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Battle of Vardor VIII
Vardor VIII IW




Vardor VIII, Vardor System, Enigmus Sector, Segmentum Obscurus


Pyrrhic Imperial victory

  • The Iron Warriors are driven back into the Eye of Terror
  • Alica Novia is excommunicated
  • Kirthan Daskal becomes the governor of Vardor VIII
Imperium of Man
Forces of Chaos

The Battle of Vardor VIII was a conflict between Imperial forces and the Iron Warriors Chaos Legion which occurred in 834.M41.

Order of BattleEdit


In 833.M41, abnormal Warp activity and a series of daemonic incursions on the civilized world of Vardor VIII caused the planet's governor, Venris Novia, to fear that his world may have been being targeted by the forces of Chaos. Alarmed, he requested that a Company of Space Marines be deployed to Vardor VIII as a precautionary measure in case the incursions were to culminate in a full scale Chaos invasion. Though skeptical, the Administratum had the Fourth Company of the Doom Eagles deployed to the planet via the Battle Barge Fury Reborn, under the command of Captain Diominus Feldon.

While most of the company would assist the Imperial Guard in fending off the continued incursions, Captain Feldon assigned two of his most trusted sergeants to protect the Governor and his family: Sergeant Regulus Prax was assigned to protect the Governor and his wife, while Sergeant Egon Talorus was assigned to protect his daughter and sole heir, Alica Novia.