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Blood Fiends
Blood Fiends
Blood Fiends
Original Name

Blood Fiends

Descended from

Blood Angels

Servants of




Original Homeworld


  • ~900 marines
  • Thousands of renegade serfs


  • "His blood flows in our veins!" (original)
  • "Drink their blood from their skulls!" (current)

The Blood Fiends are a renegade Space Marine Chapter of Blood Angel Descent. They all fell to the Red Thirst in 945.M41 when the captain of the chapter's 2nd Company fell to Chaos and killed his Chapter Master With the blessing of Khorne, the blood god, he took command of the Chapter and its fleet.


Fall to ChaosEdit

Chapter organizationEdit

Chapter beliefsEdit

Chapter tacticsEdit


The Red ThirstEdit

The Black RageEdit

Chapter RelicsEdit

Notable membersEdit

Ruhiel Ol'RakEdit

The previous Chapter Master known for his extreme love, even by Space Marine standards, for the Emperor. He was killed by chapter's 2nd Captain, Adriel Vallock, after Vallock had fallen to Chaos.

Adriel VallockEdit

Vallaock was the previous 2nd captain who declared himself Chapter Master after he killed his predecessor in a dual to the death. He then corrupted the rest of the chapter, making the chapter a renegade chapter. Through his twisted views and guidance he led his chapter to do unspeakable horrors to the citizen of the Imperium. These horrors include but are not limited to cannibalism, bodily mutilation of living beings, experimentation on human subjects.

In battle he wields a two-handed daemon great sword of Khrone known as the Bloodspiller. This huge blade is extremely powerful and can cut through almost anything. On top of being very sharp it also forces the blood inside the veins of its victim to boil and, in worst case, exploded in a shower of gore and blood. he wears the now cursed terminator armor of Ol'rak with a storm bolter strapped to his right hand.

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