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Bluestone Blades
Original Name



23rd Founding

Descended from

Imperial Fist.

Servants of

Chaos Undivided, heavily preferring Khorne and Tzeentch.


Galt Talbot


Cyruzia (destroyed) concurrently the Eye of Terror

Original Homeworld





unknown, but unlike most warbands they stay unified.


previously they used hit and run tactics, after their fall they use Khornate Berzerkers and Sorcerers alongside their previous strategies.

Special Units

Warpstone weaponry


"The Gods Judge all, for we are the executioners!"


The Bluestone Blades are a Chaos Space Marine Warband dedicated to both Tzeentch and Khorne, as paradoxical as this mutual worship is the Bluestones have archived this union by addressing those that value tools over magic (or lack thereof) and those that posses psychic powers, for those that could lack magic they are blessed with manipulative skills. the Warband considers the two deities equals as both contain strategics on the battlefield and could complement each other; as the mages protect the warriors, the mages can create their unholy rituals by the bloody handed escort of the warriors and vice versa.

as the name implies the Blades use the sparely known material Warpstone, which is used in the construction of planetary monoliths, batteries and the creation of Power Weapons and Chain Weapons.

“you call us betrayers, You call us heretics, You call us evil and servants of evil. the truth is that we deemed you self-righteous and weak, your paranoid delusions would consume you and attack all those that served you in true fealty, we took a greater god than your rooting corpse. the forces we serve gave us power beyond the tools we possess, their might is beyond mortal ken and mortal dichotomy, and soon enough, all of those that you have ditched to the abyss shall rise to do exactly what you have unto them, we shall fear no resistance, we shall not suffer mercy, we shall not suffer remorse.”

History Edit

Originally a chapter of mixed heritage of the venerable First Founding Chapter known the Imperial Fists the Bluestone Blades fought with religious piety to the Primarchs and the Emperor of Man, seeing them as demigods and Deity respectively, as the vast majority of the population was from a world that have been mythologized by many as holy, and it is regularly seen to be born as an earth-dweller to be an almost holy honor by the will of the Emperor. It is known that some of the converts with the highest will and fervor survived the indoctrination processes to eliminate religious undertones.

The Bluestone Blades fought for a century of standard Astartes exemplar job, mainly specializing in melee and coordinated strikes to test and analyze the enemy before striking the head. The Blades found a seemingly worthy Chapter World in Cyruzia, a world where green life thrived and the best meat was given to the Imperium, the planet was strangely divided in both spectrums of Planet-Class, one half was inhabited by Feudal inhabitants whose culture was no different than that of the ancient Norse of Earth, while the other was sufficiently advanced to be considered useful for weaponry, decently sized interplanetary trade and self-sufficiency. The Bluestone Blades recruited regularly from the primitive side of Cyruzia and identified with the Northmen’s religious piety to He on Earth, they frequently adopted the rune symbols and culture that the primitive Cyruzians lived with, including replacing their own chestplates with ones more in line with older models in order to create more space for their runic symbols and small feats of honor, mastery or martial capability.

After decades of discovering the strange half world it had been given reports of strange activity, including the possibility of taint, the Bluestone Blades returned to their recruiting world and exanimated the apparently unexplored icecaps, as the Marines went to the cold top of the World they noticed strange beasts that inhabited it, fur filled and shaped as if they were horribly twisted by some child, after battling the horrid monsters the Marines discovered a small population of humans that lived in the harsh, unforgiving land; the Blades where told about the capability to master the secrets of the warp, not only that but it understand the secrets that it contains, the Marines where weary of such alien knowledge, as they have never truly fought a traitor warband, and where sadly lacking in intel in order to know about the horrible doom that waited those that served the Arch-Nemesis.

The Bluestone Blades slowly but surely took some of the children of the Northmen, judging them worthy of recruiting, the sorcerers of the frozen land gave dread knowledge to the Librarians about the ways of the Abyss, not only that they showed those willing to suffer secrets to see the source of the “corruption”, as it was shown that the deadly material known as Warpstone is exclusively found in the caves of the top and bottom of Cyruzia, a material that if mastered could be used a s a deadly weapon. Thanks to the subtle temptations of power that the shamans of the icecaps some of the Librarians secretly began to speak to the dark corners of the Warp, in some conquests against aliens such as the Eldar or the Greenskins those that opened their eyes to the Dark Gods began to search for grimoires or any paraphilia related to the entrancing touch of Chaos.

As the years go by the Bluestone Blades began to act more liberally towards the existence of the Warp, thinking themselves masters they began to summon daemons in order to pacify either human or alien that dared stand against mankind, seemingly not knowing that they further began to fall to corruption. as destiny turns to glare at the Blades a warband of the fallen Thousand Sons sees the power and misguided use of Chaos that the loyalists use and begins to give what the Blades want the most, information about Chaos, slowly giving clues to locations of forbidden grimoires the Bluestones grow weary of the almost contrived locations of the sources of the tomes, not only that some even suspect that the Imperium at large may have discovered their involvement with the fell powers, a necessity that they frequently viewed as the will of the Emperor, as they have seemingly not fallen into madness, indeed they saw the Warp as another extension of their deity, yet seeing most of the Imperial forces as untrustworthy of the Warp forces that they may utilize. unfortunately, after being boarded by the Thousand Sons they lose some members of their Chapter, most disturbed the Blades give chase in order to avenge and rescue those that the rebels kidnapped. 

Unknowingly to the fact the Thousand Son warband they were specifically where attacked was pious to the Chaos power of Tzeentch, and they desired to spread the word of religious conversion to the Dark Gods. The Thousand Sons alerted various Inquisitorial authorities and led them to the planet of Cyruzias, the world of the Blades revealed by the tortured victims that they have captured. The Tzeentchians began to disguise their colors into that of loyalist Marines attacking and destroying a most of the planet, after resurfacing to the deeps of space they fooled the Inquisition’s forces by masquerading as the Cyruzian Marines, openly revealing the fact that the true Bluestone Blades trucked with daemons. After being led by the vile traitors the Blades where intercepted by the ships of the survivors of the Cyruzian massacre, the civilians and militaries that escaped begged to give them sanctuary as they were told that they were the only ones truly loyal and the Imperium has betrayed them, not only that the world itself has been judged for virus bombing. 

Enraged by this perceived betrayal the Bluestone Blades entered the leaving Inquisitor forces and battled as best as they could, doing their best to avenge the former families that they belonged, defying the perceived injustice of being judged as unworthy of existence after a century of loyal service.  In surprise they did not realize that the Thousand Sons returned to assist the Bluestones, their combined might forcing the Inquisition to retreat. The Thousand Sons left without a word to the almost confounded Bluestone Blades, not before delivering a package from the dark orbit of space that was wearily accepted, containing the vast works of the Daemon Primarch Lorgar, that and a large quantity of Warpstone, giving the Bluestone Blades a subtle hint of what they should do as of now.

As the Bluestone Blades retreated they tried to appeal to the fellow Marines in digital intercommunications, but they all failed as the Imperial authorities sent the word of the traitorous behavior of the Blades, the destruction of their Chapter World and the dabbling in Dark Magic, immediately marking them as Excommunicate Traitoris for eternity. The Bluestones for once in their Chapter’s history felt the same as many of the First Founding renegades felt; betrayed by the very forces they worshipped, hungry for revenge and searching for a sense of purpose, the Blades began to read and consume the knowledge they stored thought the years, thanks to the Word of Lorgar the Betrayed ones learned of the truth, that the Emperor stole the might of Chaos for this own uses afterwards suppressing worship and their influence in order to gain control of the universe. Disturbed at their former Idol and with enough hurt from the previous tragedy that has occurred to them the Bluestone Blades surrendered to the Chaos Gods known as Tzeench and Khorne, seeing them as worthy deities to give their loyalty, as they reflected their tactics of martial strength and cunning strategy.

As the Bluestone Blades began raids on their former allies they occasionally sought magical artifacts to master the Warpstones that where given to them, using forbidden knowledge to openly manipulate the tainted material to needs as batteries, blades, psychic enhancers, and monoliths of pure Chaos that they created on their conquered worlds to lead any invaders either astray or corrupt them. Two decades later after the great cataclysm of Cyruzia the Blades where contacted by the very same warband of Thousand Sons that saves their lives, desiring their aid in raiding an entire Imperial sector that was practically forgotten, they even said that the existence of important chaos artifacts were stationed there, as the Blades assisted the sorcerous renegades their sorcerers and overall Tzeentchians noticed some signs of a imminent betrayal, not only that the possibility of a deeply keep secret involving their allies. As the raids reached a climax the Imperium’s most guarded orders sent the daemon slaying Grey Knights to defeat the Chaos Marines, fortunately the most powerful of the Bluestone sorcerers felt the aetheric disturbance and where prepared to warn the Thousand Son Lords, but in the arrogance of the triumph the sorcerous older marines utilized the power of the found artifacts to enslave the Bluestone Blades, showing that the feeling of betrayal was indeed prophetic, as the Blades retreated from their magically superior foe they discovered that the Grey Knights where arriving and decided to pit them against each other.

As the battleships of the Thousand Sons warband left the last planet of the sector the Bluestone Blades fought from their own, ruthlessly ignoring illusion and trick performed by the fellow tzeenthcians, before retreating as they softened the enemy barges long enough for the Grey Knights to arrive, destroying most of the renegade Sons fleet, as the Bluestone Blades took the weakened survivors and torturously removed their psiquic might, demanding answers to what did they know, as the tortured answered that they knew the events of the Grey Knight’s arrival would come to be, and planned to threaten the Bluestones in order to willingly stay and fight their enemies for them, quickly taking any survivors and converting them as fellow Thousand Sons.

after a week’s worth of torture, the Bluestone Blades finally learned the truth from their victim’s mouth, that their conversion to Chaos was fabricated by their charges. In delusional plight the Bluestone Blades began to speak with the Grey Knights from their ships, begging the superiors of the Knights to remove the excommunication has they have been all deceived by the work of a Founding Renegade Warband, but the Imperials, both human and Astartes knew that could never be possible as they would use their forbidden methods, and in turn the Blades learned that the world they recruited and the rest of this population was destroyed and considered heretic, so even if the Imperium was fooled by traitors they still could not allow imminent traitors such as the Bluestones to roam free of judgement. Both sides fought in a nearby planet, both willing to die in order to clean each other’s hated enemy, but after a grueling battle the Bluestone Blades triumphed, as they overwhelmed their loyalist foes in number and their native tactics of strike and run, as the last Grey Knight died the Bluestone Blades came to the ships and broadcasts their contempt from what the Imperium of Man has become, forfeiting their heritage and fully embracing Chaos.

Chapter beliefs Edit

the Bluestone Blades in their Chapter infancy where men of the Imperial planet of Terra, the most willful and charismatic of the converts popularized the belief of the Emperor as a god and this sons as this Demigods, spreading the word as they saved the planets willfully converting those that they saw as most loyal to the Imperial dogma. 

as they came to the world of Cyruzia the Bluestone Blades took the aesthetics of the primitive population, taking their rune patterns as their own in their armor, engraving the deeds of the most valiant or those that did the most bravest on feats in the name of either the Chapter, or the squad he is in. the Blueblades see swords and axes as pure weapons, as they can kill silently, and the fact that the filed disruptor that it posses gives it a almost holy appearance, in contrast they symbolize Chain weapons as controlling dangerous beasts, roaring lithe monsters that eat mercilessly and without calm until they will to dormancy.  

Their Librarians are shamanistic as they contain gems in their armor, and even more intricate patterns of Cyruzian runes both acid etched and engraved, seen as figures that control reality according to the design of the Emperor's will, as this is established the Librarians are both feared and highly respected figures in the Chapter.

The Bluestone Blade Chapter Masters and Chaplains heavily encourage their brothers to bond and love each other as family, as they see that the vision of the Emperor's will is greater than any petty inter rivalry.

as the Chapter willingly joined to the clutches of Chaos the Marines's devotion changed from the Emperor of Mankind to the dark gods known as Khorne the Blood God and Tzeentch The Great Deceiver, seeing them as the two most worthy beings in the history of the universe, as the Bluestone Blades envision them as the embodiment of the most predominant characteristics of the exemplar Astartes: Martial might, pride and strategic ingenuity, both Gods have their own monolithic totems in each of the Battleships that the Astartes posses, covered in the symbolism for both as shrines to their devotion to the Dark Gods.

the Bluestone Blades consider all the Gods of Chaos as manifestations of the will of the universe, which in turn come to be thanks to the emotions of all living beings. thanks to this they accept the forces of Chaos as natural occurrences and beings that should be venerated by their power and gifts that they give in return, indeed in order to consider a Chaos God evil is to liken them to a mortal creature, which is a insult to such deities in the minds of the Blades.

The Doctrine of the Wolf and the Crow Edit

The Bluestone Blades are one of the few warbands that utilizes two antagonistic Chaos forces in order to create both brutal and cunning strategies. thanks to the books of Lorgar the Blades analyzed each of the Ruinous Powers trying to find a interpretation that was useful to a pragmatic warband, as they realized that Khorne is the least "nuanced" of the four as it is seen as just a god of slaughter and war; the Bluestones realized that the Blood God is in reality the deity of violence, period. as any violent mean exalted in this name (and even those that do not slightly empower this will as most of the time they contain negative emotions) will be seen as a sign of devotion. any method that will have as a goal violence can appease the Brass Lord seems allowed, as they have seen in various Chaos literature they have seen people of benevolent morality declaring the will of Khorne in order to fight for what they either believe in, to protect or to avenge. as such they began to experiment, giving the most lowest of the Marine Chapter complete permission to obey the will of Khorne, as the Marines of the 12th squad slowly became berzerkers the Chapter Master Talbot began to see something in the eyes of the youngest Astartes; a struggle that was internal. as the Chaplains where ordered vigilance over the Khornates they noticed that those that gave less piety to Khorne lost most of their minds day by day, but those that took the life of eternal bloodshed where given a cold rage, one that can be directed if the will of the follower was strong, there were cases that even if the will was strong they could slowly degenerate mentally, but still the results where given shortly after the 12th Squad was secretly sacrificed in a suicide mission, Khorne's fury was a test.

Any means of violence with high emotional content will please the will of Khorne, it is a fact that the source of the violence nor the context matter, but the emphasis of self-destructive rage did not seem helpful nor highly beneficial to any trained warrior nor soldier, as the Chaplains and Chapter Master Talbot analysed the minds of those that yearned the attention of Khorne they noticed that the fury can be directed successfully by few that not only where pious, but where fighting by a ideal that involved some sort of honor or self restraint as much as commitment to taking the skulls of the foes.

Indeed the faithful of Talbot made the theory that Khorne is a being of liberal uses if applied with the ends that the Brass Lord desires, the inducement of mindless rage could be considered a test where the Chaos God could not truly "lose", if the worshiper has the discipline and will of self-control then this warrior is a skillful and deadly killer, that is humble enough to not let suicidal overconfidence nor rabid rage cloud their trained spirit and potential, therefore has the Bluestone Blades noticed both the warrior and the berserk rage subsided and where used only to a target, slowly but surely passing this "test".

To "fail" it is to let the rage dominate the Khornate, it is unknown if abiding the skull taking and offering is required for the madness spread and dominate, but to Khorne the taking of lives in rage is the true goal, as the saying goes "He cares not from whom the blood flows, as long as it flows". as such it could be theorized that alliances with a sorcerer can make a effective team as long as they do not interfere with each others methods and instead use their strengths in order to spread both the violence and the disorder that both Khorne and Tzeentch seek.

It has been noted by the Bluestones that the Gods of Chaos live up to their name not just in their alien and eldritch power, origins and overall matter, but because they seek to topple the established order of things, both Tzeentch and Khorne perpetuate the state of the galaxy as a monstrous war zone in many planets; as many ancient texts of lore that the Blades have discovered say that Tzeentch's manipulations and plots of the hopeful bolster the wars and tragedies of all the reaches of the universe, thanks to all the disorder the emotions and souls of the masses empower and feed Tzeentch. it has been pointed out in some of those texts a example of this: as one can swear revenge and alliance to the Forbidden Powers in order to defeat or avenge himself, he or she may be able to create as much destruction and hardship thorough the world as the one that antagonized the victim, which in turn creates other hopeful enemies seeking to eliminate either the former or the later tyrants (or both).

As such Tzeentch and Khorne seek a similar goal it is seen that both desire "Chaos" in order to feed themselves, thanks to this rationalizations the Bluestone Blades encourage that the methods used by both types of Chaos followers must be used in mutual respect and discipline, as many other warbands have easily scattered thanks to petty, unnecessary and idiotic infighting that does nothing to topple the Imperium of Man, instead benefiting it.

Warband Appearance Edit

The Color of the Bluestone Blades's armor is grey-blue, mimicking the stones that are used in floors and decoration, even before the fall the armor color patterns where highly different than those of other loyalist marines, every armor the Blades possessed had a variation in the patterns, there where more than one:

  • The most common armor variation is that of grey-blue with several specks of white, some call this marking "veins" in geological structures such as rocks and stones, the white blurry spots make resemblance to the actual Bluestone the Marines are named after.
  • Simple white lines on the Blue-Grey is the second most generic pattern that some Battle Brothers have.
  • The third most common is that of blue-grey with patterns of distorted white folds, this resembling the cloud patterns of a gas giant, this folds are seen in the the marble veins of quartz.
  • Among some of the Librarians (now sorcerers) the white line patterns that have similitude that of real human veins or lighting forks depending on who interprets them.
  • The most rare, seen among few is the one where the white veins take a Interlace rune-pattern making reference to that of the old norse of Terra and the primitive Cyruzian art.

The Trims of the Bluestone Blades before their embracing of Chaos was that of Copper, thanks now to the Tzeentchian and Khornate cults the colors are now both Silver and Brass in combination to the aforementioned Copper. any Blade is capable of using any preference he has, if he is a regular Battle Brother then he might have all the metal colors in this plate trims, if they prefer the Crow Lord then they might use mostly or exclusively Silver, likewise for those that prefer Khorne including Berzerkers and Sorcerers.

The most curious characteristic of Bluestone Blade armor is the fact that the Marines search or create large chestplates in order to either sculpt, acid etch, or engrave Interlace patterns in the armor, for example taking older patterns of Power Armor's chestplate. (this is not done to those that have white interlace lines in their armor, to prevent confusion) this rune markings most of the time document what the Battle Brother has done to be seen in favorable light in either the squad or the whole Chapter (or in this case Warband) to those that yet not done anything the Interlace is just decoration. the Sorcerers are seen with the three types of decoration in their armor, as a showing of respect among those that lack the power of Dark Magic, those that are under Khorne's test are given the infamous caedere remissum of the World Eaters and similar Khornate warbands, the plated-blade horns have either the imagery of skulls, white lighting forks/human veins or screaming faces.

Warpsone Edit

the material known as Warpsone is similar in appearance to that of crystal of ever changing color, the material is highly dangerous to those without protection, capable of mutating lesser men into the dreaded Chaos Spawn or outright kill them, the Bluestone Blades found this unusual material in Ceruzia. it has been analysed as rock-solid warp material through unknown means, thanks to this the Warpstone is highly valued in the Warband, thought distillation and purification the Crystal can be converted into that of a blade, those used in either that of a Chain Weapon teeth or the Blade of a Power Weapon. in this most impure form the Warpstone is used as a battery for the equipment of large machinery as Spacecraft or that or war machines such as tanks or Titans. it is known that to handle this materials in their most mutagenic form with uncaring is to laugh at the face of common sense, which inevitably means death or worse.

The Bluestones Warpstone is one of the most well kept secrets even before the fall, as they fear that if enemies such as rival Chaos Warbands or the loathed loyalists found it out, they might create their own, or simply steal more parasitically from the Blades, which they see as a insult, as they in their minds see the discovery of Warpstone as the legacy that the Cyruzians have given to them, and to steal from them is a besmirch to the nature of the Bluestone Blades.

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