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Astral Dragons SP 2
Astral Dragoons Astartes
Astral Dragoons

Unknown Founding






The Crimson Dragoons are a Codex Astartes Space Marine Chapter and were one of the early founding Space Marine Chapters. The Chapter is mostly involved in battling against Eldar, however they also fight against Orks, Chaos and Tau. The Chapter's current location is unknown, however some say they are fighting against the Tyranids in the Ultima Segmentum, which is where they were last seen.

Chapter HistoryEdit

Chapter HomeworldEdit

Notable CampaignsEdit

Chapter OrganisationEdit

The entire Chapter is divided into 10 companies, with each company consisting of 10 squads that is hand-picked by the Chapter's leadership, resulting in a highly specialized Chapter structure consisting of the greatest veterans of thousands of battles down to the neophyte Scout Marines. The Chapter is organized by merit and has some democracy. For example, to join the elite First Company, a Space Marine from the Second Company can only be voted in by the members of the First Company. Every other company follows a similar voting process, however, the Chapter Master has the final say in order to keep the ranks in order.

Chapter Combat DoctrineEdit

The Astral Dragoons Chapter's main tactics is mainly melee combat. The entire Chapter is armed with swords with backup bolt pistols, with Space Marines trained not in the regular bolter first, but in the use of mastering the sword. This carries on the traditions of the feudal world that the Chapter's members are drawn from. Chapter veterans get power swords.

Notable Astral DragoonsEdit

Chapter FleetEdit

Chapter AppearanceEdit

Chapter ColoursEdit

Chapter BadgeEdit

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