the unthinkable and face the Warp Storm, as they preferred such a fate to be systematically executed. Galt in surprise to even himself accepted this, as in this now mutated form he would prove he was pure of mind, and pure of ideal, in order to symbolically and physically battle the forces that have subjected him to this horrid fate, some of the Blades where less than thrilled to such a assured end, but their love for the Emperor was too great, and to fail him in both mind and body at such a scale was too much for even them, so they begrudgingly agreed to take the Crusade.

All and each one of this doomed Chapters where known as The Judged.

Before the Crusade could be carried out a emergency Council of Dismay was made in order to discuss the practicality and morality of such a task, Galt himself told his fellow Legionaries that he would serve as the Blades representative, few where begrudging and hesitant as they did not see such a waste of Astartes to be a good idea, but during a last speech before the council Galt said that the Emperor himself would save them in the Dark Tides, that His light on the Astronomican would shine upon the worthies of sons and would save their inmortal souls.

During the Council of Dismay the opposition to Basillius's demands got shorter and shorter through the hours as the Astartes representatives noted in disgust or in acceptance that they have mutated, the holy physiology of Man has been tainted by the Dark Gods, as such those that where against the Saint went anyways in order to atone, this included those seen by the Saint's supporters and Galt himself as faithless: Konvak Lann.

The Judged's fleet has been immense, the Bluestones readied in their prayers to the Emperor and His demigod sons to accompany them in this upcoming and last trial of loyalty, as they where about to finish a Large Chaos fleet came from Eye and attacked, many of the ships scattered, the Chapter Master ordered this own to attack it, but where distracted by the upcoming daemons that the tainted spaceships attracted, the last sight of the fellow loyalist battle-brothers in the memories of the Blades was of a last vox call by Lann warning this brothers to fight on against the darkness.

The Planet the Bluestone Blades fleet was nameless, his waters where a unnatural tint of blue and his surface was cold. the ground was a ice of alien colors of black white and grey. The Astartes arrived and set camp, knowing that the daemonic inhabitants would soon arrive, Galt readied this men with another powerful speech about sacrifice and the legacy they would have upon the Imperium as one of the ships of the Judged and a example to their loyalty to the puritan ideals of the Imperim of Man.

The human crew meanwhile had augmented in size since the Judged had been formed, the crew crawled with Cyruzians that have been inducted into the wider Imperium as civilized men, in order to strengthen the minds and knowledge of mechanics in order to help their masters, but they still where as superstitious as ever, ditching their oaths to the Emperor they worshiped Chaos in order to survive, slowly but surely becoming a secret Chaos Cult among the fleet which grew in size ever since. they begged the Gods to take the Blades out of the planet and they answered that they would have counsel with a Chaotic representative if they sacrificed one of the Astartes, undaunted by the task the Cult Leader accepted knowing that while the Bluestones fought one of them had to be injured enough to be near death.

As the Cult journey into the grey world they slowly but surely mutated, each day they felt weak of mind and voices appeared on their subconscious. As they advanced they found one of the Marines running towards them seeking help as he has been separated from his brothers and demanding medical attention the Cult with hidden glee complied as they went back to what remained of the Fleet, as the Astartes relaxed and demanded cybernetics to be issued in order to recover one of the possessed on the Cult chanted to the daemons to their upcoming sacrifice, suddenly after a hour the posthuman exploded in a shower of plate, exoskeleton and flesh killing many of the cultists and unleashing a being of great size; it was avian and blue of feather as it left the destroyed ship behind, intending to take the Bluestones under his grasp.

The marines fought on as best as they could but they where quickly dying, their destiny upcoming as the daemons of the four enclosed towards them, but a figure in the distance landed on top of them, saving the Astartes, The creature was one of the highest servants to the Changer of Ways and promised the Bluestones that they would live, unless they followed the path they where on, Galt in defiance demanded the creature to kill itself as his words where worthless to they where loyal sons of He on Earth, the dinosaurian monstrosity only chuckled as the marines felt pain, lighting rained from the sky as the posthumans closed their eyes, seemingly dead.

The Betrayal Edit

Galt alongside his battle-brothers awakened in a deserted city, the ruins covering the horizon, the skies the color of red wine with granite grey clouds, the sun hovering over them and blinding their eyes, before...something that could only be described loosely as a "voice" emerged from it, ordering them to heel, the Marines almost immediately did so, they knew the identity they where witnessing, the prayers of all and each one of them answered; the titanic figure shifted to His more well known form of a bronze, brass and gold armor face obscured by a halo of solar matter. The Emperor was before the Stones and in disbelief told them the following:

"You are a distortion of what i intended, the horrid nature of religion will not continue within you, cease the praying, destroy the statues that you posses and this unbecoming idolatry, you are are born of Dorn, logic should dictate what you are, not superstition, i have faced such sophomoric pomposity before, never again. Cease immediately, do so as you die, in order to truly atone in death to my eyes."

Galt in horror begged the Emperor to save them, to unmutate them in order to return to the eyes of the Imperium as new men, and serve him further, the God that did not want to be called a God pointed at him with His talon and the Chapter Master fell to the ground, the Emperor seemingly shook his radiating head;

"Even if i did, the forces of the Imperium would kill you, as they see you as Heretics, and as such a waste of my time, as i would never submit to the words of one such as you, you will die, you can only prolong such a fate in order to die true to my ideals, those that belong to me, not those of preachers and deluded murderers."

As the Overman left the Bluestones raged in futility of what they would have, they would die, the Emperor's cold words engraved in their minds and silently demanded retribution, not only they abandoned them, he displayed hypocrisy the likes they have never seen, he rejected their unconditional love in favor of hollow secularism, the very thing they rejected with pride to their brother Chapters.

The skies cleared when four things on the sky came, a blood infested object floated, seemingly powered by the life liquid and composed of golden brass, a cloud of all manner of insects and lamentations, a blob electricity, and evershifting water and feathers and at last a mass of pink flesh formed in barbed wire came from the skies, each of this entities radiated as much as the Emperor, they spoke as one in voices that fit each of the things, they offered to be worshiped and in turn to give them gifts of glory and holy favor, they even offered them new Battle Brothers to replenish what they have lost, as many of the warbands have been scattered some of the lost Astartes would accept their brotherhood in such a time of need.

Galt in despair and loathing of what he is about to do, accepted almost tearfully, as he betrayed the Emperor, but in turn was betrayed, so rebellion would be made, they would have their revenge in the name of their pride and the new Gods they have accepted.

The Campaign of Brotherhood Edit

Afterwards the Marines, now traitors escaped the frozen world, going to tainted planet to tainted planet. They interrogates daemons, beastmen and the like on getting information on abandoned or near dying remains of the Judged.

They found their first abandoned Marines on a world that resembled green foul smelling jungles, the Marines where desperate for escape, they looked like the green of rust in orange armor. They yearned not for freedom but to show the truth to others, the truth of despair and their new god. Galt in surprise to his brothers accepted them with open arms and went as far as telling them of their most upcoming plans, his fellow Blueblades judging him in poor terms as they see the Nurglites as tainted, Galt simply ignored such comments.

The Blades and their rooting allies the attacked a corrupted, tainted Forgeworld, primarily using the despairing Marines in the front line, Galt knew of the tongues of daemons that this forge was highly armed and needed extra muscle and the bolter fodder that the now dead cultists would make was missing; so he opted to use the Plague Marines as a worthy replacement. The conquest of the corrupted was a grueling progress, in the minds of many it may have took months. The heretic Astartes began to similarly and brutally interrogating the dark priests, demanding to know if similarly young renegade marines came here, maybe even if a member-fleet of the Judged, which the corrupted Mechanicus confirmed, it showed reports of twelve Astartes vessels, some of them came in distorted times, but the majority where indeed of the Judged.

During this crusade of reforging themselves the Bluestones began to worship and usage of Chaos, indeed slowly but surely the hypocrisy of considering oneself above such practices went lower and lower in order to survive, Galt above all others saw the gods as beneficiaries if appeased in their lusts, even then the marines where weary of deals that would do more harm than good, and would rather try to follow principles of brotherhood over treacherous hunger for power.

In the Crusade the Blades went to the rescue of each abandoned astartes, and with the help of their Chirumecs and the Dark Mechanicus they forcibly changed the minds of their charges, both psychologically and biologically in order for them to be loyal to the Blades, their Chapter Master convinced his brothers that this was a dark necessity, they almost died at the frozen planet, many of their concurrent force was clearly smaller and in threat of extinction.

The Bluestone Blades's Crusade went in natural terms for a good ten decades, in each they battled to the bitter end with known and unknown Renegade Chapters, or worse still the Traitor Legions, even as this happened the prisoners they took became brothers. the practice became so common those that where against it, citing that it was a violation of morality began to forget. This practice has made them infamous in a small portion, as their deeds have not made much of a impact on the grand scheme of things, indeed the Bluestone Blades did not care as much for infamy only for strength and escape.

Escape from the Eye Edit

Chapter beliefs Edit

Tactics Edit

The Bluestone Blades before their choose tactics that would separate them from their progenitors, as they disdained the fact that they did not choose the true glories of battle beyond what they perceived weak on sieges, as such they became a very melee/psyker oriented Chapter. Desiring nothing more than to determine weakness by assault and run, while using the most brutal weapons possible, the Librarians assisted on analyzing and assisting the ground forces, while such things as devastators would be on the front line, doing their best to destroy any opposition that would be in the way.

After their Fall the Bluestone Blades became used to using corrupted marines such as Sorcerers, Plague infested Astartes and Berzerkers as specialized forces. Each selected to contribute by using their chosen god as intended; Berzerkers being first in line, alongside the assistance of Nurglites, while Sorcerers and Slanesh Astartes would weaken the forces with surgical strikes.

The usage of daemons is of course encouraged, they are used first to the upcoming invaded force and directed to the militarized areas, as to weaken them.

Geneseed Edit

Organization Edit

Warband Appearance Edit

The Color of the Bluestone Blades's armor is grey-blue, mimicking the stones that are used in floors and decoration, even before the fall the armor color patterns where highly different than those of other loyalist marines, every armor the Blades possessed had a variation in the patterns, there where more than one:

  • The most common armor variation is that of grey-blue with several specks of white, some call this marking "veins" in geological structures such as rocks and stones, the white blurry spots make resemblance to the actual Bluestone the Marines are named after.
  • The Second most common is that of blue-grey with patterns of distorted white folds, this resembling the cloud patterns of a gas giant, this folds are seen in the the marble veins of quartz.
  • Among some of the Librarians/Stone Priests (now Sorcerers) have the white line patterns that have similitude that of real human veins or lighting forks depending on who interprets them.
  • The most rare, seen among few is the one where the white veins take a Interlace rune-pattern making reference to that of the old norse of Terra and the primitive Cyruzian art.

The Trims of the Bluestone Blades before their embracing of Chaos was that of Copper, thanks now to the Tzeentchian and Khornate cults the colors are now both Silver and Brass in combination to the aforementioned Copper. any Blade is capable of using any preference he has, if he is a regular Battle Brother then he might have all the metal colors in this plate trims, if they prefer the Crow Lord then they might use mostly or exclusively Silver, likewise for those that prefer Khorne including Berzerkers and Sorcerers.

The most curious characteristic of Bluestone Blade armor is the fact that the Marines search or create large chestplates in order to either sculpt, acid etch, or engrave Interlace patterns in the armor, for example taking older patterns of Power Armor's chestplate. (this is not done to those that have white interlace lines in their armor, to prevent confusion) this rune markings most of the time document what the Battle Brother has done to be seen in favorable light in either the squad or the whole Chapter (or in this case Warband) to those that yet not done anything the Interlace is just decoration. the Sorcerers are seen with the three types of decoration in their armor, as a showing of respect among those that lack the power of Dark Magic, those that are under Khorne's test are given the infamous caedere remissum of the World Eaters and similar Khornate warbands, the plated-blade horns have either the imagery of skulls, white lighting forks/human veins or screaming faces.

Warpstone Edit

the material known as Warpstone is similar in appearance to that of crystal of ever changing color, the material is highly dangerous to those without protection, capable of mutating lesser men into the dreaded Chaos Spawn or outright kill them, the Bluestone Blades found this unusual material in Ceruzia. it has been analysed as rock-solid warp material through unknown means, thanks to this the Warpstone is highly valued in the Warband, thought distillation and purification the Crystal can be converted into that of a blade, those used in either that of a Chain Weapon teeth or the Blade of a Power Weapon. in this most impure form the Warpstone is used as a battery for the equipment of large machinery as Spacecraft or that or war machines such as tanks or Titans. it is known that to handle this materials in their most mutagenic form with uncaring is to laugh at the face of common sense, which inevitably means death or worse.

The Bluestones Warpstone is one of the most well kept secrets even before the fall, as they fear that if enemies such as rival Chaos Warbands or the loathed loyalists found it out, they might create their own, or simply steal more parasitically from the Blades, which they see as a insult, as they in their minds see the discovery of Warpstone as the legacy that the Cyruzians have given to them, and to steal from them is a besmirch to the nature of the Bluestone Blades.

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