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"Wars can be waged against anyone, but peace is made only with those who deserve it!"
―Alistair Crackham, to the Imperial Remnant envoy.

Alistair Crackham is the High Consul, the political leader, of the New Imperium and the Lord Commander of an elite Reformed Imperial Guard Regiment called "The Consul's Chosen". A man who mostly masks his true intents and emotions even from his closest allies, Alistair is a man that harbors many secrets and great pain under his cheery attitude. However, carrying an extremely heavy burden, the High Consul decides to keep his pain and secrets to himself, focusing on his grand task of leading the New Imperium and pioneering it's masses into an era of glory and enlightenment. 

Born on Crimson Terra into the noble House Crackham, Alistair held many titles and was known to have served in various positions before becoming the High Consul of the New Imperium such as Lord General Militant, Lord Commander of Tempestus and Lord Solar. Eventually realizing that the Imperium was beyond salvation, Alistair conspired with some of the other High Lords of Terra and successfully led a massive revolution against it which ultimately led to the foundation of the New Imperium. 

Alistair is a natural leader, veteran soldier and an expert strategist. He does not have an angry personality or a calm one. However, he does mask his true face from many. Being gifted in the art of strategy and administration, Alistair is a brilliant but an emotionally reclusive commander, meaning he prefers hiding his true emotions. However, he can either be quite stoic or emotional depending on the occasion. A man who experienced many victories and defeats, Alistair is a good and benevolent leader to his people, but an unforgiving enemy to those who betray his moral code and the New Imperium.


Early LifeEdit

"I found adventure even when I was a small child. I led a small gang once, you know? I called them "Alistair's Chosen". You see where the name originates from, don't you?"
―High Consul Alistair Crackham to Virgil Arsalor, when asked about the "Consul's Chosen".

Alistair was a "noble-born", as he states. His family, the House Crackham, were one of the influential noble houses within the Imperium of Man. However, Alistair was no ordinary noble, as he often ran away from their parents' estate and spent most of his time on the streets of Terra. He had, and still has, a fiery spirit that always hated the nobility within the Imperium, not because of his young age and strict rules he had to follow, but because he was clever enough to see that the Imperial nobility was corrupt to the bone and beyond salvation.

He was raised in the dirty streets of his homeworld, as he spent his time mostly on the alleys of Holy Terra, realizing the grave truth behind his wealthy life. When he was 10, he secretly started working with a small gang that consisted of entirely children and was horrified when he saw what the people of the Imperium suffered. While his parents were busy protecting their influence or deciding where their hunting parties would be, Alistair was always in trouble. Unlike his other 6 siblings, he had an adventurous personality that cared little for the corrupt bureaucracy within the Imperium. He was also a great learner, with his intelligence impressing even his greatest tutors. However, he faced dire situations on more than one occasion as he had to do many dirty deeds, such as going into gang fights to survive within the decaying streets of Terra. He never liked his privileges but made great use of them, mostly by learning from the best tutors his family could afford.

The great turning point in the life of this noble but adventurous child was the first time he met an officer of the Imperial Guard. When he turned 16, a Colonel named Murad Carollus visited their estate to deliver an important message to House Crackham from his general, who was actually a distant relative. The young Alistair had always wanted to leave his homeworld and explore the Galaxy and for that reason he wanted to persuade the Colonel to take him into the Imperial Guard, but he was considered too young and bold to even chat with him. Disappointed, Alistair had to obey his father and didn't even got close to the Colonel. The same night, he and his gang decided to raid a depot they've been observing for a month in order to sell its contents on the black market. Alistair had no interest in the contents, but he had seen how his fellow gangsters lived and believed that he was helping those in need by stealing from those who had more than what they needed. However, as they entered the depot, they quickly realized that the depot was actually empty. They were surrounded before even having the time to realize it was a trap. A rival gang that Alistair fought against had lured them to the depot to enact their revenge. When Murad Carollus arrived on the scene with a few arbitrators, he discovered that Alistair was the sole survivor of the conflict, as his entire gang was wiped out. However, Murad Carollus was impressed with Alistair's martial skills as he had bested the last 5 members of the rival gang all by himself, with his bare hands nonetheless. Murad gave the young boy a choice: he would either continue living his life on Terra, or would join the Officio Prefectus to serve in the Emperor's army. Alistair didn't even took a second breath as he agreed to do the latter. Murad Carollus then proceeded to secretly train Alistair for the next 4 years, showing him many new "tricks" and improving his martial skills considerably. After 4 years, Alistair had already learned all he could from him. Murad Carollus was very impressed with his student and was not saddened when his regiment was called back to active duty. His last words to his student before he departed were:

“Only in death does duty end Alistair. Remember that as you continue down your path.”

Later on, Murad Carollus left his brilliant student on Terra and departed. Alistair never heard from this Colonel nor his regiment ever again. It is even rumored that the High Consul spent entire months in the Imperial archives to learn his fate but ultimately failed.

Commissar CrackhamEdit

"Cadet! Do you want to know how to lead?"
"Yes sir!"
"Then learn how to follow!
―Unity, to Cadet Commissar Crackham, after the Primus V Incident.

When Alistair said to his parents that he wanted to enter the Officio Prefectus to become a commissar, they were more than happy to let him leave. The adventurous Alistair Crackham then departed to an Officio Prefectus base, hoping to get out of the political life he was born into and see some real action. However, things never went as he expected and he faced politics again and again. This time though, he understood that no matter what he did, politics were unavoidable. Understand that he can't get away from them, Alistair decided to start learning the ropes instead. There, Alistair improved his skills considerably and realized how people idolized the Emperor of Mankind. He was strictly taught to believe in the Imperial Cult, but Alistair was not a normal soldier to obey such commands. He has always been creative and appeared as a devout on the outside while always wondering why people worshiped a man who claimed to be no such god inside. Indeed, Alistair's noble blood and connections in his family had also allowed the young commissar-in-training to learn about the "heretical" Imperial Truth. However, Alistair was not a man that accepted ideals quickly, and decided that the way the Emperor treated religions was harsh and unnecessary. He finally decided that mankind had to believe, but no one had the right to forcefully change the religious beliefs of someone. This philosophy stuck with him and became one of his core values, eventually evolving into the "New Imperial Secularism" he declared after he became the High Consul.

Alistair after Primus V incident

A tired and mournful Cadet Commissar Alistair Crackham after the "Primus V Incident". Drawn by a Sergeant Major who survived the incident along with Alistair. Alistair kept this picture and it still hangs in the High Consul's personal room.

Alistair was trained by "Unity", a legendary commissar that was called only with his nickname. Unity was an experienced commissar and one that cared for his troopers, a trait that inspired Alistair. Alistair traveled from planet to planet, fought on many fronts with great valor. He even once led a huge strike team to kill an Ork Warboss in the now destroyed world of Primus V. The strike team was composed of men and women who went to this suicide mission voluntarily because of their trust in Alistair. The mission was initially a success, but only Alistair and 10 other guardsmen returned from the field of battle. Alistair reported their success personally to Unity, and was nearly executed for insubordination because of this act. However, killing the warboss leading an Ork WAAAAGH! in the planet was no small feat, even though 2.000 Imperial Guard died along the way. The Cadet Commissar learned an important lesson that day; that he couldn't save everyone, but could minimize the casualties however he can. The Commissariat forgave Alistair for this act but gave the glory of this operation to the General leading the war instead, much to the dismay of the young Cadet Commissar. Alistair would never forget all those who valiantly fought with him during that day and also had their names written on a monument in Primus V after becoming High Consul, which is guarded by the Consul's Chosen personally.

As the young recruit continued to show amazing potential, the Officio Prefectus and, by extent, Unity decided to graduate the young Commissar a year before his planned graduation, at the age of 25. Alistair finished his training with even impressing Unity and was declared the finest swordsman Unity ever trained. Indeed, Alistair's skill in wielding swords and melee weapons were second to none alongside his fellow Cadet Commissars. Because of this, his parents presented him a gift during the last days of his training, an ancient power sword bearing the signature of House Crackham, with the words "Justice lies in the edge of this sword. No one corrupt shall wield it." inscribed on it. Alistair named his power sword "Justice Incarnate" and it became his primary weapon of choice.

The Young Commissar was first deployed on a small regiment in Segmentum Obscurus, called "Alexandrian Destroyers" that hailed from the Civilized world of Alexandria. Alistair believed that order could be ensured with inspiration, rather than fear. As a result, he became an inspirational figure for his men, always boosting their morale on any occasion. He also never truly obeyed orders and disregarded them if they would harm the Imperium, an act that angered the Commissariat on more than one occasion. He and his regiment traveled from planet to planet, experiencing many horrors, as the young commissar quickly became a battle-hardened warrior, even though he was younger than most of his soldiers. He spent 10 years in the 16th Alexandrian Destroyers until the events on the civilized world of Capratchii IV, which would become another turning point in Alistair's life.

Capratchii IVEdit

The desert world of Capratchii IV was located in the edges of Segmentum Solar. Alistair and the 16th Alexandrian Destroyers were deployed to the planet in order to assist the 1st Capratchiian Mechanized Infantry with recovering a Standard Template Construct. What turned the mission into a disaster was actually the arrival of Lord Solar Diomedes in the planet to oversee the mission. As the 16th Alexandrian Destroyers and 1st Capratchiian Mechanized Infantry advanced to the designated location, Alistair felt something was not right. Seconds after the Lord Solar Diomedes stepped out of his Bandeblade to see his troops, a mine exploded and his tank was destroyed immediately. Alistair's voice echoed through every head:


The 16th Alexandrian Destroyers and 1st Capratchiian Mechanized Infantry were ambushed by forces of Chaos, the Emperor's Children, led by a chaos lord. the 16th Alexandrian Destroyers took cover immediately while the 1st Capratchiian Mechanized Infantry set up their heavy guns. Under direct bolter fire, Alistair and the acting commanders of the regiments, along with the Lord Solar Diomedes, set up a defense line. The guard fought bravely but even though Alistair led the soldiers against the chaos marines without fear, he realized his men were wavering and melting like ice on a frying pan. They fought for hours but finally the chaos marines managed to break the Imperial Guard's line at great effort. As every soldier used their bodies as meat shields to protect the Lord Solar, Alistair found a crazy solution. Because the acting commanders of both the 16th Alexandrian Destroyers and 1st Capratchiian Mechanized Infantry had died, he assumed command of both the regiments and used the tanks that still worked as "walking cover". As the soldiers held their rear and tanks rushed around their flanks to the base while covering them from arms fire, Alistair and Diomedes barely managed to escape from the site of Ambush along with the scarred remnants of the 1st Capratchiian Mechanized Infantry and 16th Alexandrian Destroyers.

Further investigation confirmed that more than a half of the 1st Capratchiian Mechanized Infantry and nearly all of the 16th Alexandrian Destroyers were destroyed. The reason why the 16th Alexandrian Destroyers took so much casualties were because they drew the fire on themselves to clear the line of the 1st Capratchiian Mechanized Infantry and they held the enemy at bay while Alistair, along with Lord Solar Diomedes, escaped. Alistair felt shame and dishonor once more as he was unable to keep most his men alive again. As the scarred soldiers returned back to base, Alistair was awarded at least 3 medals by Diomedes himself, who also gave him the direct command of the 2nd Capratchiian Mechanized Infantry, which was merged with the 1st Capratchiian Mechanized Infantry and the survivors of the the 16th Alexandrian Destroyers.

Colonel-Commissar Alistair

Colonel-Commissar Alistair Crackham, leading the 2nd Capratchiian Mechanized Infantry.

Rising Through the RanksEdit

"Colonel-Commissar, of all the commanders and officers within the Imperial Guard, you are the only one I can call a friend. After all, we guard each others backs, right?"
"Likewise sir! We guard each others backs!"
―Lord Solar Diomedes and Colonel-Commissar Alistair Crackham.

Alistair led the 2nd Capratchiian Mechanized Infantry for 15 years, always fighting alongside Diomedes due to the growing friendship between them. Colonel-Commissar Crackham participated in many crusades and conflicts, bringing the power of the Imperium to anywhere he stepped on. He treated his men as best as he could, but the way his colleagues acted within their regiments angered Alistair, even terrified at some points. Doubt was brewing within his heart as he wondered whether they served the people of the Imperium, or just a group of aristocrats that only worked to fill their coffers. He was a respected commander, but as the seeds of doubt started to shake the foundations of his moral beliefs, he started to question. He never believed what he was taught in Schola Progenium, about the Emperor and the role he was tasked with, but he considered that waging war for the continuity of mankind was an important and laudable goal. Now, he found himself tested with his beliefs as he saw entire worlds being destroyed simply because a small hint of heresy was suspected. He saw men and women thrown into a battlefield, one so big that it looked like nothing more than a colossal meat grinder. While he agreed that fighting for mankind was a great honor, he wondered if they truly did so. When he was not alone, he would appear as he usually is: cheerful and battle-ready. But as he retreated to his quarters, doubts would fill his mind. Doubts that made him spend sleepless nights, each and every one of them filled with different terrors and fears. Regardless of his beliefs and moral values however, Alistair always fought alongside the Lord Solar, and even save his life on more than one occasion. Because of that, he was quick to rise in the ranks of the Imperial Guard. Indeed, Alistair was granted the opportunity to leave the rank of commissar behind and advance through the ranks of the Imperial Guard. However, this didn't helped his troubled state of mind. Because as his ranks changed, Alistair changed as well.

Colonel-Commissar Alistair was a cheerful man, filled with hope and an unbreakable will. General Alistair Crackham was a thoughtful man who cared for the soldiers under his command and always fought to inspire them. Lord General Alistair was a man who worked as much as he could, spending entire weeks solely planning and improving his strategies. Lord General Militant Alistair was an anomaly, a man who masked his emotions behind a cheery mask. He was a man who stood at the side of his troops and worked to comfort them, knowing that they would perish in the hours that followed. For his fellow Generals and Lord Generals he was a genius tactician, one that listened and cared about the thoughts of his fellow officers and worked to find a path with minimal casualties. He appeared as a calm soldier with a clever mind, yet none knew the anger that lurked within him. Regardless of the position he served on, he remained as a figure of inspiration to his men, always seen in the thick of the fight, armed with his iconic power sword "Justice Incarnate". However, Alistair had grown up within the fires of war and he knew that within this colossal battlefield, inactivity was not an option.

Danger on New FrontsEdit

"Live to fight another day sir! Live to fight another day."
―Colonel "Brick" Hardcase to Alistair Crackham, moments before his death.

Alistair's promotion to Lord Commander of Segmentum Tempestus was not a quick one. While the Imperium of Man was busy maintaining the sectors under their command, corrupt and powerful leaders were rising. One of them being the Lord Commander of Segmentum Tempestus, Julianus. When Alistair and Diomedes had a heated debate regarding the state of the Imperium, in which Alistair pointed out the corrupt state it was in and asked Diomedes if there could be any reforms made, their friendship started to decay. Alistair was not demoted, but he was sent to serve under Julianus because Lord Solar Diomedes started to suspect if his best ally Alistair was a renegade, or worse. Alistair served under Julianus for 5 years, learning the ropes, making enemies and allies alike. One of his most trusted allies was a colonel called "Hardcase", whom Alistair treated with mistrust at first but quickly befriended after he saved Alistair's skin on more than once occasion. Learning many things about Segmentum Tempestus, Krieg and its culture particularly amazed him to a point where he started to wear a uniform similar to Krieg Commanders during his service under Julianus and as Lord Commander of Tempestus. Alistair however, had way more enemies than allies, enemies that wanted to undermine or even kill him. Julianus was one of them, primarily because of Alistair's attitude regarding his actions, be it legal or illegal, that disrupted his operations and profits. Julianus decided to finish him silently in the end, hiring one of the best bounty hunters in the Segmentum to eliminate Alistair during a battle.

However, a young Krieg guardswoman miraculously learned this plan by eavesdropping a conversation between the bounty hunter and one of Julianus' officers in a bar. Instead of fighting however, she was forced to escape the bar after she was discovered. Barely running away and losing her pursuers, the soldier went to inform this terrible event to his colonel, who was under the command of Alistair Crackham. Colonel Hardcase was terrified to hear these news and immediately decided to warn Alistair, his commander and friend. However, when Colonel Hardcase and a force consisting of 3 Krieg squads came to his personal house to warn him about the threat, they found out that the guards were gone. when the guardsmen entered the house, they found Alistair in chains and unconscious. As Hardcase rushed to help his friend, a rifle stuck landed to his face, knocking him back. The rag-tag assassination force revealed himself and, using the element of surprise, attacked the Krieg squads. A conflict followed and a squad was entirely wiped out when they finally managed to put up a defensive line. Wanting to leave no witnesses, the assassin triggered a bomb that was placed under the house, while his forces delayed the guardsmen with all they've got. Hardcase gave a brutal command and both squads started pushing to capture the Lord General Militant. A massacre followed and only one squad managed to reach Alistair. as the last members of the squad died, only Hardcase, Alistair and the Krieg guardswoman who found out about the conspiracy remained. Trying a final move to break enemy lines, Hardcase failed horribly and was shot at his leg. Unable to move, he looked at the last soldier under his command. He ordered her to guard Alistair, regardless of the situation or occasion. As the soldier took Alistair and walked to the exit, Hardcase did his best to cover them. Not wanting to lose the target, the assassin ordered his troops to advance even though time was running short. As he was about to deactivate the bomb, Colonel Hardcase saw an opportunity. Just before the assassin deactivated the bomb, Hardcase shot his hand, causing the bomb to explode just before Alistair left his house, burying the bounty hunters with him. Alistair was terrified and angry to lose a dear friend. While he mourned the loss of Hardcase, something else caught his eye; he was impressed with the Krieg guardswoman that saved his life and finally decided to take her under his "wings" to utilize her bravery. After the accident, right after he learned that Julianus was responsible of Hardcase's death, he transferred her to his personal guard and promoted her as the new Chief of the Guard. However, the new Chief lacked a name, because she had joined the guard when she was 8 and all she remembered about her past was the word "Brave". After some point, this started to disturb the young Lord General Militant. Alistair finally decided to call her Irmina, which meant "Brave" in ancient Krieg language. As time went on, a relationship resembling a father and daughter formed between the two, which became official when Alistair adopted Irmina after he became the new Lord Commander of Segmentum Tempestus.

Taking Down the Lord Commander of TempestusEdit

"Corruption is the herald of destruction."
―Alistair Crackham to former Lord Commander of Tempestus, Julianus.


The New Lord Commander of Tempestus Edit



  • Justice Incarnate: The Relic Master Crafted Power Sword of Alistair Crackham, Justice Incarnate is also a relic of House Crackham that is said to predate even the founding of the house itself. Given to Alistair days before his promotion to a Commissar, the sword is outfitted with a power field generator that is concealed within the hilt. Being the preferred weapon of Alistair, this sword has seen great use during Alistair's long military career and Alistair is so attached to it that he only leaves it behind when it needs to be repaired. In fact, this weapon was repaired more than once and yet Alistair, or his father, always ensured that it was repaired by the very best the Imperium could offer. It is not known if this sword has any secret abilities or not, and it is said that it has sentimental value in the High Consul's eyes.
  • Armor of Retribution: Armor of Retribution is the name given to Alistair's Master Crafted Relic Family Armor, which was recovered after the Second Battle of Terra. Acquiring this armor after cleansing the dark stain of corruption from his family name, Alistair decided to wear the Armor of Retribution to both show House Crackham’s proud legacy and make use of it’s extremely powerful protection capabilities. The armor is a relic of House Crackham, presumed to date back to the time when the house was founded, which presumably happened during the 41st Millennium. The Armor of Retribution is outfitted with 2 Conversion Fields, thus rendering the wearer almost immune to any long range attack. Alistair also modified the armor, lowering the weight at the cost of less protection, but also added a Master Crafted Refraction Field to it in order to deflect any sort of ranged attack. Being someone who prefers fighting in melee, Alistair considers these additions necessary to ensure that he can reach to melee range alongside his personal guard and not get shot down on the process. Due to its elegant design and light weight, the High Consul wears this armor almost everywhere and is rarely seen with another piece of clothing.
  • The True Ideal: The True Ideal is a master crafted relic bolt pistol that Alistair wields alongside his mighty power sword, Justice Incarnate. This Bolt Pistol is said to be used by Vulkan himself, who kept this sidearm in his possession until the Istvaan V massacre. After Istvaan V, many traitorous space marines laid their hands on this weapon but eventually it was deemed lost during the final stages of the Horus Heresy. Lacking an owner for almost seventeen thousand years, the pistol was finally recovered by a Chaos Lord and eventually passed down to Alistair after he slew the Chaos Lord on Praetoria, 15 years prior to the New Imperial Revolution. The Lord Commander of Segmentum Tempestus, Alistair Crackham, turned this weapon to the hands of the Ecclesiarchy and Adeptus Mechanicus, hoping that he would be granted the right to wear it again. Blessed at least 10 times by the Ecclesiarchy priests and inspected by the Adeptus Mechanicus, the weapon was deemed worthy to be wielded again and Alistair was granted the right to keep it in his possession. However, the Salamanders were not happy to let Alistair, who was a mere mortal in their eyes, to wield such a weapon since there was a possibility that it belonged to their Primarch. Understanding the grave situation, Alistair decided on a more peaceful approach and gave the weapon back to the Salamanders. However, fate would call for it’s use on the battlefield and as Alistair arrived on Nocturne to turn the weapon into the hands of the Salamanders, news reached of a dark eldar raid on a small planet near Nocturne. Joining the Salamanders alongside his forces, Alistair was unable to do much in battle but actually managed to save the life of their Chapter Master, The Regent of Vulkan, by killing a dark eldar assassin that nearly backstabbed and murdered the mighty warrior. Alistair did this by using the True Ideal and killed the assassin with a single headshot. Considering this to be a sign from the Emperor himself, the Salamanders granted Alistair the right to carry the bolt pistol until his death and he kept it close ever since.
  • Rosarius: Being one of the very few mortals to be blessed with finding and using a Rosarius, Alistair was given his Rosarius by a very special person, one of his closest allies, the Ebony Dagger herself. He wears the Rosarius under his armor and considers it to be a necessity.

Combat PreferencesEdit

"High Consul, you should stay back!"
"Are you kidding? I long for the days in which I saw more red lasers than tape!
―A Crimson Warden Astartes and High Consul Alistair Crackham, during the Destruction of Obsidia III.

Even though the High Consul is protected by the Crimson Wardens all the time, Alistair does not cover behind his guards. He is a master in the art of close combat and he puts that trait into use very often. The High Consul favors getting to close combat as fast as he can so that he would not be shot down. Being trained from a young age, he is the best swordsman within the New Imperium, with his skills rivaling even the mighty Adeptus Astartes. He is a colossus of war and has an ancient family armor that was modified to make him nearly invincible to arms fire, in order to help him reach melee without being shot down. While Alistair has a massive arsenal filled with all kinds of different weapons (except grenades), he prefers using his Power Sword Justice Incarnate and his bolt pistol The True Ideal.


Irmina CrackhamEdit

"Irmina? A strong but hot-headed girl, maybe a little bit rebellious. She is also my daughter. Adopted daughter, to be precise. However, I see her as nothing less than my own child. She may not bear my blood, but she is my daughter and perhaps, the heir of House Crackham."
―Taken from the High Consul's personal logs.

Irmina Crackham is the adopted daughter of Alistair Crackham, the High Consul of the New Imperium. They both respect and love each other as father and daughter. Irmina is also trained in the art of politics, at the request of her father, and thus have formed her own opinion regarding politics. This caused Irmina to be a very vocal person, just as Alistair wanted her to be; but she is regarded as another voice of the opposition because of the fact that her opinion regarding the New Imperium differs from the one her father has, to such an extent that she sometimes openly criticizes Alistair's motives and ideas. Irmina's strict training and Krieg culture is another thing that affects their relationship. While Alistair is also a strict and disciplined man in his own right, he is nowhere as serious as Irmina is. While Irmina and Alistair regard each other as daughter and father, even though it is not their blood that binds them, and would go to great lengths to aid each other, there will always be heated debates between them. Debates that Alistair hopes to keep civilized so that it doesn't drive a wedge between them.

Virgil ArsalorEdit

"A true warrior, Virgil is. Although he is mostly quiet, I can't believe how strong and determined he can be sometimes. At points, I can safely say that he defies description. Watching him fight is like watching an artist or a musician."
―Taken from Alistair's personal logs.

Virgil Arsalor is a Hero of the New Imperium and someone that would've been qualified as a "saint" by the old Imperial standards. An Afriel Strain soldier, Virgil was cured of his luckless state via unknown means. Despite the fact that many see him as a saint however, Virgil willingly, and openly, refused this title and pledged his allegiance to the New Imperium, bringing many victories and tactical assets in his wake, even including Space Marine Chapters. Indeed, one of his most important deeds was to persuade the Blood Angels to join the New Imperium during the New Imperial Revolution. Alistair sees Virgil as a great friend, one he finds enjoyable to talk with, despite the fact the Virgil mostly prefers listening and speaks when asked a question. However, both men respect each other, be it their martial or diplomatic skills. Indeed, mutual respect has made them close allies and great friends. Virgil is also a very strong drinker, or is claimed to be one by the High Consul, causing him to be sometimes teased for this "talent".

Personality and TraitsEdit



"Sir! If we charge from this point, we can defeat the enemy and actually push them back! If we stay here as ordered, it is very likely that we will perish!"
"Sergeant, you are a very blunt man and I have to say, it takes guts to be that straightforward with a commissar. I liked that. Fear will only lead us into damnation. Fine, let us charge but if we fail, you will regret even thinking about that idea."
"Yes sir.
―Alistair, before disobeying another order.

"You don't have to do this, Alistair."
"I must. It's the only way."
"Why son? what is it that you seek? Power or gold never caught your interest. No, those can't be. What is it that you fight for?"
"I fight for the Imperium! For the realm! For all those that weep!"
"My naive son! What is the realm exactly? It is nothing but a glorified corpse sitting on a golden chair! It is nothing but the words despots and dictators use to manipulate humanity! There is no realm son, there is only your family, and you've betrayed it by supporting this revolution!"
"Our family was corrupt to the bone! We were decadent and to satisfy our pleasures we sold our humanity! While you were planning your next hunting trip, I was in the middle of a forsaken war zone, trying to keep myself from vomiting while all types of body parts flew over the trenches! I saw what these people suffered, but more importantly, I saw that their deaths were in vain!"
"Will killing us put their souls at ease?"
"Just as you know me better than myself, I know you better than you ever can, father. I know that you will never let go of your greed and agree to the terms of this revolution. I know that you will not help me save this rotten carcass of an Imperium. I know—"
"Don't lecture me Alistair! All I did, I did for this house, to make sure all of my children and relatives prospered! So what if a few heads rolled and a few innocents died? What if I bribed and corrupted some people? If I hadn't bribed the Lord Commander Militant to allow you to become a General, would you even be here? I am old, son, but I am no fool. The path you go down is a risky one and all I can do is to pray. Pray that you understand that it is nearly impossible to reform the Imperium!"
"It's worth a try. Goodbye, father.
―Alistair Crackham and his father, Reynold Crackham, before he is executed by Alistair.


  • Alistair hates using grenades and does not carry them, mainly because he fears using them and does not use them unless it is greatly necessary. While some argues he has a phobia of using them, it can not be described as a phobia because it is confirmed that he actually used a grenade, one that he took from a corpse, to kill an inquisitor during the Conquest of Titan.
  • Alistair is born as right handed and used his right hand until he became a Cadet-Commissar. His mentor, Unity, wanted Alistair to master using both of his hands when it came to melee weapons, and Alistair did so. However, since he knows that his left hand is weaker compared to right, his sword is placed under his right hand, so that he can unsheathe it easier if he ever needs to use his left hand.