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Axe Brothers SP
Axe Brother - Veteran
Axe Brothers Chapter Colour Scheme
Axe Brothers

Second Founding




Roboute Guilliman

Chapter Master

The Red Executioner


The Bronze Moon


Castle of the Sacrificed


554 Astartes (Currently)

War Cry

"You cannot stop the Red Wave!"

"Remember us traitor, we are the chill down your spine, we are the holy beast in the shadow, we are your damnation...."
― The Red Executioner, Chapter Master of the Axe Brothers

The Axe Brothers are a devoted, noble and mighty Chapter, having battled throughout their millennia long existence from their Ultramarines Legion roots, to the current date and timeline. Forged in the fires of war and betrayal of the Horus Heresy, they were created following the subsequent sundering of the original Space Marine Legions during the Second Founding in 001.M32. The newly created Axe Brothers Chapter were placed under the command of Legion-Captain Roman, the former commander of the Ultramarines' 7th Company. After slaying the World Eaters Chaos Champion Kronlovk, he proved himself a worthy leader and was giving the right to lead his very own Chapter after the Horus Heresy.

Chapter HistoryEdit

The Early BeginningsEdit

Axe brother astartes

An Axe Brothers Astartes

During the Horus Heresy the 7th Company was deployed on Calth which was under righteous command of Roman, a Legion-Captain who was devoted to his legion. He led his devoted company into the fires of war against the unforgiving and damned Word Bearers Traitor Legion. Personally leading a vanguard of stalwart Ultramarines survivors, Roman battled his way through the ranks of the unholy warriors that stood before him and his company. However it is told that he was confronted by a devoted, unholy Diabolist. The Diablolist used his unjust and unclean sorcery against Legion-Captain Roman, however, the Diablolist's fickle Dark Gods where not in his favor. Roman sliced the head of the Diabolist right off. By doing a great service to his legion and displaying the utmost loyalty to the Realm of Ultramar, the Word Bearers that faced Legion-Captain Roman and his forces lost all sense of morale and went on to form their own separate groups, later becoming Blackshields.

However, there would be one more challenge for the Ultramarines company to face. The unforgiving Champion, Kronlovk stood before them along with his bloodthirsty warriors, sallying forth and attacked the Ultramarines company with unrestrained rage. The Ultramarines held them back and fought with holy zeal and managed to rid the World Eater warriors, however they were unable to defeat the Champion. Kronlovk and Roman where the only two unwounded legionaries left, able to take part in the battle. Kronlovk charged Roman with a berserk fury and severed the Legion-Captain's right hand. The Legion-Captain screamed in pain and rage and then with his might picked up his Power-Axe Scarlet Slayer and in one fell stroke, cut off Kronlovk's head.

This would be the beginning of the Axe Brothers Chapter.

The FoundingEdit

After the challenges of war that the Ultramarines had overcame, Guilliman himself give Legion-Captain Roman the honor of leading a Chapter of his own. Many other companies joined Roman's newly Founded Chapter after the Horus Heresy to fight for the Axe Brothers and leave their bloody mark in the Imperium's historical books.


Chapter HomeworldEdit

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Notable CampaignsEdit

Chapter Gene-SeedEdit

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