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Angels Prophet 2 Mk IV
An Angels Prophet Elite
Angels Prophet

Unknown, thought to be one of the Ur-Legions

Legion Number



Dark Angels


Lion El'Jonson

Legion Master

Great Angel


20,000 Legionaries with 1,000 Scout Marines


Stealth Tactics, Lightning Assault, Strategic Decapitation Strikes, Armoured and High Intensity Warfare



"The Awakening of Chaos is about to begin my brothers, we most face the forces of Chaos and smite them from our worlds! As long we are legion, we shall destroy the corrupted legions before as!"
― Unknown Angels Prophet

The Angels Prophet are one of Ur-Legions that is nicknamed the 'Crusading Legion', since they are known for embarking upon great crusades against the foes of the Nova Terra Regency. Known for fighting in the Crusade of Blades and the Sitheo War, which were known for being huge events that could have cost the Imperium many lives.

Legion HistoryEdit

Dark War:

Crusade of Blades:

Sitheo War:

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By the Angels ProphetEdit

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