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Captain of the 4th Company of the Phoenix Knights chapter.

Aeolia was born and raised in Hive City underworld. His older brother Arlos became a space marine 10 years before him and died valiantly fighting the chaos hordes.

Aspireing to follow in his footsteps, Aeolia was eager to be recruited. He excelled in the training and quickly made his way to a full battle-brother. After several years of service he attained the rank of assault squad sergeant. His first mission in this role revealed his incredible proficiency in this role. The massacre during the Day of Lament awoken the slumbering lion and the orks witnessed his fury, to their horror. With 12 other marines he butchered his way trough the ork hordes, single handedly taking out 3 killa-cans one after another, and decapitating the leading Nob in a comically short fight, demonstrating speed and ferocity far above his bretheren. Aeolia was made a captain after that and given command of a company that favors assaults.

Aeolia venerates his older brother almost as much as Arturian and the Emperor. The dictates of honor are engraved deeply into his very core. While normally a calm and pleasant individual, if his ire is ignited it has proven to be terrible indeed. In the years that followed, Aeolia mentored many other marines and mastered unusual weapon combinations in combat.

For his ferocity he earned the nick-name "Young Lion", one of which he is very proud given his chapters lineage.


200 points

6 4 4 4 3 8 3 10



Lions Claw - master crafted lighting claw (Rending)

Sword of Ire - relic sword (counts as +1 attack, done at normal initiative)

Wrist-mounted bolt-pistol (can be replaced with a wrist-mounted flamer for 20 points)

Iron Halo

Power Armor (upgrade to artificer for 25 points)

Frag and Krak grenades


Overwhelming Assault - all marines in Aeolias squad get 1 extra attack when first assaulting an enemy.

Honor or Death