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Amandrael El'Drius was a member of the Dark Angels Legion during the Great Crusade and throughout the Horus Heresy, where he served under his Primarch Lion El'Jonson. He was born on the Death World of Caliban (The Dark Angels' main recruiting world and homeworld) and had unwavering loyalty to both his Primarch and the Emperor of Mankind.

Notable actions:

-The Battle of Sarosh (Great Crusade):

El'Drius' first taste of action was when his Legion went about purging the Saroshi after a treacherous plot by them had almost seen The Lion, as well as other senior members of the Legion, killed. El'Drius' company was deployed alongside Imperial Army units. During the engagement the Sergeant of Amandrael's squad was killed in an ambush. El'Drius then took command of the Legion Tactical Squad, and led them effectively for the remainder of the battle. The Saroshi rebels were ultimately defeated, and in the aftermath of the battle Amandrael El'Drius was formally promoted to Sergeant.

-The Occupation of Molech (Great Crusade):

Amandrael El'Drius was with his Legion when they, the Emperor's Children, the Sons of Horus and the White Scars occupied the World of Molech and brought it into the Imperial fold, banning the worship of the "Serpent God" in the process. The Emperor accompanied the Legions, and erased their memories of the time spent there (This was because the Emperor had previously already gained many of his powers through a portal to the warp located on Molech). As a result, it is unknown if Amandrael saw any fighting during this time, although it is known for sure that he was accompanying the Legion at the time.

-The Battle of Oriadax IX (Horus Heresy):

El'Drius was part of the Dark Angels contingent that attacked the Traitor facility on the surface of the world of Oriadax IX. There he personally saved the life of Captain Andromar from an Iron Warrior.