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Blood Dragon
Blood Dragons



Blood Angels



Chapter Master

Ajax Aurak




Approximately 1,000


Shock Assault, Close-Quarters Actions

Special Units
  • Dragon Guard
  • Dragoon Riders
  • Dracohounds
  • Iron Drakes
  • Crimson Conquerors
  • EXPUNGED - Excommunicate Traitoris
War Cry

Blood and flame!


"Blood and flame!"
―Battle Cry

The Blood Dragons (Sanguinem Dracones in high gothic) are a Successor Chapter to the Blood Angels, and serve as one of the wardens of the far flung Tyrest Sector, containing worlds of importance to the Imperium, but imperiled by threats on all fronts.


"The Dragons of Plainsfier gave us our strength, our fire. We carry that to the stars"
―Ancient Falmiir

Their home world is the planet of Plainsfier. A world of varied environments, and a safe atmosphere, it's population live in feudal societies of walled cities, living in servitude to the civilised society on the planet's moon, Taranus. What makes Plainsfier such an ideal recruiting world, is the presence of dragons. Native creatures, these huge beats come in a variety of shapes and forms, but are universally cunning, deadly and strong. Possessed of fearsome breath, and terrible claw, then regularly raid settlements, burning them to the ground for their own entertainment. These dragons have their own primitive societies, with nests and broods. The dragons come in a variety of races, from the pernicious fire drakes, the plasma firing Tarasques, the heavily armoured Tyrants, and the god-beasts, the Myrmidons. Surviving on Plainsfier is a daily struggle against these monsters.

The planet's moon, Taranis, is homed by an advanced society, with glittering spires and voracious forges, who tax the people of Plainsfier, and keeping them in virtual servitude. The people of Plainsfier extract vital minerals that are shipped to Taranis. Taranis itself is relatively barren, relying solely on exports to support itself, and its civilization.

With the arrival of the Blood Dragons, they laid claim to both worlds, overthrowing the ruling families of Taranis and devoting the world to producing for their own needs. The Blood Dragons maintain two outposts, the first being their Fortress Monastery on Plainsfier, the second being their outpost on Taranis. Their Fortress Monastery, dubbed the Dragonkeep, is a sprawling structure covering several kilometres. Originally, it was an outpost built during the Great Crusade by the Blood Angels, as a base of operations for missions throughout the region. It was expanded upon multiple times, growing larger, with more significant defences, until the devastating battle of the Andraste system, when the Blood Angel forces in the region engaged a coalition of traitor legions in a devastating battle. With the oncoming siege of Terra, the base was all but abandoned, and in their haste they failed to update logs, and even abandoned stockpiles of weapons and war machines. This base was occupied, and repaired by the Blood Dragons upon their arrival. It includes multiple lines of defence, substantial weapon emplacements, functional armouries, libraries and shrines. One of the most revered place for a battle brother is the hall of hunters, a great hall with decorated with the victories of a hunt, with the dragon's skull, a patch of his scales, and a tag detonating their name, breed, size, and their slayer.

On Taranis, they have a smaller outpost, closer to a garrison. This outpost lords over the world, and also commands its significant defence network.



"Young dragons, listen close. In your veins, is the blood of Noble Sanguinius, the Emperor's angel. Remember that, when battle comes."
―Veteran Brother Malaech

The Blood Dragons can count themselves amongst the sons of Sanguinius, and share the gene-seed of their progenitors, the Blood Angels. Like the Blood Angels, their gene-seed can produce all the organs required to create a Space Marine, and it also significantly extends their lifespan, even beyond other Space Marines. Like their progenitors, they are afflicted by two great curses. Like their progenitors, they suffer from the twin flaws, the Red Thirst, and the Black Rage. The hunt, and artisnary help to focus the mind, and ward off the worst of the effects, but it is still a pronounced issue, that can lead to a once noble Blood Dragon turning into a blood thirsty beast, desperate to tear his foe apart. Such curses make them both a mighty chapter in close quarters, and ever on the edge of madness.

The Black Curse can grip a warrior, before battle, or during it, and drive them insane, consumed by the memories of their Primarch, in the hours before his death. While the cases of the Black Curse number less than other Sons of Sanguinius, some would argue the Curse afflicts them much more painfully. Those touched by the Black Curse become ravening monsters, incapable of reason or thought. They can only be controlled by an experienced Chaplain, their iron strong wills, and clarion calls capable of reaching them. While they can discern fellow Sons of Sanguinius, those that do not share their gene-seed are in danger of being torn apart by them.

The other side of their flaw is the Red Thirst. During battle, brothers lose themselves to to an all-consuming thirst for blood, cutting into their foe with such a fury that many have mistaken them for monsters. While they can control these urges better than some chapters, the Blood Dragons do not waste these opportunities, and channel them into explosive bouts of rage they refer to as 'The Dragon's Call', in an effort to mask their Flaw.


"Only the strongest may call themselves Myrmidons. To be a Myrmidon, is to be a god-slayer."
―Lord Revak

Developing on the feudal world of Plainsfier, they take many of the martial doctrines of their Home-world. Their mannerisms, battle strategies and dress modelled upon the fearsome dragons that inhabit their world. They both respect these dragons, as monsters of paramount strength, and hunt them, as they are dangerous and violent, living on for destruction. Like their progenitors, the Blood Angels, they are perfectionists, seeking to not only master the art of war, but also to master the hunt, and to master artisan crafts, usually working with steel, dragon scale, and dragon bone.

Their training and culture instils strong virtues in them, teaching them to protect the Imperium and its servants. To this end, the Blood Dragons often leap to the defence of populations, protecting them over protecting infrastructure. However, they are still barbarous in combat, falling upon a foe in howling fury, with all the strength and fire of a dragon.

Blood Dragons often go about their recruiting settlements, ensuring they are still safe from dragon attack, and tutoring the militia. They also spend ample time meditating, using this time to reflect on their own achievements, failings, and on their Primarch. Curiously, their dreadnoughts are unusually active, remaining as tutors, wardens and leaders, to guide the younger generations, at her than spend decades resting.

The most unique facet of their culture is the Great Hunt. Held every decade, any brother not engaged in a crusade gathers at the Dragonkeep. Armed with only their armour, a sword, and their wits, they head out into the vast wilderness of Plainsfier. During the Great Hunt, they are expected to go out and slay a dragon. This acts as an important rite of passage, but also as a vital control feature, keeping the populations low and manageable. Brothers of the chapter are expected to go out and stay a dragon, then return the remains to their fortress monastery. Those that return a dragon carcass is given the honour army title of 'dragon', no matter the breed of dragon. However, above even these monsters lies a breed above the rest, the fearsome Myrmidon. Those that stay a Myrmidon earn the title of Myrmidon. Those that slay a Myrmidon often move to the first company, or to leadership roles. In years past, the hunt has been delayed, or cancelled because the chapter could not meet the numbers necessary. They have also had targeted hunts, attack particular broods and nests, or the famous warp hunts of the Librarians, where they hunt the dangerous and rare mutant warp dragons, ensuring they remain extinct.

Combat DoctrineEdit

"Give them fire! Give them steel! But give them no quarter!"
―Chaplain Morias

The Blood Dragons employ a diverse set of tactics in battle to claim victory, relying on combined arms, and finishing the battle with a crushing assault. Like many Sons of Sanguinius, there is an obvious bias to close assault, with ample numbers of Assault Marines, assault transports, and the like. Often, their shock is accompanied by guttural roars, like that of their Dragons. The Chapter has a heavy reliance on flame-based weaponry, with a copious amount of flamers, melta, and plasma weapons.

The Chapter has grown to have a heavy reliance upon powerful relics, including many war machines from the Great Crusade. These have been brought into every element of their battle planning, using them to destroy their foes.

The Chapter has a strong fleet presence, and uses this to bring the Emperor's Light to many worlds, falling upon them with a righteous wrath. Likewise, for those worlds besieged by enemies of the Imperium, they appear as heroic angels, delivering them from a dark fate.

One of the Chapter's most notable tactics is the 'Dragon's Jaw'. This involves feigning a position of weakness, luring the enemy in closer and closer, until which point the jaws are closed, and the trap is sprung. Their lines suddenly strengthen, reserves emerge from their hiding places, and reinforcements arrive. This tactic is costly, but is used to great effect. During the Battle of the Burning Valley, Chapter Master Falmiir intentionally spread his forces thin while attempting to protect a convoy of refugees. With them appearing at their weakest, their Dark Eldar foes struck at their centre, hoping to deliver a killing blow. Once they were upon his rear guard, Falmiir closed the trap, with airborne reserves suddenly entering the battle, and armoured units taking up positions on either side of the valley. This utterly decimated the Xenos forces, though at a great cost, including Falmiir himself. A second attempt at the tactic was used during the Battle of Plainsfier, when Dragon Lord Ajax lured Chaos forces onto the walls of the Dragon Keep itself, allowing them to pierce the first, second, and third layer of defence. Once they were upon the inner walls, and his objective complete, he launched all his reserves, including several powerful relics, a flight of Dragons called by the Chapter's Psykers, and a rear assault by the Iron Brotherhood. This assault allowed him to wound Warlord Raan, and discover the presence of Taron Rex

Chapter OrganisationEdit


Chapter Master Sanguinary Guard Chaplaincy Logisticiam

Dragon Lord Ajax Aurak,
Chapter Master
Regent of the Tyrest Sector 9 Dragon Guard

Myrmidon Sychal
17 Sanguinary Guard

High Chaplain Arras Narr,
Master of Sanctity
Reclusiarch Harrot N'dath
11 Chaplains
1 Dreadnought

Lord Tyran,
Warden of the Dragonkeep
1800 Chapter Serfs
900 Servitors

Armoury Sanguinary Priesthood Fleet Command Librarius

Brother Kanath Syndel,
Master of the Forge
30 Techmarines
200 Servitors
40 Predators
7 Vindicators
7 Whirlwinds
3 Hunters
3 Stalkers
40 Land Raiders
1 Spartan Assault Tank
1 Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
2 Sicaran Battle Tank
1 Sicaran Tank Hunter
1 Fellblade
50 Stormraven Gunships
20 Stormtalon
3 Storm Eagle
1 Fire Raptor

Lord Darion Garras,
Sanguinary Highpriest
12 Sanguinary Priests

Brother Hurol Fleet Master 2 Battlebarges
11 Strike Cruisers
22 rapid strike craft
40 Thunderhawk Gunships
3 Xiphon Interceptors

Lord Azran
Chief Librarian
12 Epistolaries
11 Codiciers
6 Lexicaniums
3 Acolytum
2 Dreadnoughts

Chapter MasterEdit

  • Dragon Lord Ajax Aurak
  • 9 Dragon Guards

Sanguinary PriesthoodEdit

  • Lord Darion Gheleos, Sanguinary High priest
  • 12 Sanguinary Priests

Sanguinary GuardEdit

  • Herald Sychal
  • 29 Sanguinary Guards


  • High Chaplain Arras Narr, Master of Sanctity
  • Reclusiarch Harrot N'dath
  • Chaplain
  • 3 Dreadnoughts


  • Lord Tyran, Warden of the Dragonkeep
  • 1800 Chapter Serfs
  • 900 Servitors


  • Brother Kanath Syndel, Master of the Forge
  • 30 Techmarines
  • 200 Servitors

Fleet CommandEdit

  • Fleet Commander


  • Lord Azran, Chief Librarian
  • 12 Epistolaries
  • 11 Codiciers
  • 6 Lexicaniums
  • 3 Acolytum
  • 2 Dreadnoughts
Psyker Powers
Power Type Description
Burning Blood Sanguinekinesis Related to the Boiling Blood power used by their progenitors, the Burning Blood power practised by their Librarians cause the enemy's blood to combust, burning their enemy from within.
Gladius Infernus Pyrokinesis The Psyker imbues his weapon with a burning aura, adding scorching flames to any blow he lands on his enemy.
Blood Draw Sanguinekinesis In a display of frightening power, the Psyker pulls the blood out of his victim, and turns the blood into shards that can pierce armour and flesh. The Psyker draws his ammo from his enemies, then fires into more enemies, creating an unbreakable chain of ammunition.
Infernal Jaws Pyrokinesis The Psyker calls upon his power to summon a massive pair of fiery jaws that consume their foes, even tanks. These jaws burn with a righteous fire, consuming any trapped within.
Red Claw Pyrokinesis The Psyker encases both of his hands in burning claws, allowing him to scissor his way through his enemies with ease.
Golden Aura Telekinesis The Psyker calls upon the mgiht of his Primarch, encasing himself in a glimmering aura. This golden aura deflects attacks with the ease Sanguinius would.
Gore Shards Sanguinekinesis The Psyker turns his enemy into a weapon, turning their blood into an explosive, and their bones into shrapnel. This explodes, showering their allies with burning blood and razor sharp shrapnel.
Scaled Shield Dracokinesis An ultimate defensive ability, the Scaled Shield creates a psychic barrier across a wide area, taking the form of overlapping dragon scales. Psyker attacks, and anti-tank fire is warded off by this shield.
Wings of the Dragon Dracokinesis The caster develops two powerful wings, allowing him to take flight and soar over the battlefield. He can then descends onto the battlefield, butchering his foes.
Thunder spear Fulgurkinesis Calling upon the Emperor's power, the Psyker hurls a spear of red lightning. This spear is utterly without mercy, piercing through the thickest armour, its aim undeterred. This can cut through a number of warriors, through a building, and even through onside of a tank and out the other.
Marrow Curse Sanguinekinesis One of the most brutal powers in their arsenal, the Marrow Cruse liquefies the bones of their enemy. The sudden and brutal attack brings incredible agony, and the victim collapses under their own weight.
Scorching Shield Pyrokinesis The ultimate technique for offence and defence, the Scorching Shield generates an burning shield in front of the caster. This shield melts or ignites ammunition fire at them. It will also incinerate any enemy that comes close, allowing the Psyker to wade through waves of enemies, deflecting their attacks and burning them away at the same time.
Draconic Strength Dracokinesis The Psyker calls upon the strength of the dragons, gifting him, and his allies, incredible strength. They become far stronger than any normal Astartes, and become capable of tearing apart even the strongest foes.
Heaven's Divide Fulgurkinesis The caster raises a hand to the sky, and releases a thunderous hail of lightning from his hand. Thunder arcs into the sky, then falls back down upon his enemies, launching bolts of lighting through his enemies with ease.


1st Company 2nd Company 3rd Company 4th Company 5th Company

Never Falter
Lord-Captain Revak,
Lord of the Keep
Lieutenant Vanis
Lieutenant Skolbar
100 Veteran Space Marines
5 dreadnoughts

Fire Drakes
Fire and Steel
Lord-Captain Tolan Irvur,
Lord of the Watch
Lieutenant Yurun
Lieutenant Peytris
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
3 dreadnoughts

Without Hesitation
Lord-Captain Fondera,
Lord of Execution
Lieutenant Gryn
Lieutenant Quistes
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
2 dreadnoughts

From Heaven To Earth
Lord-Captain Sevestus,
Lord of the Fleet
Lieutenant Felka
Lieutenant Oporas
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
4 dreadnoughts

We Bring Ruin
Lord-Captain Kellen,
Lord of Marches
Lieutenant Shaemar
Lieutenant Holhoran
6 Tactical squads
2 Devastator squads
2 Assault Squads
5 dreadnoughts

6th Company 7th Company 8th Company 9th Company 10th Company

From The Shadows
Lord-Captain Bhalgrest,
Lord of the Hunt
Lieutenant Ruthiel
Lieutenant Whenal
10 Tactical squads

Sky Raptors
Lords of the Sky
Lord-Captain Sirinel,
Lord of Skyfall
Lieutenant Uskarl
Lieutenant Bavaran
10 Assault squads
1 Dreadnought

Leave Nothing Standing
Lord-Captain Barossa,
Lord of the Arsenal
Lieutenant Ghidorus
Lieutenant Murthach
10 Devastator squads
3 Dreadnoughts
10 Rapier Platforms

The Line Of Steel
Lord-Captain Karath,
Lord of Relics
Lieutenant Kal'vach
Lieutenant Fyeor
6 Tactical squads
4 Assault Squads
2 Dreadnoughts

New Bloods
To Strive Forward
Lord-Captain Arran Jul,
Lord of Recruits
Lieutenant Craich
Lieutenant Al'Sevore
10 Scouts squads

11th Company 12th Company 13th Company

From the Abyss
Lord-Captain Welkath,
Lord of the Primaris
Lieutenant Sennak
Lieutenant Erash
5 Intercessor Squads
2 Hellblaster Squads
10 Inceptors
10 Reivers
10 Aggressors

Nothing Survives our Passing
Lord-Captain Dreini,
Lord of the Flight
Lieutenant Demistis
Lieutenant Augustus
5 Intercessor Squads
2 Hellblaster Squads
10 Inceptors
10 Reivers
10 Aggressors

Wrath of Ages
Lord-Captain Serqan,
Lord of the Hunt
Lieutenant Zapharon
Lieutenant Narchen
5 Intercessor Squads
2 Hellblaster Squads
10 Inceptors
10 Reivers
10 Aggressors

First Company, MyrmidonsEdit

The first company is home to the chapter's veterans, and named after the fierce Myrmidons, the strongest and most feared dragon breeds of their home world.

Second Company, Fire DrakesEdit

The second company, the Fire Drakes, are one of the closest examples of a codex complaint battle formation. A mixture of tactical marines, assault squads and devastators, they fight as a coherent force, with a ferocity of their namesake. Like their namesakes, they are notable for bringing flame and plasma weaponry to battle.

Third Company, WyvrensEdit

Few companies utilise mobile warfare like the Wyvrens do, relying on formations of Rhinos and Razorbacks to rapidly reposition in the field, storming from one side of the battlefield to the other. This flank and manoeuvre tactic allows them to rapidly overcome less mobile enemies, outflanking and picking away at them, then cut deep into their formation for the killing blow.

Fourth Company, ThunderlordsEdit

Named for the thunderous dragons that roost in the northern mountains, Thunderlords are specialists in shock and awe. Deploying rapidly, either from dropships or drop pods, they spill forth into the heart of the enemy, cutting a swathe through them.

Fifth Company, TyrantsEdit

The Tyrants are specialists at siege work, at both defending against, and prosecuting sieges. Tyrants are selected for their slow and methodical thinking, rather than their haste and speed. The tactical squads of the Tyrants carry slab like shields, to deflect incoming fire, and form lines of impenetrable adamantium for their devastator brethren to fire from. Their assault squads fight as reserves and breachers, exploit holes made in the enemy lines by their borthers. They do not use assault packs, but carry larger than average number of combat shields to protect themselves during their breaches.

Sixth Company, ShadesEdit

Shades are the eyes and ears of the Chapter, often dispersed in small numbers amongst other companies to scout ahead of them. Fashioning themselves after dragons who have evolved into ambush predators, they wear long cloaks to obscure their armour. Their power armour is often modified to provide improved communication and sensor abilities. Most Shades carry weapons designed to terminate enemy forces at long range. These include sniper rifles, stalker-pattern bolters, and seeker-pattern bolters. Some also take shotguns, to terminate foes at close quarters. Expert scouts, saboteurs, assassins and infiltrators, they track the enemy, menace them with hit and run strikes, then finally prepare for the arrival of their brothers in force.

Seventh Company, Sky RaptorsEdit

The assault reserve of the Chapter, Sky Raptors are named for vicious pack predators, and hound their foe like a pack. Specialists in devastating close assaults, and hit and run strikes, they use jump packs, bikes and land speeders to harry their foe, before eventually bringing them down in a coordinated hunt.

Eighth Company, TarasquesEdit

Equal to the devastator reserves of any codex complaint chapter, the Tarasques field a great number of devastators, trained to use a variety of powerful guns to rain fire on their foes. They also utilise Rapier weapon platforms, to provide mobile heavy weapon support, allowing them to bring short ranged artillery and deadly fire to their enemies.

Ninth Company, IronhidesEdit

Another devastator company, the Ironhides rely on carrying heavy armaments, and maneouvring into the best firing position with the help of their transports. Rapidly repositioning to bring the might of their cannons to bear, the Ironhides are feared for their flexibility on the field.

Tenth Company, New BloodsEdit

The Scout company of the Blood Dragons, the New Bloods differ from the usually seen role of scouting and reconnaissance. Instead they are mobile reserves, aiding their brethren in the fight by quickly and efficiently plugging gaps in the line, and exploiting breaches.

Eleventh Company, LeviathansEdit

Created not long after the Tyrest Sector was reunited with the Imperium by the Indomitus Crusade, the Leviathans were the first Primaris Marines to join the Blood Dragons. Each were sons of Sanguinius, and thus shared blood with them. Named for fearsome sea serpents, the Leviathans rarely fight as a line company, instead providing Demi-company deployments to other companies. They possess an even mix of different Primaris types.

Twelth Company, BehemothsEdit

The Blood Dragons, so impressed with the Primaris company gifted to them, petitioned for the immediate creation of two more Primaris companies, providing their own gene seed as stock. The Behemoths were the first of these. Expressly used as a fire and manoeuvre company, their formation is based around the use of Repulsor Grav Tanks, delivering forces into the heart of the enemy, with all other units supporting them. Behemoths have already garnered a reputation as hard chargers, and savage fighters.

Thirteenth Company, BahamutsEdit

The final Primaris company raised by the Blood Dragons, the Bahamuts are a force of battlefield carnage and deception, smashing into the enemy from all angles. Mainly Inceptors and Reivers, they launch merciless strikes into the heart of the enemy, then slink away. Bahamuts are known for their great competitions of strength and skill, and bringing trophies from their enemies.

Death CompanyEdit

The Blood Dragons, like their progenitors, are susceptible to the Flaw, necessitating the existence of a Death Company. The Death Company is smaller in number than some less stable Blood Angel successor, but balance this out by the incredibly dangerous nature of their Flaw. They become so consumed by madness and grief, they cannot function like a normal Marine, and descend into a maddened frenzy. Those suffering from this can only by directed by a Chaplain trained in such matters, and are directed into suicidal attacks upon their enemies, hoping to find a good death in battle.

When they fall victim to the Black Curse, their armour is daubed in black paint, and decorated with red crosses, symbolising the sacrifice made by Sanguinius. They are armed for close combat, and directed into battle, using their super-natural strength to tear apart their enemies. Those unfortunate enough to survive are chained within a vault in the Dragon Keep, their armour held still by remotely operated locks. They are kept subdued and in a trance-like state by being constantly fed prayers, and the voice of their Primarch.

Company CommandEdit

  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Ancient
  • Champion

Battleline SquadsEdit

  • Tactical
  • Intercessor

Close Support SquadsEdit

  • Assault
  • Inceptor
  • Reiver
  • Assault Centurion
  • Bike

Fire Support SquadsEdit

  • Devastator
  • Aggressor
  • Hellblaster
  • Devastator Centurion

Veteran SquadsEdit

  • Sternguard
  • Vanguard
  • Terminator
  • Terminator Assault

Reconnaissance SquadsEdit

  • Scouts

Specialist UnitsEdit

  • Death Company
  • Sanguinary Guard
  • Dragon Guard
  • Dragoon Riders
  • Dracohounds
  • Dragons

Specialist RanksEdit

  • Chaplain
  • Death Company Chaplain
  • Sanguinary Priest
  • Techmarine
  • Librarian


  • Dreadnought
  • Hellfire Dreadnought
  • Furioso Dreadnought
  • Death Company Dreadnought
  • Librarian Dreadnought
  • Contemptor Dreadnought
  • Deredeo Dreadnought
  • Leviathan Dreadnought
  • Redemptor Dreadnought

War MachinesEdit

  • Rhino
  • Razorback
  • Damocles
  • Predator Annihilator
  • Predator Destructor
  • Baal Predator
  • Predator Incinerator
  • Predator Executioner
  • Vindicator
  • Vindicator Laser Destroyer
  • Whirlwind
  • Whirlwind Hyperios
  • Stalker Anti-Air Artillery
  • Hunter Anti-Air Artillery
  • Repulsor
  • Land Raider
  • Land Raider Achilles
  • Lander Raider Crusader
  • Land Raider Redeemer
  • Land Raider Prometheus
  • Land Raider Apollo
  • Spartan Assault Tank
  • Typhon Heavy Siege Tank
  • Sicaran Heavy Tank
  • Sicaran Venator Tank Hunter
  • Sicaran Omega
  • Astraeus Super-Heavy Grav Tank
  • Fellblade
  • Bike
  • Attack Bike

Air and Void CraftEdit

Land Speeder Lander Speeder Tornado Land Speeder Typhoon Stormtalon Gunship Stormhawk Interceptor Xiphon Interceptor Stormraven Gunship Storm Eagle Fire Raptor Gunship Caestus Assault Ram Thunderhawk Gunship Thunderhawk Transporter Stormbird Overlord Tempest Falcon Fireshrike Stormkestrel Stormsparrow Drop Pod Lucius-pattern Drop Pod


Battle Barge Strike Cruiser Vanguard Cruiser Gladius Nova Hunter


"You will have to move faster than that, boy, if you wish to be a Dragon!"
―Lord Arran Jul during the Crucible




Hand-held Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Description
Bolt Pistol Bolter A standard issue side arm, utilised by both officers and Assault marines, it is widespread, and deadly in an Astartes; hands.
Bolter Bolter The standard issue weapon of the Chapter, is is accurate and deadly. Although the Chapter use several different models, most are uniform in accuracy and lethality.
Heavy Bolter Bolter A heavy weapon, utilised against squadrons of infantry, it is cumbersome, but deadly.
Storm Bolter Bolter Largely used by Terminators, but also by a few select officers, the Storm Bolter is perfect at clearing enemy positions.
Combi-Bolter Bolter/Weapon combination Not referring to a single class of weapon, but a wide variety of relics, these weapons are bolters fitted with a single use secondary weapons. These include flamers, meltas, plasma weapons and grav-guns. Revered relics, only the most elite see them.
Stalker-pattern Bolter Bolter A specially manufactured pattern of bolter, fitted with an elongated barrel and a high power scope, it is extremely accurate. Preferred for long distance fire, its a lethal instrument.
Seeker-Pattern Bolter Bolter A model of ancient providence, it is fitted with high power sensors for precision target tracking. A weapon ideal for assassination, it is often utilised by Shades and veterans.
Angelus boltgun Bolter A unique bolter wielded by the Sanguinary guard, the weapon is mounted on the wrist, leaving their hands free. Firing a lethal armour piercing round, these are often used to free up a hand for sword use.
Bolt Rifle Bolter A powerful refinement of the Astartes greatest weapon, the Cawl pattern bolter is a supremely powerful instrument of destruction. Designed for the hands of the Primaris marines, it is more lethal than previous designs, possessing greater range and piercing capability. They can quickly be modified to a new pattern, most to a Stalker-pattern weapon.
Auto Bolter Bolter A variant on the bolt rifle, the Auto Bolter changes the ranged fire power, for volume of fire. Featuring improvements to the firing mechanism, and a large box magazine, the Auto Bolter is able to lay down hails of fire, more commonly associated with empalced machine guns. This allows a brother to law down swathes of fire on his enemies.
Stalker Bolt Rifle Bolter A lengthened variant of the Bolt Rifle, it matches other Stalker-patterns in range, and accuracy, firing specially modified bolts, and relying on a power sight to acquire and annihilate the target
Bolt Carbine Bolter Based on the Cawl pattern Bolter, it has been shortened, and fitted with an ergonomic grip. This gives the weapon greater handling, allowing it to be better used in the close quarters battles favoured by Reivers. While it lacks ranged performance, in close quarters it is lethal against enemy targets.
Heavy Bolt Pistol Bolter Used exclusively by Reivers, the Heavy Bolt Pistol can be better described as a miniaturised Bolter, rather than a side arm. Packing surprising anti-armour abilities, it softens up a target before the Reivers descend on them.
Absolver Bolt Pistol Bolter A super heavy Bolt pistol, it fires lethal rounds capable of knocking down even hardened targets. It is often used as a sidearm for officers and specialists who require great stopping power at short range.
Assault Bolter Bolter Carried by Inceptor specialists, the Assault Bolter is a new and frightening weapon of destruction. Taking the firepower of the Heavy Bolter, and cutting the weapon down significantly, the Assault Bolter can be used to deliver a screeching torrent of fire to the enemy.
Plasma Pistol Plasma weapon The smallest issued plasma weapon, its used by veteran sergeants and assault troopers, and is excellent at taking down heavy infantry or light armour.
Plasma Gun Plasma Weapon Issued to weapon specialists, the plasma gun is a deadly, if unpredictable tool, excellent for attacking light armour and heavy infantry.
Plasma Incinerator Plasma Weapon Created by Belisarius Cawl, the Plasma Incinterator returns to the ancient days of the Imperium, where Plasma technology was well understood, and safe to use. Possessing greater firepower than a standard plasma gun, their size and complexity make them a rare sight. They can be overcharged, but only at great cost.
Assault Plasma Incinerator Plasma Weapon A cut-downn plasma Incinerator fitted with enhanced sensors and targetting apertures, it is intended to be used on the move, in aggressive strikes to take enemy positions
Heavy Plasma Incinerator Plasma Weapon The heaviest of the Incinerator family, it relies on a back pack to fuel its mighty solar furnace. Such weapons can reduce heavy vehicles to slag.
Plasma Exterminator Plasma Weapon Used by the Inceptors, the Plasma Exterminators possess the fire power of a plasma cannon, in a pistol-style format. Such weapons can be used to utterly annihilate targets, but only at short range.
Plasma Repeater Plasma Weapon An ancient, and poorly understood weapon, the Plasma Repeater is a carbine-style plasma weapon. Using twin chambers, the Plasma Repeater can create volleys of fire on the move.
Plasma Cannon Plasma Weapon The largest plasma weapon at use by the Chapter, this cannon is equally adept at attacking infantry as it is at attacking armour.
Infernus Pistol Melta Weapon A rare melta weapon, it dates back to the Dark Age of Technology. Lethal at short range, it can cut it's way through any kind of armour.
Melta Gun Melta Weapon The preferred weapon of tank hunters, the Meltagun is a short range, lethal weapon, that vapourises flesh, bone and armour.
Multi-Melta Melta Weapon The largest kind of melta weapon carried by Marine, it produces fearsome results against armour, but is hampered by it's short range.
Flame Pistol Flamer A compact and lethal weapon, its used by assault troops to spray fire across battlements, clearing them of threats.
Flamer Flamer A standard weapon for close quarters fighting and breaching, it produces a gout of flame that can incinerate anything in it's path.
Heavy Flamer Flamer The largest and most lethal model of flamer, it is used for supporting infantry, and by veteran squads, allowing them to torch whole waves of enemies.
Dragonstorm Incinerator Flamer An ancient relic of the chapter, Dragonstorm Incinerators number only a handful, and each is a precious relic. An artificer made flamer, they are as compact and a regular flamer, but with the range and lethality of a heavy flamer. Their brilliant red flames are hot enough to incinerate a full armoured space marine, and their flames are even hot enough to damage tanks.
Lascannon Laser weapon A heavy weapon, this accurate cannon is used to attack enemy armour. Often cutting right through armour, its often used in a supporting role, with the multi-melta and missile launcher preferred.
Lascutter Laser Weapon Not a weapon per say, more a tool, the Lascutter is used to cut through bulkheads. Used almost exclusively by the Tyrant Company, the weapon is used to make a mess of enemy siege works, cutting into fortified positions. Worse come to worse, they can be used to cut apart enemies in close rank, as adept at slicing through armour and flesh as they are at opening bunkers.
Graviton Gun Gravity Weapon An ancient relic, all but forgotten by the galaxy at large, the Graviton Gun, or Grav-Gun, uses dark age technology to afflict gravity at its target, making a target lighter, to set them off balance, to heavier, to pin them down. As a weapon, it can also be used to crush enemies, breaching armour and liquefying organs. Its also deadly against buildings and bunkers.
Grav Cannon Gravity Weapon A larger example of Graviton weaponry, mounted on Centurion suits, the cannon has a longer effective range, and is more devastating against a range of targets. It is teamed with a grav-amp to focus it in, to create a more devastating weapon.
Missile Launcher Missile Launcher An all-purpose weapon, it can be loaded with fragmentation, krakk or flakk warheads, ideal for attacking infantry, armour and air vehicles respectively.
Cyclone Missile Launcher Missile Launcher A model of misile launcher carried by Terminators, it is accurate and lethal, and can fire a heavy barrage in a short time.
Assault Cannon Auto Weapon Carried by terminators, this rapid fire weapon is prone to jamming, but can produce a tremendous hail of fire.
Shotgun Shotgun Normally reserved for scouts, the Shotgun is a sturdy weapon that reduces infantry to chunks in close quarters. The shotgun is a favourite for raids and close-quarters.
Sniper Rifle Long Rifle A high power weapon, used scouts, the Sniper Rifle allows a scout to eliminate a target far beyond the range of most other weapons. Its high power allows it to take down even hardened targets with ease.
Volkite Serpenta Volkite Weapon A pistol design more ancient than the Imperium, the few Serpentas in stock are resereved for the greatest heroes of the Chapter. Capable of explosively disintegrating a target, their lethality is at its best when targetting lightly armoured infantry.
Volkite Charger Volkite Weapon Once plentiful, these weapons are now exceedingly rare. A powerful relic, in the right hands, these weapons can cut down waves of infantry. Most often found in the elite First Company, they are highly visible on the battlefield, and a highly revered relic.
Volkite Caliver Volkite Weapon Longer than the Charger, it is more cumbersome, but more accurate at range. Only a handful exist in the armouries, and each one has been brought back into service, to purge the Imperium's enemies.


Weapon Name Weapon Type Description
Bolter Round Bolter Round Standard bolts comprise the following components: outer casing, propellant base, main charge, mass reactive detonator cap, depleted deuterium core, diamantine tip. The round possesses a super-dense metallic core.
Bloodshard Round Bolter Round Ammunition used by the Blood Angels for their Angelus boltguns. Its payload of razor-filament is very effective against most armours.
Dragonfire Round Bolter Round Used by Sternguard Veterans, it release a gout of superheated gas that makes a mockery of cover; the gas discharge ensuring that struck targets receive full damage, even if partially protected.
Hellfire Round Bolter Round The Hellfire replaces the core and tip of the standard bolt round with a vial of mutagenic acid, and thousands of needles that fire into the target's flesh on impact, pumping the acid into the target. Developed specially to combat Tyranids, Hellfire Rounds have equally devastating results on other organic targets.
Inferno Round Bolter Round Designed to immolate their targets and destroy them with superheated chemical fire. The deuterium core is replaced with an oxy-phosphorus gel, known as Promethium.
Kraken Round Bolter Round Powerful armour-piercing rounds. The deuterium core is replaced by a solid adamantine core and uses a heavier main charge. Upon impact, the outer casing peels away and the high velocity adamantium needle accelerates into the victim, where the larger detonator propels shards of super hardened metal further into the wound. These are effective against heavily-armoured infantry.
Metalstorm Round Bolter Round Best against multiple lightly-armoured targets, the Metalstorm round detonates before impact and sprays shrapnel, shredding their victims. A proximity detonator replaces the mass-reactive cap, and the diamantine tip and deuterium core are replaced with an increased charge and fragmentation casing.
Stalker Round Bolter Round Are rounds with low sound signatures, meant for covert fighting and used in conjunction with an M40 targeting system and an extended barrel and stock on a bolter to produce a sniping weapon system. A solidified mercury slug replaces the mass-reactive warhead for lethality at sub-sonic projectile speed. A gas cartridge also replaces both the propellant base and main charge for silent firing.
Tempest Round Bolter Round The exotic Tempest round incorporatestiny plasma shock generators that emit electromagnetic and thermal radiation when the shell detonates. Produced only on Mars, Tempest shells are noted as particularly effective against machines and mechanical targets.
Vengeance Round Bolter Round This round utilises an unstable flux technology which makes them slightly hazardous to use but makes them very good against armoured targets. Their effectiveness against power armour means they are highly sought after.


Weapon Name Weapon Type Description
Frag Missile Anti-Infantry Missile A standard purpose missile, the frag missile is designed for clearing scores of light infantry, and light armour. The missile explodes on impact, releasing a cloud of razor-sharp shrapnel. It can be used with standard shoulder-carried missile launchers,
Krak Missile Anti-Armour missile The Krak missile is an anti-vehicle weapon, that uses a shaped charged explosion to punch a hole through its target, causing lethal damage to its target. While normally used against vehicles, it is also deadly against heavy infantry, and bunkers. It can be used with standard shoulder-carried missile launchers,
Flakk Missile Anti-Air missile A lethal anti-air weapon, the Flakk missile is a high-speed, high-accuracy missile that explodes in close proximity to its target, spraying it with shrapnel. It can be used with standard shoulder-carried missile launchers,
Concussion Missile Anti-structure Missile Instead of a large explosion, the Concussion missile uses an explosive putty as its payload. On impact, it forms a pat against it's target, then detonates, creating an explosive shockwave. It is commonly used against enemy structures. It can be used with standard shoulder-carried missile launchers,
Cyclone Missile Multi-Missile Launcher Carried by Terminators, the Cyclone Missiles are usually Frag or Krak-type missiles, and can be rapidly fired with high accuracy, creating a mobile, and lethal, artillery barrage.
Hellfire Missile Dreadnought Missile Carried by Dreadnoughts, the Hellfire missile is designed to be rapidly vollied at a target, overcoming it with sheer numbers.
Aiolos Missiles Dreadnought Artillery Missile Mounted on the mighty Deredeo, these missiles are fired like artillery. Using their advance sensors, they can be fired over terrain without losing accuracy.
Hunter-Killer Missile Vehicle Mounted A standard missile for vehicle mounting, the Hunter-Killer Missile is a large Krak missile, using a powerful guidance system to strike vehicles without fear for missing. It is mounted on a variety of vehicles, and on Ironclad Dreadnoughts.
Hyperios Missile Anti-Air Missile A high-speed anti-air missile, the Hyperios strikes down low flying aircraft with high-accuracy attacks. In a pinch, it can also be used to bombard ground positions. They are carried by the Whirlwind variant of the same name.
Skyspear Missile Launcher Anti-Air Missile A high-power missile, the Skyspear is dedicated to shooting down any threat that enters the Chapter's airspace. The missile uses the interred remains of a Serf, whether they were alive or dead when it happened. These missiles are supremely accurate, and lethal, and they can even be used against ground targets, levelling all but the most powerful defences. The Skyspear is used by the Rhino variant of the same name.
Skyhammer Missile Air-Ground Missile Tank-busting missiles, the Skyhammer missiles fire off at hyper-velocity, and use their kinetic power to flatten their target. It is used by both the Stormhawk and Stormtalon.
Typhoon Missile Air-Ground Missile A mixture of Frag and Krak missiles, Typhoon missiles are designed to rapidly saturate an area, covering it in a hail of explosions. This is used on, Landspeeders, Stormhawks, and Stormtalon gunships.
Stormstrike Missile Air-Ground Missile The Stormstrike is designed to soften up a hostile landing zone, creating thunderous booms on impact. Those that survive the explosion are left flattened and confused in the aftermath. Storm Ravens use this to clear a landing ground.
Bloodstrike Missiles Air-Ground Missile A deadly missile, the Bloodstrike is designed to penetrate and destroy armoured vehicles, allowing them to armour from a hostile landing zone. It is utilised by Storm Ravens for close support.
Firestrike Missiles Air-Ground Missile Built by the Techmarines of the Blood Dragons, Firestrike missiles hit home with a deadly incendiary charge that creates an unstoppable inferno. The flammable jelly in the warhead cannot be extinguished, and clings to its target. Its used on Storm Ravens for short-ranged fire.
Vengeance Rocket Air-Ground Rocket Unrelated to the Whirlwind's Vengeance Missile, the Vengeance Rocket is carried only on the Storm Eagle. The Vengeance Rockets are not guided, but are deadly, being fired en-masse to shred enemy positions with punishing fire. Each rocket releases a hail of fragmentation.
Firefury Missile Air-Ground Missile A micro-missile, it fires off in massed swarms, designed more saturation than individual lethality. The effect is undeniable, reducing defences, opening up for boarding action by the Caestus Assault Ram.
Hellstrike Air-Ground Missile One of the most heavy duty missiles carried by Astartes craft, the Hellstrike is a long range, high-power missile, that is fired on targets before ground forces arrived. It's power allows it to destroy large swathes of ground, clearing it for troops. The Storm Eagle, Fire Raptor, and Thunderhawk gunships all can carry it.
Xiphon Missile Air-Air Missile A multi-purpose missile, the Xiphone uses a cluster warhead for lethality against a variety of targets. While technically an air-air missile, it also works against ground positions. IT is carried on the Xiphon Fighter.
Vengeance Missile Artillery Missile An all-purpose artillery missile, the Vengeance Missile is used to bombard enemy positions from afar, reducing everything to ruin. IT is the typical armament of the Whirlwind.
Castellan Missile Artillery Missile A more insidious missile, the Castellan deploys a scattering of mines onto the battlefield. It creates a dangerous and unpredictable battlefield, allowing the Astartes to box in and massacre their foes.
Firestorm Missile Artillery Missile A modification of Incendiary missiles, the Firestorm missile is a high-power incendiary missile. The missile explodes above it's target, sending a billowing cloud of white hot fire onto the target, smothering it in flame.
Icarus Rocket Anti-Air Rocket Carried by the Redemptor Dreadnought and Repulsor Tank, the Icarus Rocket Pod carries 7 Icarus rockets. While individually they are not deadly, in a volley, they can bring down air-targets.

Melee WeaponsEdit

Melee Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Type Description
Combat Knife Blade Weapon Used as a weapon of last resort, or a tool for silent execution, the combat knife is a monolithic blade, comparable to a sword for a normal human. The hardened blade can easily slip through the plates of hardened armour, and deliver a fatal blow.
Chainsword Chain Weapon The standard weapon of officers, boarding parties and assault squads, the Chainsword uses motorised mono-molecular teeth to eat it's way through armour, flesh, bone, and anything else between it and its prey. Gory and loud, they provide a suitable end for the Emperor's enemies.
Eviscerator Chain Weapon A two handed variant of the Chainsword, the Eviscerator is an incredibly powerfuly weapon, being capable of slicing through heavy armour, sealed bulkheads, even vehicles. Such weapons are exceedingly powerful, especially against other Astartes.
Power Weapon Power Weapon A catch all term for a type of weapon, Power Weapons use a disruptive force field to slice their way through armour, flesh, and bone. Lethal, especially against a singular opponent, the design of the Power weapon can vary widely, including swords, axes, spears, glaives, and halberds.
Relic Blade Power Weapon A two handed power weapon from the dawn of the Imperium, these treasured relics are carried by the greatest heroes in the Chapter. Such is their strength, they could cleave through a renegade astartes, and the wall behind him, without coming to a stop.
Power fist Power Weapon Covered in the same disruptive energy as other Power weapons, it offers tremendous power, at the cost of agility. While slow, the power fist allows the user to crush powers, tear off armour, and smash enemies.
Chain Fist Chain Weapon The Chainfist is the marriage of a Power Fist and Chainsword, keeping the strength and power field of the Power Fist, with the cutting power of the Chainsword. The disruptive field covers the Chainsword, allowing it to quickly chew through bulkheads, making it the perfect entry tool.
lightning Claw Power Weapon A power Fist gifted with energised claws, the Lightning Claw can scissor through flesh and bone with ease, causing grevious injuries, or outright reducing its target to bloodied chunks.
Boltstorm Gauntlet Bolter/Power Weapon Modelled on Roboute Gulliman's own Hand of Dominion, the Boltstorm Gauntlet mixes a power fist and a built in Bolter, granting a powerful weapon, and a Bolter, mixing close quarters attack and long range fire.
Auto Boltstorm Gauntlet Bolter/Power Weapon simialr to the Boltstorm Gauntlet, instead of an internal magazine, it uses a belt feed, attached to large drums on their own armour.
Flamestorm Gauntlet Flamer/Power Weapon Used as part of Mark X Gravis armour on Primaris Aggressors, it serves as a tool to ward off any that get close, or to oust defenders during sieges. It releases a short ranged torrent of fire, capable of torching crowds.
Thunder Hammer Power Weapon A massive hammer, it utilises power fields in a novel way. Instead of being constantly on, it only activates at the moment of impact, with incredible force, resulting in a powerful crack, often throwing its prey back in disarray.
Crozius Arcanum Power Weapon A symbol of office, and a powerful weapon in its own right, the Crozius Arcanum is a Chaplain's badge, and in a pinch, its power field allows it to crush a foe as a powerful bludgeon.
Force Weapon Force Weapon Carried by members of the Librarius, the Force weapon is a conduit of their power. The weapon seems to differ little from other weapons, but possesses a psi-connvector that channels the psyker's power. At the moment of impact with their foe, the Psyker's power is focused, and the weapon acts as a conduit, transferring that power into their foe. Like power weapons, these can take many forms, such as swords, axes, spears, and staffs.
Glaive Encarmine Powered Weapon Wielded by the Sanguinary Guard, the Glaive Encarmine is a mastercrafted power weapon, far lighter than any weapon of similar size. Wielded with two hands, they are vicious weapons, capable of easily besting any foe. Despite the name, it they take a number of forms, including claymores, swords, and axes.
Fang Sword Chain Weapon Unique to the Blood Dragons, the Fang Sword is a chainsword constructed from the fangs of a fallen dragon. Each fang is razor sharp, and capable of chewing its way through power armour. Such weapons are rare, and highly prized, with a single Fang Sword taking decades to build.
Drakon Dagger Combat Knife A local variant of the Combat Knife, they aren't manufactured, but crafted by a Battle-Brother of the Chapter. Both a tool and a weapon, they have aeration used to collect scales, claws, and horns from a dragon, and are used in ritual combat between members of the Chapter.
Claw Blade Blade Weapon A traditional weapon, it is made from the claw of a fallen dragon. Wielded like a short sword, these weapons use the vicious curvature of a dragon's claw to allow it far greater cutting power than a comparable blade forged from normal materials.

Explosives and GrenadesEdit

Explosives and Grenades
Weapon Name Weapon Type Description
Frag Grenade Anti-Personnel Grenade A plentiful pattern of grenade, it is set on a timer, and explodes in a hail of lethal shrapnel
Krak Grenade Anti-Armour Grenade The Krak grenade uses implosive force to crack open armour. Useful against light to medium armour, Krak grenades are unwieldy to follow, meaning they must be fixed in position.
Shock Grenade Anti-Personnel Used by Reivers, these simple grenades produce a tremendous bang and flash on detonation, disorientating and stunning targets, allowing Reivers to get in close to prey on their target.
Melta Bomb Anti-Armour Grenade Using the same technology as a melta weapon, the Melta Bomb is perfect for destroying heavy armour, or breaching enemy hard-points. Once placed, it melts a hole straight through it's target.
Concussion Grenade Anti-Personnel Grenade Using a concussive shockwave, rather than a fragmenting explosion, the Concussion grenade is lethal in close quarters, especially in ships.
Blind Grenade Support Grenade The Blind grenade uses smoke, chaff, and heat decoys to creating an obscuring cloud that blocks most sensor technology.
Breaching Charge Explosive Charge Used during sieges, the Breaching Charge is a heavy explosive, that must be placed with care. Once in position, it is detonated, creating a large and powerful explosion that is focused upon its target, usually a structure or fortification
Frag Assault Launcher Anti-Personnel Grenade Mounted on certain Land Raider variants, the Frag Assault Launcher is fired after breaching the enemy's defence, flooding the area with a hail of shrapnel intended to annihilate any enemy in the vicinity.
Ironclad Assault Launcher Anti-Personnel Grenade Similar to the Frag Assault Launcher, the Ironclad is both offensive, and defensive, firing off grenades with the intention of pinning, blinding, or killing any defenders still in the vicinity of the unit.
Fragstorm Grenade Launcher Anti-Personnel Grenade Used by Aggressors, Repulsor Tanks, and Redemptor Dreadnoughts, the Fragstorm releases a short range hail of fragmentation grenades, intended to pin and maim the enemy, suppressing them before an assault.
Krakstorm Grenade Launcher Anti-Armour Grenade Fitted only onboard the Repulsor, the Krakstorm gives off a tremendous volley of short ranged Krak missiles, intended to force enemy vehicles to distance themselves, and smash close-by fortifications.


Armour Name Armour Type 'Description
Mark II "Crusade Armour" Power Armour One of the oldest patterns of Power Armour still in circulation, the Crusader armour is dated by modern standards, but still possesses incredible armour, and tough features. The suits are regarded more as a ceremonial item, and rarely sees battles.
Mark III "Iron Armour" Power Armour An improved variant of the Crusade Armour, the Iron features much heavier armour, and as a result is more cumbersome. these suits are still highly prized, especially by the Tyrants.
Mark IV "Imperial Maximus Suit" Power Armour Considered the pinnacle of Power Armour design at the time of its inception, the Maximus was superior in every regard to the Crusade Armour. Still kept in some numbers, they are even traded by their allies who can still manufacture the suits.
Mark V "Heresy Armour" Power Armour More a badge of honour, the Heresy Armour was originally an ad-hoc suit made by the Loyalists to make up for deficits in suit numbers and capabilities. The Heresy suit is resistant, but heavy and power hungry.
Mark VI "Corvus Armour" Power Armour Precursor to modern suits, the Corvus features many components and technology that would be seen on later suits. The Corvus is a tough and reliable suit, with very powerful and accurate sensors. lighter, easier to manufacture, more reliable, and more stealthy than previous models, the Corvus is still manufactured.
Mark VII "Aquila Armour" Power Armour Considered a standard amongst the Chapter, the Aquila armour is a well balanced armour, mixing armour, ease of manufacture, and mobility. Almost every battle-brother has worn one of these suits once.
Mark VIII "Errant Armour" Power Armour The most recent armour pattern, it improves on the Aquila with extra armour around the collar. Manufacturing delays have meant the suits are in short supply, so they often only go to veterans.
Mark X "Tacticus Armour" Power Armour the greatest evolution of power armour thus far, it has been designed for use by the Primaris marines. A powerful armour, mixing the greatest design features from the previous generations, it represents the next step in the armour evolution.
Mark X "Tacticus-Reiver Armour" Power Armour A variant on the Tacticus armour, the armour has been augmented for use by the guerilla warriors of the Reivers. The armour has been lightened, stripping down some components, and utilising new components to make it harder to detect. Under the armour is a bundle of fibrous cable, constituting as a layer of enhanced muscles, allowing them to run faster, and hit harder than any other Astartes. As well the enlarged left shoulder, it has a leering skull mask, with integrated vox casters turning a yell into a deafening roar.
Mark X "Gravis Armour" Power Armour An enhanced variant of the Tacticus Armour, the Gravis Armour enhances the already formidable armour of the Tacticus, and takes it further. Often used for heavy assault, it is not as formidable as Terminator armour, but represents a step in between.
Mark X "Gravis-Inceptor Armour" Power Armour The highly adaptable Gravis variant, used by Inceptors, this model is designed for highly dangerous orbital drops. It carries an intergrated jet pack, stabilising thrusters, grav vanes, and grav chutes, with hydraulic foot plates. This allows them to drop from orbit, then fight across the battlefield, taking great leaps across terrain.
Mark X "Gravis-Aggressor Armour" Power Armour Specialised for sieges and long ranged support, it features heavy duty armour meant for resisting torrents of enemy fire, and features integrated weaponry. Featuring either Flamestorm or Auto Boltstorm gauntlets, marrying the crushing strength of power fists, and the fire power of flames or bolsters. It can also be fitted with frag launchers, softening enemy positions before their assault.
Dragon Bane Armour Power Armour A master-crafted suit, gifted to the elite of the Chapter, the Dragon Bane armour is as it's name suggests, all but immune to flame. The suit's ceramite plates have been repeatedly treated, blessed, impregnated with sigils of warding, and then covered in a sheen of alloy created from dragon fire, giving it an impressive resistance to fire weapons, even melta weapons. These suits are often seen on the frontline, brandishing the Chapter's most incredible firepower.
Drakon Pattern Armour Power Armour locally manufactured suits The Drakon is a hastily manufactured variant, built on Plainsfier's moon, Taranis. Using surplus components, spares, and the few parts they can manufacture themselves, these suits are now becomingly increasingly common. To augment their defence, especially against bolter munitions used by traitor Marines, these suits have been fitted with molecular bonding studs. These models are of newer providence that those used during the Horus Heresy, and have lower power constraints, but still add weight and additional power requirements to the suit. These studs end in a short spike, rather than the traditional rounded stud.
Cataphractii Pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour The most ancient pattern of armour referred to as 'Tactical Dreadnought Armour', the Cataphractii is a monolithic suit of armour, covered in slabs of armour, and potent shield generators. While slow moving, its possesses incredible protection. There are very few suits of these armour.
Tartaros Pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour Probably the most advanced suit made yet, the Tartaros is the greatest balance of strength, protection, and mobility. However, this comes at the cost of it being the most technically advanced, and most costly to build. With the information to build them having been lost, the Tartaros is becoming increasingly rare.
Indomitus Pattern Tactical Dreadnought Armour The most common suit of Terminator Armour, the Indomitus is strong, and with incredible protection. Built like a tank, they are heavy duty suits meant for close quarters combat. They are used by only the most elite forces in the Chapter, who carry the Crux Terminus honour.
Centurion Armour Heavy Duty Power Armour A larger exoskeleton, not unlike the Terminator suits, the Centurion is a high power suit that allows for incredible strength and armour, at the cost of manoeuvrability. The Centurion is a massively armoured suit, designed for siege work. Its strength allows it to carry heavy weapons without a care, or smash defences.
Scout Armour Body Armour Compared to every other suit in use, the Scout Armour is probably the simplest. Using basic combat armour over a hardened fabric uniform, the suit is tough and resilient, but is nothing compared to Power Armour.
Combat Shield Shield The Combat Shield is a small plasteel shield, with a power generator inside of it. Light weight, and bolted to the wrist of the user, it is easy to use, and allows the operator to still carry a sidearm, or wield a two handed weapon
Boarding Shield Shield A heavy duty slab of armour, the Boarding Shield is used to ward off fire during incursions into enemy starships. Heavy armoured, and protected by an energy shield, it ties into the auto-senses of the user's power armour. It features a notched plate along the side that allows the user to fire a weapon, even while the shield is up.
Storm Shield Shield The most powerful shield used by Astartes, the Storm Shield is large, and cumbersome, and shielded in a field of shimmering energy, that snaps and crackles on impact. Capable of warding off the fire of anti-tank weapons, the Storm Shield is carried by Terminators when storming the enemy's position.


Weapon Name Weapon Type 'Description
Auspex Scanner A hand held scanner, the auspex is a ubiquitous tool for tracking down and exterminating the foes of the Imperium.
Omniscope Scanner A sensor mounted on the Centurion, it is used to direct and guide the fire of Centurion Devastators.
Signum Scanner A sensor linked carried by a Devastator Sergeant, the Signum gathers a myriad of data and feeds it back into the auto senses of the squad, allowing for a unification of auto-senses and unifying them for a increase in accuracy.
Grapnel Launcher
Servo-Arm Techmarine Equipment A third arm for the tech marine, it allows him to repair machinery with ease, since the limb contains a myriad of tools, and can be controlled with a deftness of an organic limb
Servo-Harness Techmarine Equipment A mobile shrine to the Omnissiah, the Servo-Harness contains limbs, tools, weapons, everything a Techmarine would need. carried by seniors, and the master of the forge, each is unique in design and contruction.
Purity Seals Blessing A sign of Purity and morality, Purity Seals are an invocation from a Chaplain, bearing an inscription, and invocation, or a litany. They give focus through tasks, through callings, so that a battle-brother can focus their will into a single function.
Terminator Honours Blessing The reach the First Company of veterans is no easy task, but to exceed even there, results in a new honour. The Crux Terminatus marks the user as not only being amongst the bravest in the Chapter, but being allowed to wear Terminator Armour into battle.
Teleporter Homer Teleporter A mobile teleporter node, it is used to provide a beacon, for Terminator-equipped Astartes to lock onto, and home in on.
Rosarius Conversion Field Both a protective icon, and a powerful Conversion Field, the Rosarius is used by Chaplains. An icon of their office, and belief, it carries a Conversion Field that turns any energy that hits it into light.
Iron Halo Conversion Field Awarded to Astartes heroes, the Iron Halo is a powerful Conversion Field, deflecting enemy fire and turning it into a bright light.
Jump Pack Jump Pack A powerful set of rockets strapped to the back of a Space Marine, it allows them to make great roaring leaps across the terrain, coming down on top of their foe. They can also be used to descend from low-flying craft.
Winged Jump Pack Jump Pack Unique to the Blood Angels, and their successors, the Winged Jump Pack is decorated by resplendent wings, allowing the user to shimmer like an angel while he descends onto his foe.
Draconic Jump Pack Jump Pack A variant of the Winged Jump PAck, it is used by veterans of the 1st Company. It is specially tuned for the howl it produces in descent. When falling upon his foes, it gives the warrior an horrendous howl, like a dragon.
Familiar Psyker Familiar Space Marine Psykers often use Familiars to enhance their abilities. These creatures enhance their psyker abilities, and extended their senses further, allowing them to see and speak through them. They take the form of Cherubims, animals, servo skulls, or other machines.
Psychic Hood Psychic Hood An artefact of Psykers, the Psychic Hood carries crystals that protect the user from warp attacks.
Dragon Crown Psychic Hood A battle-brother dreams of hunting a dragon, but a member of the chapter's Librarians wishes to take down a Warp Dragon. Touched by the Warp, like a Psyker, their very body emanates power. To this end, a Psychic Hood created from their bodies allows for incredible power, and fantastic protection.
Scale Cloak Cloak Created from the tough scales of a fallen dragon, a scale cloak is a considered a mark of honour, and successful hunt. They also confer protection thanks to their tough scales.
Myrmidon Cloak Cloak Created from the hides of the God-Dragons, the Myrmidons, these cloaks are nearly as protective as ceramite, and a cloak fashioned from this allows a battle brother to show others his skill, and survive far harsher punishment.
Fang Talisman Talisman Blood Angels and their successors enjoy the act of creation, such as painting. The Blood Dragons exercise this through artistry, usually using local materials, such as dragons. Often, after a successful hunt, a Battle-Brother will keep a fang and decorate it, inlaying it into a talisman, fitting a jewel, or scrimshawing it.
Death Mask Helmet A mask carved into the face of a fallen brother, the Death Mask is a terrifying sight to behold in battle. It courses with arcs of golden energy, and a baleful light shines from it's eyes.
Exsanguinator Medical Tool An important medical device, the Exsanguinator is used to treat medical injuries, and restore the wounded. Failing that, it can be used to harvest their geneseed for use with a new generations of Space Marines.
Acus Placidus Medical Tool The Acus Placidus is a wrist mounted tool ,that delivers a final rest to a Battle Brother when his wounds have grown far too grievous to treat. In consists of a long needle that delivers a painless death.
Blood Chalice Artefact A Chalice of Blood, carrying the Blood of Sanguinius himself, it is a holy artefact, and guided by the Sanguinary Priests. Revered by any son of Sanguinius, sipping from it restores wounds, and restores faith.

Relics and ArtefactsEdit

Relic Name Relic Type 'Description
Claw of the Dragon Lightning Claw Crafted from the talons of the God-Dragon Furmirous, the king of his kind, he was slain by the first chapter master of the Blood Dragons. His claws were incorporated into his shattered relic-claw, creating the Claw of the Dragon. Built upon the design of an already ancient Lightning Claw, this incredibly powerful weapon can cut through the heaviest armour, tearing chunks even out of heavy armour. It is the badge of office for the Chapter Master.
Voidfang Relic Sword A powerful relic sword from the earliest years of the Great Crusade, its edge has been covered in the blood of countless traitors, foul xenos, and other foes of humanity. The powerful blade produces a whistling sound as it is swung, the very air crackling as it is swung. The sword is used by Chapter Master Ajax Aurak, and when teamed with his natural ferocity, it can slice through a terminator without slowing.
Wildfyre Relic Sword Taken from the armouries of the Blood Dragons after Void Fang was shattered and corrupted during the final battle against the daemon prince Salamath, Aurak used the sword until the end of the Sanguniem Campagin, where it would be returned to the armoury, and eventually gifted to the captain of the 11th company in recognition of his service. It’s unstable power field burned like fire, rather than crackled like lightning, allowing it to melt through armour
Draco Imperatoris Relic Sword Created by one of the finest artisans in the Imperium, it was one of six swords gifted by Roboute Guilliman at the close of the Sanguniem Campagin. Forged from the remains of the Voidfang, the sword was of peerless construction and power, and had a concealed flame projector built into it. It could fire a gout of flame over a few metres that was hot enough to melt creamite.
Dragon Lord's Mantle Armour A burnished suit of armour, decorated in gilded silver, and trophies of the First Hunt, this armour is traditionally held by the Chapter Master. Extraordinarily powerful, and protected by ward forcefields, the suit can withstand incredible punishment. Its helmet is mantled with the horns of the Dragon King Furmirous, giving it an intimidating silhouette. On orders from the incumbent Dragon Lord, the suit has been fitted with a Draconic Jump Pack.
Thunder Clash bolter
Scale Breaker Thunder Hammer An exceedingly powerful hammer, it was built by a master armourer for the intent purpose of crushing a dragon. The hammer is incredibly heavy, and produces a howling screech on impact. Its already powerful swing is augmented by thrusters bringing it's swing home. It can smash the hard out scales of a dragon, and shatter the bones and rupture the organs underneath.
Tyrant's Aegis Shield Traditionally the badge of office for the Tyrant's commander, the Tyrant's Aegis is a heavy Siege Mantlet, being decorated lovingly in Tyrant bone and scale. The result is a shield so hardened, it has warded off mighty weapons made to fell battle tanks.
Willbreaker Force Weapon Crafted from the thigh bone of the Warp Dragon, Hurox, the Willbreaker is steeped in the warp, and further augmentation with a psi-convector. The blade is slightly weighty, but the bite behind it allows it to cut deep into the armour and flesh of even hardened enemies, and the transferred power is enough to reduce even monstrous creatures to a pile of smouldering viscera.
Scales of Borash Power Armour Built in times of desperation, the Scales of Borash is constructed from ceramite, Myrmidon scales, and Dragon Bone. Created during the Vaurtrox blockade, where vital war materiels failed to make it to the Blood Dragons, Chapter artificers had to become inventive, incorporating the slain dragons into their armour. The Scales of Borash is the last surviving of those suits, and proved to be the greatest of them. The dragon bone and scale built into the armour has significantly strengthened it.
Flaming Fury Power Axe Based on Hunter axes, used to behead wounded dragons by Plainsfier's early settlers, the Flaming Fury is a large, doubled headed axe, covered in a disrupter field that burns with a constant heat. The axe is wreathed in flames, and its power is enoughto cut through a dragon's neck in one swing. IT is traditionally carried by the Chapter Champion.
Unending Storm Flamer The first Dragonstorm incinerator, the Unending Storm is an incredibly powerful flamer, created in the visage of a snarling dragon. The flamer is praised for two reasons. The first is that is produces a dragon flame capable of melting through ceramite, and the second is because of its incredible efficiency, allowing it to be used for long periods.
Marzbai's Crown Helmet A helmet from the founding of the Chapter, Marzbai's crown is ringed with the horns of felled dragons, creating a crude crown. This has later been augmented with a forcefield generator, blessing the bearer with a mighty defence. Carried by the First Lord, Captain of the Myrmidons, the helmet is a symbol of his skill at arms, and a warning to his foes.
The Impregnable Sepulchre Dreadnought Built at the same time as the Scales of Borash, the Impregnable Sepulchre was a hastily rebuilt Dreadnought frame, with the lack of materials made up for by the inclusion of dragon bone and dragon scales. Covered in bonded bone, and wrapped in heavy scale plating, the sarcophagus is protected by the skull of the Myrmidon, Uriok, his adamantium-hard skull capable of warding even lethal hits.

Dreadnoughts and Dreadnought WeaponryEdit

Dreadnought Name Dreadnought Type Description
Dreadnought Dreadnought An engine of destruction, every dreadnought contains the interred remains of a hero of the Blood Dragons, close to death, but kept alive by the life support systems held within. Dreadnoughts are massive, and fierce, their hulls resistant to all but the heaviest weapons. Dreadnoughts of the Blood Dragons are unusually active, involved in teaching, tutoring and leading their brethren. Each is deadly at range with their cannons, and at short range, with their fearsome power fist. Despite their size and bulk, they are surprisingly agile and sure footed.
Hellfire Dreadnought Long-ranged Support Dreadnought Each Hellfire Dreadnought exchanges its power fist for a missile pod, making it deadly at range, and a fearsome hunter of armour.
Ironclad Dreadnought Siege Dreadnought A heavily armoured dreadnought, the Ironclad is most commonly seen at the head of sieges, smashing its way through enemy blockades, and filling the air with frag and fire. It carries weapons specific to its role, and its plating is embedded with frag assault launchers, flushing the enemy out as it's assault hits home.
Furioso Pattern Dreadnought Close Assault Dreadnought A dreadnought unique to the Sons of Sanguinius, the Furioso has a number of weapons not commonly seen amongst the Dreadnoughts of other Astartes. It is equipped with fearsome weapons, intended for close combat, such as bloodfists, blood talons, or the frag cannon. Furioso Dreadnoughts are often seen at the head of the assault, using their twin power fists to tear infantry and armour apart, as it it was nothing.
Librarian Dreadnought Psychic Support Dreadnought A variant of the Furioso ,the Librarian Dreadnought contains the crippled body of a Librarian. The armoured sarcophagus is specially engineered, so it now becomes a conduit for their powers, allowing them to rain down their powers upon their enemies, while remaining immune to much of their counter attacks. It is unique in that it is equipped with a force weapon, of prodigious size and strength.
Contemptor pattern Dreadnought Heavy Dreadnought An ancient pattern to Dreadnought, lost to the Imperium at large, the Contemptor is still a frighteningly powerful monster. Clad in heavy armour, and protected even further by Atomantic shielding, the Contemptor strides forth, ignoring even the deadliest of weapons. It takes much of the same weaponry as the smaller Mk IV and Mk V dreadnoughts.
Deredeo pattern Dreadnought Long-ranged Support Dreadnought Cousin of the Contemptor, the Deredeo is heavier in armour, and much stockier, and carries on its shoulders much more mighty weapons. Rather than the rampaging might of the Contemptor, the Deredereo specialising in precise, long distance fire, hitting the enemy with punishing accuracy.
Leviathan pattern Siege Dreadnought Siege Dreadnought The largest, most powerful pattern of Dreadnought ever manufactured, these barely-understood machines contained unique technologies that have been lost to the onset of time. Armed with phospex launchers, hunter-killer missiles, and a chassis mounted Volkite Calivers or heavy flamers, it is a force on the battlefield. The machines take a toll on their occupants, sapping them of their little remaining life, and driving them mad.
Redemptor Dreadnought Dreadnought Created alongside the Primaris, the Redemptor is designed to make use of their unique biology in combat. Housing a downed warrior, the newly developed Neural Link allows greater control, and the more cannily designed machine makes it all the deadlier on the field. However, the price for such power is high, and the original designers gave little care to the long-term well being of the pilot.
Assault Cannon Auto Weaponry A multi-barrelled Autocannon, the Assault Cannon produces a devastating hail of fire that chews apart infantry. While it suffers from reliability issues, it's firepower is undisputed.
Twin Linked Lascannon Las Weapon The twin-linked Lascannon is a might beam weapon, meant for striking down armoured threats. It uses two Lascannons fired in sequence to shred targets.
Twin Linked Heavy Bolter Bolter Weapon A twin-linked Heavy Bolter, the weapon is used to lay down a tremendous hail of fire, capable of sundering light armour and infantry with frightening ease.
Twin Linked Autocannon Auto Weapon Using twin cannons, this weapon lays down fire on armour and entrenched infantry alike, devastating them in a thunderous call of fire.
Heavy Plasma Cannon Plasma Weapon A heavy plasma cannon mounted a Dreadnought, these weapons are difficult to manufacture and maintain, but are lethal in battle, firing an orb of sunfire that wrecks everything in it's path.
Multi-Melta Melta Weaponry A massive weapon, capable of firing a lance of fire that melts through armour, through flesh, without compromise. The multi-melta is used to torch armour at short range.
Powerfist Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon a massive fist, it is covered in a crackling energy field that allows it to tear armour and crush infantrymen with ease. Power fists posses enough strength to crush almost anything. To augment the weapon, it packs a storm bolter, flamer, or melta, allowing it to augment fire power. Power fists come in a variety of patterns, including more-claw like designs, and large patterns on Contemptors, that pack plasma and graviton weapons.
Hellfire Missile Launcher Missile Launcher A high-power missile launcher, it uses the Dreadnought's auto-senses to fire off salvoes of frag and krak missiles. Considered top amongst ranged weapons, it is used by Hellfire dreadnoughts.
Hurricane Bolter Bolter Weapon Using six linked bolters, the Hurricane produces a hail of fire capable of cutting down whole squads in a screaming hail of bolts. Its mounted on the Ironclad dreadnought exclusively.
Flame Storm Cannon Flamer Larger than even the heavy flamer, the Flame Storm is used to sweep infantry from defensive locations, incinerating a dozen at a time.
Seismic Hammer Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon When a structure must be brought down, the seismic hammer is used to do it. Similar to a power fist, it hits with a hammer blow against structures, smashing them down with thunderous blow, after thunderous blow.
Chainfist Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon Combining a power fist and chainsword, it uses a mixture of power fields and cutting teeth to cut through solid structures, cutting open bulkheads, armoured vehicles, so on.
Bloodfist Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon A modification of the Power Fist, the Bloodfist uses longer 'fingers' than the standard Powerfist, making it more ideal for crushing infantry, and tearing them apart. Found exclusively on Furioso dreadnoughts, it is a bloody tool.
Blood Talons Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon The Blood Talon replaces the fingers of a power fist with long, powered talons, perfect for rending flesh. The claw can also tear through armoured vehicles with impunity.
Dreadnought Force Weapon Force Weapon A dreadnought sized force weapon, the Librarian Dreadnoughts use these to not only cut down armour, but can also transfer the interred Librarian's power into it's target, striking it down in a thunderous cataclysm of librarian powers.
Frag Cannon Grenade Launcher The Frag Cannon fires off a thunderous shell, that on impact produces razor-sharp shrapnel that will cut straight through armour, even as thick as Power Armour. Used against heavy infantry, it can shred its way through traitors.
Magna-Grapple Dreadnought Equipment Mounted on Furioso Dreadnoughts, the Magna-Grapple is normally used as a tool by dropships, to hoise heavy loads. Instead, the Furioso uses it to grapple a vehicle, or another dreadnought at range, then pull them in, to their inevitable doom.
Conversion Beamer Beam Weapon Mounted on the powerful Contemptor, the Conversion Beamer is a rare weapon from another time. The beam is more effective at range, where the beam can focus in on its target. It has a certain sweet spot, where above, and beneath that, it is less effective.
Cyclone Missile Launcher Missile Launcher A precursor to the Terminator Cyclone Missile Launcher, the Cyclone uses the dreadnought's own sensors to fire off a salvo of guided frag and krak missiles with unnerving accuracy and lethality.
Anvilus-Pattern Autocannon Battery Autocannon The Anvilus pattern is a extremely accurate autocannon weapon. The twin linked cannons are linked to a large ammo reserve, and highly-accurate sensors, allowing it to fire salvoes that can strike down fast moving vehicles, or bring down infantry.
Hellfire Plasma Cannonade Plasma Cannon An exotic plasma weapon, the Hellfire carries a fast-charging plasma cannon, that allows for a rapid fire barrage of plasma fire, creating a hail of fire that slags armour.
Aiolos Missile Launcher Missile Launcher A supremely accurate missile launcher, it fires missiles over terrain, with each one coming down with unnerving accuracy, evade obstructions to deliver its punishing blow.
Leviathan Siege Drill Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon A massive drill, it is designed to cut through the outer wall of fortifications, and then discharge a lance of melta fire into the breach.
Leviathan Siege Claw Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon A massive power claw, the Siege Claw can easily swipe away infantry and tear through flesh, armour, and bone.
Cyclonic Melta Lance Melta Weapon One of the largest melta weapons ever mounted on a walker, the Cyclonic Melta Lance is a rapid-fire, high-power melta weapon, which can reduce a Leman Russ to slag in an instant.
Leviathan Storm Cannon Auto Weapon A punishing cannon, it is designed to rapidly sweep infantry away by their dozens. The cannon uses 4 autocannons linked together, creating a cacophony of fire with every burst.
Grav Flux Bombard Graviton Weapon A Grav weapon of unstoppable power, the Bombard fires a vortex of gravitational torsion that will bring down even the mightiest fortress in a hissing, screeching torrent of doom.
Macro Plasma Incinerator Plasma Weapon The largest Plasma weapon carried, outside perhaps the Deredeo, the Macro Plasma Incinerator fires massive orbs of solar flame, that can blast apart the heaviest targets. Powerful to the point of obscenity, the weapon has proven of great value.
Heavy Onslaught Cannon Auto Weapon A mighty cannon, mixing heavy firepower with gut wrenching rate of fire, the Heavy Onslaught Cannon is used to clear whole squads at a time, shredding even Traitor Astartes in a horrifyingly short time.
Redemptor Power Fist Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon More dextrous, and more powerful than previous Dreadnought Power Fists, it has the ability to tear bio-titans and tanks to pieces. It has the ability to mount a heavy flamer, or an Onslaught Gatling Cannon.

Notable DreadnoughtsEdit

  • Ancient Falmiir, Venerable Conteptor: Ancient Falmiir is not just an ancient, he is a link to the Chapter's ancient past itself. The fourth Dragon Lord, he was interred in his shell following the battle of Vargryn XVII, felled by plasma fire from heretics. Since then. He whats served as a honorary member of the Lord's Table, and has remained as a vital advisor to the current chapter master, and at times an interim chapter master when the incumbent has fallen, and the Lord-Captains have not decided upon a new leader. However, he has recently remained dormant, having disagreed with the ascension of Ajax Aurak, and remained at odds with him. With the danger of the Second Tyrest War, he has been awoken to do battle once more, leading a talon of his fellow Dreadnoughts.
  • Ancient Acheron, Venerable Deredeo: Ancient Acheron is a venerable Dreadnought of the Chapter, and a vital lynchpin of its continued operations. Whereas many Dreadnoughts sleep between Wars, Acheron finds his solace in continued service to his chapter, rather than in rest. He has served as the interim captain of the Eighth Company and remains to provide counsel to their current serving captain. His massive, heavily armoured frame, carries a battery of missiles and a set of Hellfire Plasma Cannonades, delivering torrents of sunfire that can reduce vehicles to slag.
  • Brother Fondera, Leviatan: formerly the captain of the Third Company, he was mortally wounded during the Battle of the Dragon Shrine, by the Chaos Champion Rekarth. Even in near death, his rage was impossible to contain, so the decision was made to place him into the ancient Leviathan Dreadnought, the ‘’Doom of Traitors’’, fitting for a man betrayed. Most are driven mad in this hellish tomb, but Fondera’s drive for vengeance keeps him some measure of sanity. Striding forward in its mighty shell, he carries a Siege Claw, and a Storm Cannon.
  • Brother Kaskil, Furioso: In life, Kaskil was a true son of Sanguinius. Noble, brave, and carrying the likeness of his father, he quickly ascended to the position of Myrmidon. His role came to an unexpected end when a stray missile struck him, placing him close to death. However, the Sanguinary Priests decided that his service to the Emperor was not yet over. He was interred in a Furioso Dreadnought, ‘’Claws Of Blood’’. In its form, his service continued, where he could wreak havoc upon the enemies of mankind, stomping and smashing through his foes. He takes great pride in his service, but the dissolution that comes with interment in a Dreadnought has been eating at his mind.

Ground VehiclesEdit

Ground Vehicles
Vehicle Name Vehicle Type Description
Rhino Transport An all purpose transport, the Rhino is simple, sturdy, and reliable.
Razorback Transport A variant of the Rhino ,the Razorback sacrifices internal capacity to mount external weapons. These include twin linked lascannons, twin linked heavy bolters, twin linked assault cannons, and multi-meltas. Preferred for high-intensity warzones, the Razorback perfectly mixes weapons and transport.
Damocles Command Tank Command Tank The Blood Dragons have a few examples of the precious Damocles, each kept for guiding the chapter across large warzones. Using advanced technology, it can coordinate ground, air and space forces. It also has a high-power auspex that can intercept enemy communications, and a teleporter homer. As well as a command vehicle, it's also excellent at prosecuting electronic warfare attacks upon the enemy.
Predator Annihilator Battle Tank A deadly tank hunter, the Annihilator mounts twin lascannons to take down well armoured prey.
Predator Destructor Battle Tank An all purpose battle tank, it carries a autocannon and a variety of secondary weapons.
Baal Predator Battle tank A variant of Predator, unique to the sons of Sanguinius, the Baal Predator is a monstrous vehicle, deadly in terminating infantry. Equipped with twin assault cannons and sponson mounted heavy flamers, it can also mount a flamestorm cannon in place of the assault cannons. Deadly against infantry, it is utilised to urban fighting, and engaging waves of enemies.
Predator Incinerator Battle Tank A relic of the Great Crusade, the Predator Incinerator mounts a deadly Volkite cannon on the turret. The focused beam can destroy waves of infantry, the heat ray cooking them in nanoseconds.
Predator Executioner Battle Tank Another rare relic of the Great Crusade, the Executioner exchanges the standard armament for a plasma destroyer, an exceedingly deadly plasma weapon. Deadly against heavy infantry and armour, the cannon sends balls of sun fire to take out large targets.
Vindicator Siege Tank A heavily armoured line breaker, the Vindicator mounts a deadly demolisher cannon, which it uses to destroy enemy strong points. Valued in urban combat and sieges, the Vindicator rains shells on the enemy with frightening accuracy.
Vindicator Laser Destroyer Tank Hunter A relic of the Great Crusade, this variant exchanges the demolisher cannon for a laser destroyer, a potent las weapon used to destroy even the heaviest enemy armour.
Whirlwind Artillery A staple of the Chapter's armour, the whirlwind uses rockets to provide long distance support. It can fire the standard vengeance missile, or the more deadly castellan mine dispenser. The Blood Dragons also maintain a stock pile of incendiary rockets, and special warheads that can be fitted with a variety of munitions, including phosphex or chemical munitions.
Whirlwind Hyperios Anti-Air Artillery A deadly Whirlwind variant, it mounts short range anti-air missiles, capable of tracking and destroying multiple targets.
Stalker Anti-Air Artillery A deadly short ranged artillery piece, it uses extremely precise sensors to fill the sky with shells, taking down all but the most agile of craft.
Hunter Anti-Air Artillery An older model of anti-air vehicle, it is gradually being phased out, being too costly to maintain. Each precious missile, while accurate, is costly to make, and requires the sacrifice of a serf, or the remains of one recently deceased.
Repulsor Main Battle Tank A new innovation, intended to carry the the Primaris into battle, the Repulsor brings back the barely understood secrets of anti-gravitic technology. Descending from the sky, the Repulsor uses overwhelming firepower to gain a foothold, then delivers a squad of Primaris into battle.
Land Raider Heavy Tank A mighty vehicle, it is equal parts transport and heavy tank. Armed with two pairs of twin linked lascannons, and twin linked heavy bolters, it has a large transport capacity and incredibly heavy armour allowing it to smash it's way through enemy squads, armour and barricades.
Land Raider Achilles Siege Tank An ancient variant of the Land Raider, it has incredibly heavy armour, sponson mounted multi-meltas, and a single Thunderfire cannon. This mighty cannon can put down bunkers, infantry and even armour.
Lander Raider Crusader Breacher Tank A specialised variant, it has a larger transport capacity, at the cost of armament. Instead of the usual weapons, it mounts sponson mounted hurricane bolters, and a pair of assault cannons, along with a multi-melta. It also has frag assault launchers, that fill the air with shrapnel before the crew disembark.
Land Raider Redeemer Breacher Tank The Redeemer is a variant of the Crusader that changes the hurricane bolters for massive flamestorm cannons. Preferred by the chapter for the fiery vengeance it brings, the Redeemer is often seen smashing through fortifications, and torching any survivors.
Land Raider Prometheus Command Tank The Prometheus exchanges the lethal weapons of the standard land raider, for a battery of advanced sensors and communication gear. It is used by commanders to lead from the front, storming positions, while still directing his troops. While it is technically retained by the armoury, is is almost singularly used by the Lord-Captain of the Ninth Company, the armoured Ironsides.
Land Raider Apollo
Spartan Assault Tank Assault Tank A Land Raider variant of ancient providence, it is much larger and more well armoured than the standard model. With twice the capacity, twice the armour, and nearly twice the guns, the Spartan Assault Tank is a fearsome monster, capable of even hunting titans, when the mood takes it.
Typhon Heavy Siege Tank Siege Tank A variant of the Spartan, and a relic of the Great Crusade, the Typhon mounts the fearsome Dreadhammer cannon, capable of bringing down even the mightiest fortresses in a single strike.
Sicaran Heavy Tank Heavy Tank A older model of tank, generally out of use with the majority of companies, the Blood Dragons have been forced to return this mgihty vehicle to use. It uses twin accelerator autocannons, fire high-velocity munitions with high accuracy, making it lethal against fast moving targets.
Sicaran Venator Tank Hunter A variant of the Sicaran, it uses a Neutron Laser Projector to destroy armour. Frighteningly lethal against anything short of super-heavy tanks and titans, it explosively tears apart heavy armour.
Sicaran Omega
Astraeus Super-Heavy Grav Tank
Fellblade Super-Heavy Tank The largest, most singularly powerful war machine every used by the space marines, this ancient beast had long since faded from the galaxy at large. The Blood Dragons have salvaged a single example, using it as a last ditch, desperate attempt to stave off extinction. Armed with twin accelerator cannons, a demolisher cannon, twin bolters, and a pair of laser destroyers, the Fellblade is more heavily armoured than most contemporary super-heavy tanks, and has brought about the end of many enemy war machines.
Bike Bike Simple, rugged and reliable, the study MArine Bike is used for everything, from scouting, skirmishing, courier tasks and rapid attack.
Attack Bike Attack Bike Fitted with a sidecar, the Attack Bike carries a heavy bolter or a multi-melta, allowing it to attack infantry ot even heavy armour, then rapidly disengage.

Notable Ground VehiclesEdit

  • Chariot of Angels, Spartan Assault Tank: Recovered from the mass grave site on Andraste VI, the Spartan Assault Tank they recovered was of Blood Angels origin, and attempts to discern its original unit lead to a belief that it may have once been the personal transport of their Primarch. While this has largely been debunked, the name stuck. Lovingly restored, the Chariot of Angels now serves as the 'tip of the spear', leading charges of it's lesser brethren, and disgorging squadrons of terminators into the heart of the fighting.
  • Beast of Klendath, Typhon Heavy Siege Tank: Brother Pendraeth of the Armoury spent years hunting down the Beast of Klendath, piecing together fragmentary records and legends from the locals on Andraste IV. Believing a mighty war machine lay beneath a swamp, abandoned after suffering damage during the Horus Heresy, he led an expedition to recover it. Horrified to find it bore the symbol of the Word Bearers, it was nonetheless recovered, and spent decades being purified, a concentrated effort by the chapter's Librarians, Chaplains and Techmarines to remove every trait of heresy and betrayal from it. Once deemed fit for service, the mighty vehicle saw service supporting the fifth company, its gun bringing down enemy fortifications. Many still view this vehicle with an ill-omen, but despite that it has a stellar field record.
  • Foespite, Sicaran Venator: Found buried in the abandoned halls of the Dragonkeep, Foespite has been in the Chapter for as long as it has existed. A mighty war machine, of rare providence, it has accounted for the deaths of many enemy war machines. During this latest conflict, it has accounted for the destruction of no less than a hundred enemy war machines, becoming a target of utmost priority for the Tau invaders.
  • Fortress of Blood, Fellblade Super-Heavy Tank: The mightiest war machine in the Chapter's arsenal, they spent years retrieving it from the deep mud on the killing fields of Andraste VI. Despite attempts to restore it to full functionality, the machine spirit within has been described as, less than helpful, refusing to submit to the authority of the Blood Dragons, since it had no prior knowledge of the second foundings. Only returning to service when it was threatened by the forces of Chaos, it has become the personal chariot of Lord Kanath Syndel, whose intimate knowledge of the machine allows him to use it to it's greatest potential.

Air VehiclesEdit

Air Vehicles
Weapon Name Weapon Type Description
Land Speeder Rapid Attack Speeder An all purpose flyer, the land speeder is a moderately armoured, moderately armed vehicle. Specialising in fast attack, reconnaissance and scouting. Fielded in small squadrons, they usually press and push at the enemy's flanks. It is usually armed with a heavy bolter, but some variants are equipped with a multi-melta to hunt tanks.
Lander Speeder Tornado Rapid Attack Speeder An up-gunned version of the Land Speeder, it carries a secondary gun. Usually equipped with an assault cannon to attack infantry formations from a distance, it can be exchanged for a heavy flamer to sweep infantry formations.
Land Speeder Typhoon Rapid Attack Speeder Instead of a secondary gun, this variant fields twin missile pods, allowing it to specialise in long range tank hunting.
Stormtalon Gunship Gunship A ubiquitous gunship, it is used as an interceptor, ground attack craft, and even escort. Armed with a pair of assault cannons, it also carries secondary weapons in the form of twin heavy bolters, twin lascannons, twin typhoon missile pods, or twin skyhammer rocket pods. The Blood Dragons often paint vivid liveries, showing imagery or faces of dragons upon it.
Stormhawk Interceptor Interceptor A high-speed interceptor, the Stormhawk is dedicated to engaging enemy air power. Armed with powerful weapons, dedicated to striking down enemy air power. Carrying twin assault cannons, Skyhammer or Typhoon missile launchers, and a nose cannon carrying either a Las-Talon or Icarus Stormcannon.
Xiphon Interceptor Interceptor A relic of the Great Crusade, the Xiphon is fast, agile and utterly deadly. Armed with two twin linked lascannons, and a missile bay that is deadly against armour and infantry. Once all but gone from the Astartes, the Blood Dragons fly three of them.
Stormraven Gunship Dropship An all purpose, heavily armed dropship, it carries twelve marines and a dreadnought into battle. It is armed with a variety of weapons, too numerous to mention in a short space. It is most often used as a rapid attack ship, quickly cutting through the enemy, deploying its cargo, then supporting them with fire.
Storm Eagle Gunship Dropship An older model of dropship, thought extinct following the Horus Heresy. Well armoured, and well armed, the Storm eagle carries more marines into the fray, descending with a fury few can compare. The Storm Eagle carries a pair of twin-linked lascannons, twin vegeance rocket pods, and a front weapon that can change between twin-linked multi-metlas, twin linked heavy bolters, or a typhoon missile pod.
Fire Raptor Gunship Gunship A relic of the Horus Heresy, the Fire Raptor exchanges the transport capacity of the Storm Eagle for a variety of weapons. First and foremost are the twin linked Avenger Bolt Cannons, lethal tank busting weapons. It has two waist-mounted ball turrets, carrying four heavy bolters, and finally four hellstrike missiles. A deadly tank hunter, it can quickly annihilate whole armoured columns before leaving.
Caestus Assault Ram Boarding Ship A sturdy warship, equipped for boarding actions, the twin armoured prows are designed to slam their way through the hull of a warship, and deliver a squad of marines into the fray. It is armed with a magna-melta to cut through the hulls of enemy warships, and twin batteries of firefury rocket pods, capable of rapidly firing on enemy targets. Despite its specialisation as a boarding craft, desperation has forced the Blood Dragons into using is as a dropship for ground assaults, and even as a tank hunter, using its main gun to flash-melt enemy battle tanks.
Thunderhawk Gunship Dropship The largest dropship utilised by the Blood Dragons, the Thunderhawk is common, lethal and incredibly dangerous. Armoured like a tank, and deceptively agile, the Thunderhawk descends in a screaming boom, delivering ordnance and death as it goes. Armed with four twin-linked heavy bolters, two lascannons, bundles of hellstrike missiles, and a single battle cannon, or laser destructor. Enormously versatile, it can marines, dreadnoughts and bikes, and can change from dropship, to gunship, to void interceptor, and even titan hunter.
Thunderhawk Transporter Vehicle Transporter A variant of the Thunderhawk, it exchanges its weapons and transport capability to carry vehicles. Its mag clamps can carry two rhinos, or a single land raider.
Stormbird Heavy Dropship One of the largest combat flyers used by the Astartes, the Stormbird is a heavy-duty lander, carrying an arsenal of cannons, and a fully-armed strike force, including vehicles. Carrying four ball turrets, 6 missiles, and 4 twin linked heavy bolters, the Stormbird is armoured like a tank, and sheathed in void shields, like a Titan.
Overlord Heavy Dropship Developed in conjunction with the Primaris, the Overlord carries them to the ground for an assault. Carrying two assault bays, allowing the Primaris aboard to storm onto the battlefield. The Overlord packs lascannons, heavy bolters, and multi-meltas, allowing it to scour the ground of any threat.
Tempest Falcon Landing Craft A large scale landing ship, it carries a substantial battery of weapons, mostly for self defence. It can carry a full company to the ground, along with several vehicles. It is the only ship in their arsenal that can carry the Spartan, Typhoon or mighty Fellblade.
Drop Pod Drop Pod Almost ubiquitous with the space marines, the drop pod is used to rapidly transport from orbit to the ground, evading ground defences and anti-air fire in the process. Deploying twelve marines into the heart of the enemy. Armed with an internal weapon point, carrying a storm bolter or a missile launcher,
Lucius-pattern Drop Pod Drop Pod A larger pattern of drop pod, it can be used to deploy a dreadnought, or a weapon platform into the heart of the battle.
Kharybdis Assault Claw Drop Pod A multi-purpose pod, they can be used as drop pods, or boarding craft, capable of cutting through the hull of enemy ships, or scouring landing zones with rocket fire. Desperation has forced Blood Dragon commanders into using them as tank hunters, using its melta cutters, or boarding claws to destroy them.

Notable Air VehiclesEdit

  • The Dragon's Fury: A Fire Raptor, found abandoned and damaged within the Dragonkeep, the techmarines cannibalised one of their own damaged Stormeagles to return it to service. A fearsome beast, with an equally fearsome machine spirit, it has become the bane of xenos and traitor alike, its strafing runs marked by a howl likened to that of a dragon.

Chapter FleetEdit

  • Battle Barge, Ignatius Rex: The flagship of the chapter, Ignatius Rex is a ship of ancient providence, believed to have once been used during the Great Crusade. Possessing a long and illustrious history, the ship has accounted for many feared enemies, include Chaos battleships, and Ork Roks. During the invasion of the Tyrest Sector, the Ignatius Rex was at the forefront of many of the most important battles, carrying scars from numerous enemies. As the conflict escalated, it was forced into hit and run roles, before finally being relegated to the defence of the Blood Dragon's homeworld. During the first and second defence of their home world, it accounted for no less than seventeen cruisers.
  • Battle Barge, Lord of Fire: The second battle barge of the chapter, the Lord of Fire went with several companies to participate in the 13th Black Crusade. During that hellish conflict, it was disabled during a fleet action, and hastily repaired. Finally limping home, it was immediately tasked with speed to Baal at all haste, as part of the Blood Dragon's pledge to protect their progenitors.
  • Strike Cruiser, Dragon Slayer: A famed warship, the Dragon Slayer is the youngest of the chapter's strike cruisers, but has earned its place. During the conflict at over Symestra Minor, it single handed broke through the rebel blockade to deliver forces to the planet's surface. Despite being out numbered six to one, it continued to pound both opposing war ships, and targets on the ground. During the Tyrest Crusade, it became feared by the Tau, suddenly appearing above their conquered worlds to deliver death in a multitude of forms, then slipping away if it was never there at all.
  • Strike Cruiser, Mantle of Flame
  • Strike Cruiser, Throne of Blood
  • Strike Cruiser, Valiant
  • Strike Cruiser, Herald of War
  • Strike Cruiser, Crimson Blade
  • Strike Cruiser, Indefatigable
  • Strike Cruiser, Dragon's Claw

Notable MembersEdit

Ajax AurakEdit

The Chapter is currently lead by Ajax Aurak. Holding the title of 'Dragon Lord', Ajax represents much of the Blood Angels and Blood Dragon's legacy. In battle, he is a powerful and cunning commander, masterfully directing his men in battle, and a formidable combatant in his own right. Off the battlefield, he is a erudite politician, and when he can, he indulges himself in the artistry that his Chapter enjoys. The self-appointed Regent of the Tyrest Sector, he lays many burdens on his shoulders, for the sake of the Imperium. Ajax has courted controversy though, reaching Chapter Master at a comparatively young age, being the youngest of the captains, and third most tenured. With him, he carries many relics of the Chapter. He wears the Dragon Lord's Mantle, an armour of ornate artifice. Inlaid with beautiful silver, and incorporating dragon scale, it carries the horns of the horns of the Dragon King Furmirous, and is protected by a warding forcefield. He wields two relic-weapons of the Chapter, with Voidfang, a power sword of ancient providence, that rends the air itself, and the Claw of the Dragon, made from the Claws of the fallen Fumirous. Ajax himself was born as Ajax Mahvelion, a nobleof Taranis, exiled to Plainsfier for the killing another noble in an honour duel. He would at first be disgusted by the frugal and peasant lifestyle of the Plainsfierians, but came to accept them, and live amongst them, going so far as to change his name to the Plainsfierian, Aurak.

Surrounding the Dragon Lord on the Dragon Guard. Modelled on the Sanguinary Guard, they carry scaled armour, and fly into battle on Draconic Jump Packs. Each is a hero on their own right, and their deeds measure up to that of their ancient heroes.

  • Veteran Sergeant Ikonach: Standing above all others, Ikonach is a hero without compare. Whole Libraries have been filled with his deeds, many of which surpass the Lord Captains of the Chapter. He served the previous Dragon Lord as his Veteran Sergeant, commanding his guard with iron will, as he does now for Aurak. He carries a plasma pistol and the axe
  • Chapter Champion Aivon: Champion of the Chapter, and the greatest warrior amongst them, by ritual trial, save, perhaps, Captain Revak and the Dragon Lord himself, Aivon has dispatched many foes that think they can challenge the Dragon Lord. He carries the heavy relic-sword, Judgement, and partners it with a drakon dagger, Punishment, using it as a parrying dagger.
  • Sanguinary Priest Letho: Whereas Sanguinary Priests are often trained to temper that battle-lust so as to preserve their brothers, and protect the wounded, Letho's fury could not be curbed. he possessed all the knowledge and temperament to make him a good apothecary, but instead of advancing with his comrades to secure the wounded, he took to rescuing them himself, cutting enemies in twain to rescue them. These actions caused his censure by the other Priests, and the removal of his Blood Chalice, but gained him a position in the Dragon Guard.
  • Ancient Magga'Kor: Once the Ancient for the 3rd Company, he held the company banner on the high ground, while surrounded by enemies, surviving a score of wounds, and holding the banner against attacks. He, and his banner were assaulted by a flamer, and while the dragon-hide banner was flame proof, he was not, and while burning, he advanced with the flag, terrifying his enemy into retreat. Such actions saw him assigned to carry the Draco Aeternam, the Chapter Banner created from the hide of Fumirous.
  • Myrmidon Yuren: Hero of the Kaileden Breach, he was swallowed whole by the Greater Demon Kharish, and enraged by this he drew his Drakon Dagger and began hacking away inside the beast. Such was his fury, the beast began to vomit blood, and convulse in pain, before Yuren eventually cut his way free, through his stomach. He refused multiple promotions, and instead accepted only combat roles. He carries the Dragonstorm Incinerator, Unending Storm.
  • Myrmidon Reskor: An expert smith, and talented warrior, he wields a combi-flamer, utilising it with deadly accuracy in closer quarters fights.
  • Myrmidon Bulver:
  • Myrmidon Okor
  • Myrmidon Cullach

Lord-Captain RevakEdit

Lord Revak, better known as the Dragon's Claw, is the right hand of the Dragon Lord, the the Captain of the First Company, and their most powerful duellist. Serving for years, he's loyal to his Chapter, and the Imperium. He's lead a great many battles during the war, leading the First Company into the jaws of death, and emerging victorious. He's an aggressive commander, even in defence, preferring to draw the enemy in before crushing them, trapping them in the dragon's jaws.

Lord-Captain Tolan IrvorEdit

Lord-Captain SirinelEdit

Lord-Captain SevestusEdit

Lord-Captain WelkathEdit

Lord-Captain DreiniEdit

lieutenant EthradEdit

lieutenant VolgrunEdit

Lord Darion GheleosEdit

Sanguinary Priest Lotann YestranEdit

to prevent spilling a drop from his grail during a deadly be battle, he drank the entire contents and gained superhuman strength, and later let his blood to replenish it

Kanath Syndel, Master of the ForgeEdit

Izebial, TechmarineEdit

Lord Azran, Chief LibrarianEdit

Chasker Quvar, EpistolaryEdit

High Chaplain Arras NarrEdit

Reclusiarch Harrot N'dath Edit

Chaplin Senek ValkaEdit

death company chaplain

Chaplain MirvalEdit

When Lord-Captain Kellen of the fifth company fell in battle during the siege of Granthal, the Tyrant's moral was broken, with the company breaking, and losing ground. It was then that Mirval rallied his brothers, taking up the fallen shield of his Captain and bringing his brother's back to the fight. Since then he has lead the Tyrants, carrying with him the Tyrant's Aegis, a large shield wrought from the scales of an immense Tyrant dragon.

Myrmidon Sychal, HeraldEdit

Ancient Paracha SiltanEdit

Veteran-Sergeant EikolonEdit

One of the most experienced veterans in the chapter, Eikolon is a warrior of renown, slaying a Myrmidon dragon during his sixth hunt, and leading his squad to victory, regardless of the danger. Eikolon now fights deep behind Tau lines, arming and training the rebels and insurgents still loyal to the Emperor in the conquered territories.

Veteran-Sergeant FraeshEdit

Sergeant Sytan Forniel Edit

Myrmidon KolovannEdit

Dragon HarrikEdit

Dragon Tivanis ReldEdit

Brother Kyten Osghan WralkEdit

Ancient FalmiirEdit

Once the Dragon Lord, injuries forced him to be entombed in the sarcophagus of a Contemptor-pattern Dreadnought. A vocal opponent of Ajax's strategies, he fights now only to prevent the extinction of his chapter.

Ancient Falmiir is not just an ancient, he is a link to the Chapter's ancient past itself. The fourth Dragon Lord, he was interred in his shell following a battle against the Dark Eldar. Since then. He has served as a honorary member of the Lord's Table, and has remained as a vital advisor to the current chapter master, and at times an interim chapter master when the incumbent has fallen, and the Lord-Captains have not decided upon a new leader. However, he has recently remained dormant, having disagreed with the ascension of Ajax Aurak, and remained at odds with him. With the danger of the Second Tyrest War, he has been awoken to do battle once more, leading a talon of his fellow Dreadnoughts.

Ancient Acheron, Venerable DeredeoEdit

Ancient Acheron is a venerable Dreadnought of the Chapter, and a vital lynchpin of its continued operations. Whereas many Dreadnoughts sleep between Wars, Acheron finds his solace in continued service to his chapter, rather than in rest. He has served as the interim captain of the Eighth Company and remains to provide counsel to their current serving captain. His massive, heavily armoured frame, carries a battery of missiles and a set of Hellfire Plasma Cannonades, delivering torrents of sunfire that can reduce vehicles to slag.

Brother Fondera, LeviatanEdit

formerly the captain of the Third Company, he was mortally wounded during the Battle of the Dragon Shrine, by the Chaos Champion Rekarth. Even in near death, his rage was impossible to contain, so the decision was made to place him into the ancient Leviathan Dreadnought, the ‘’Doom of Traitors’’, fitting for a man betrayed. Most are driven mad in this hellish tomb, but Fondera’s drive for vengeance keeps him some measure of sanity. Striding forward in its mighty shell, he carries a Siege Claw, and a Storm Cannon.

Brother Kaskil, FuriosoEdit

In life, Kaskil was a true son of Sanguinius. Noble, brave, and carrying the likeness of his father, he quickly ascended to the position of Myrmidon. His role came to an unexpected end when a stray missile struck him, placing him close to death. However, the Sanguinary Priests decided that his service to the Emperor was not yet over. He was interred in a Furioso Dreadnought, ‘’Claws Of Blood’’. In its form, his service continued, where he could wreak havoc upon the enemies of mankind, stomping and smashing through his foes. He takes great pride in his service, but the dissolution that comes with interment in a Dreadnought has been eating at his mind.

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