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Chaplain Samson
Guardian Angel
Alasdair Samson
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New Sirius

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Black with white-grey streaks

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  • Right arm and part of chest
  • Right eye, socket replacement
Miscellaneous Information
  • Indomitus-Pattern Terminator Armour (during Deathwing service)
  • Master-Crafted Power Armour
  • Lightbearer
  • Crozius Arcanum
  • Numerous others - see Wargear section
  • Perseus II Skirmishes
  • Fourth Quadrant Rebellion
  • Jericho VII Deathwatch Service, Vigil One
    • Gustatius Campaign
  • Siege of Vraks
  • Massacre on Frigus IV
  • Seyerian Crusade
    • Purging of Seyeria
    • Reclamation of Lancaster
    • Cleanse of Baenus
  • Eneldor Campaign
  • Jericho VII Deathwatch Service, Vigil Two
  • Numerous others
Current Status
  • Active as of 999.M41
  • Imperium of Man,
    • Adeptus Astartes
      • Dark Angels
"My good blade carves at the casques of corrupted men, my boltgun blazes sure. My strength is the strength of ten, because my heart is pure."
―Attributed to Alasdair Samson, dated 956.M41.

A gallant Astartes hailing from the Dark Angels, Alasdair Samson was born on the Hive World of New Sirius, in a tribal village near the capital Spire of Numene in 689.M41, and was recruited to the ranks of the Imperium's Adeptus Astartes in 702.M41. Samson's history has been characterised by a surreptitious nobility, towards his common Battle-Brothers and the Imperium's citizens. Despite his status, Samson refused to become complacent even in his exalted station, relying on his intelligence more than raw power, earning a reputation for having quick initiative and being intractable in the assault. Even after learning the existence of the Fallen Angels, Samson refused to waver, climbing up the chains of command until he became a key figure of the Inner Circle, utterly dedicated to keeping the secret of The Unforgiven.

Samson was a powerful warrior whose deceptively ponderous movements often caught enemies off-guard, advancing far enough to become decorated a Terminator Sergeant, even commanding small strike forces of Deathwing in Belial's absence. Curiosity clawed at the minds of his Chapter's Apothecaries when the mutation in both his Biscopea and Ossmodula occurred, which caused the Marine's overgrowth during his time as a Neophyte. At an above-average height of nine feet and two inches, and possessed of an enormous strength by the end of his initiation. While impairing his agility further than most Astartes, gifted him a number of advantages - this allowed him to wield certain weapons with relative ease, taking a liking to heavier weapons. While his large stature and proficiency might leave one assuming his sole area of skill is martial prowess, amongst his brothers he is surprisingly flexible, serving in the Battle Companies sometimes side-by-side of the respective Company Masters, before becoming Sergeant of Ravenwing then ascending to Deathwing Sergeant. 

In the closing years of the 41st Millennium, Samson failed to stop one of his trusted friends, the Interrogator-Chaplain Delan Araqiel, from falling to the grip of Chaos, and slew him in the process - but not without letting the Fallen Angel, Nefar Valac, escape. As if needing to repent for his failure, in both preventing the fall of his close brother and failing to capture the Fallen, Samson sought to correct his actions. Submitting himself to the Solitarum deep within The Rock, Samson emerged as an Interrogator-Chaplain, and within a year, he returned with Sorceror Valac firmly chained within a sensory deprivation tank of vigoriously blessed ceramite, sanctified to prevent his foul magics. Nefar's last wish was the sweet pain of death after he finally repented - the Dark Angel earned the  solitary black pearl now hanging around his neck.


Early Life and InitiationEdit

"Nothing else is of consequence, initiate - we are Dark Angels. The Emperor's first bulwark of Mankind - and if time demands it, the last to fall."
―Cassiel's advice to Neophyte Samson.

Samson's earliest memory is that of being cradled by his mother, at an early age. Although some things are not clear, hat he does remember, is the fact that he was raised in the remote, tribal areas of New Sirius, due to the fact it had not been fully urbanised. A fierce and stubborn boy, Samson was an older initiate at the age of fourteen rather than eleven years. Although somewhat lighter than the others, Samson still strong for his age, the life he'd lived. He was naturally curious, and intelligent - with some of the tribe members, he would occasionally sneak out and seek the capital hive of Numene, studying its inhabitants, seeing how things worked. One fateful day came when the hive was attacked by a marauding band of Orks, who had uplifted the feral greenskins that Samson's tribe had fought for years. Cutting he and several other fellow tribesman off, the Orks besieged the Hive. Fortunately, a Librarian of the Dark Angels, Tanis Barachiel, soon made planetfall with elements of Third Company in a single Thunderhawk, who had come in search of the remote village once again. New Sirius' remote village found itself a niche as a good source of new recruits. The Hives were always suspicious of the Dark Angels, but they always kept their distance, merely interacting with the tribesman they had visited time and time again. After slaying the Orks and defending the hive, Samson, along with the other tribesman, were selected for initiation into the chapter. Having heard many stories about the "warriors of the stars", Samson eagerly made his way inside the Thunderhawk. A young Dark Angels Sergeant, by the name of Reuben Cassiel, approached, accompanied by a hooded Apothecary. The day later, he would find himself assembled with the aspirants within The Rock.

Initially, a few of his fellow Aspirants looked down on him, save for the two other Sirians - Parmaen Remiel, who would later become a Techmarine, and Zethuvan Beleth, who would join the Chaplaincy. One of the Aspirants who singled out Alasdair as weak and unfit were put together to fight. However, what the opposing Aspirant did not expect was that Samson did not back down from the fight, but fought with his wits rather than brute strength as his foe did. Breaking both kneecaps, bending limbs in ways they were not suppose to, and at last breaking his windpipe with a powerful kick, Samson was at first shocked that he had killed him, before Cassiel explained the Neophytes were expected to do this, as it was survival of the fittest. The Neophyte understood, as he slowly arose through the augmentation process. An intriguing piece of data revealed Samson's geneseed had a rare mutation, an unexpected development given the purity of Dark Angel geneseed - his Biscopea and Ossmodula released excess amounts of growth hormones, causing Samson to spurt to a height of nine feet and eight inches, as well as possessing prodigious strength that greatly surpassed that of his brethren. His last test was that of an Exposure Trial - Aladair laid still for an entire day and night in the icy wastes of Frigus IV, also in the Sirian system. Recovering from the chilly weather within a week, Samson later found himself donning his Scout Armour, and going to the fight for the first time.


Early LifeEdit

Trial by FireEdit

"What does the gratitude of these people matter? When they cry for help and help is given, they give a damning gaze like we are the very heretics we crusade against. There is duty, and there is war. Naught more. These people know nothing."
―Samson in 720.M41, remarking on the people of Perseus II. He would later regret to say this.

In the heat of 715.M41, Samson was now well on his way to becoming a fully qualified Battle-Brother. As a Scout Marine made the decision to get ahead of his colleagues and decided to get some early training on the usage of the MKIVa Heavy Bolter, hefting the weapon into his first conflict already. He wielded it almost as if it was an extension of his own body, and soon realized he had found his calling. Perseus II was a Feudal World in Segmentum Ultima. Primarily a desert world, Perseus II was home to a Chaos cult dedicated to the worship of Khorne known as the Gore Covenant. The 10th Company plus Tactical Squads from 6th Reserve Company of the Dark Angels made their planetfall towards the feudal desert planet within due time. Samson was placed in a four-man Scout Squad, led by a Sergeant with a standard issue Godwyn-pattern Boltgun, and the two other Scouts - one with a sniper rifle, the other with a plasma gun. The objective for this Scout squad was simple; make their way to a small cliff overlooking a Chaos encampment in the wastelands of Perseus II, just south of Perseus City, and observe the Tactical Marines' ability to fight from afar and support them where needed. The Gore Covenant was planning on an cult ritual to summon a Chaos Lord of Khorne to them, so that the Gore Covenant may be led to victory against the Feudal World's leaders. The Tactical Marines from 7th Company charged into the encampment, their boltguns blazing, while the Scouts took to the areas above.

Sinclaire perseus

Alasdair (far left) after receiving his Black Carapace and serving as a Devastator.

Spotting several Cultists striding for their ritual site, they hastily made themselves ready for the coming of their Chaos Lord. They struck by brilliant pylons of Warp energy and lifted into the air, as a corrupted eight-pointed star was burnt into the soil itself. The Scout spotted this commotion and called over vox ranges, alerting the Tacticals that the ritual was about to take place. Unfortunately, the Marines were besieged by a wild commotion of Khorne Berserkers. These blood red and gleaming silver Berserkers were barely contained catalysts of their God's rage, brimming with unstable fury and their screaming chants drowned out by the blood-curdling chainaxes they carried to match their anger. Several Dark Angels were lost in the assault, but these Berserkers were slain soon enough. While the Scout marines fended off anyone attempting to sneak up on the rest of the Tacticals, the portal gate for the Chaos Lord's coming was beginning to open. Refusing to waste any more time and advancing at the behest of his Scout Sergeant, the young Scout Marine hoisted his Heavy Bolter from his braced position and made for the Cultists, sliding down a nearby dune itself and into the ritual being held at the dig site. With a plume of well-placed, furious bolt fire, the distracted Cultists dropped dead to the ground. The Warp energy began to cease, and so did the gate. With further assaults from the enraged Berserkers, entrenched Chaos Marines, and Chaos Havocs, the battle was won.

By the end of further skirmishes, repeated summons of the Chaos Lord and blood spilt upon the desert sands, Scout Samson earned the respect of his brothers for his initiative and marksmanship, believing him to be ready for the Chapter. The rest did not agree - however, within the next few battles, Samson received his Black Carapace and his forest green suit of Power Armour. He rose through the ranks quickly, becoming Devastator, Assault and Tactical within years of each other. Mastering the art of war so very hastily, he made the decision to return to a Tactical squad inside Fourth Company after years of fighting, in 730.M41. Samson, in the wake of this, would accompany the Dark Angels and the most venerated of their companies to many battles and campaigns, rising him through the ranks and earning him the further merit of his brothers. While his trusting nature caused some of his fellow Angels to be inherently suspicious of him, his skill as a warrior could not be disputed. Distinguishing himself against the fortress of the Fallen Angel Kaligar during the Fourth Quadrant Rebellion while the entire Chapter was focused there. These merits acquitted the arrival of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Ulixis Iratus. Iratus' attention was caught firmly by Samson, who, while having not faced xenos threats before, Ulixis considered him as a new recruit. Believing the young Marine to have potential, Iratus left with him and brought him to Watch Fortress Erioch itself, to take him through a valuable part of his career, learning to slay the foremost enemies of man; the alien.

A Warrior Well-ProvenEdit

"To blaspheme against the Emperor is to adhere to a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the tenets of heresy."
―An ancient message scrawled on the walls of the Hall of Glory, in Watch Fortress Erioch.

In the years following the Fourth Quadrant Rebellion, Ulixis took Alasdair to Watch Fortress Erioch, where he was enrolled in a Kill-team commanded by Blood Angels Tactical Sergeant Saul Victorio, the team consisting of a Hawk Lords and Raven Guard Assault Marine named Milus Alaran and Romotos Midas respectively, an Ultramarines Tactical named Harian Nero, and Imperial Fists Devastator known as Hake Exitio. He served with distinction across Jericho Reach, his last battle of his term being upon a world known as Gustatius. Under siege by none other than the newly discovered Tyranid swarm, a tendril of Hive Fleet Behemoth had dissociated itself from the main fleet in 746.M41 and becoming lost in a Warp storm. This splinter emerged in Jericho Reach. The Gustatius Campaign ran for years, its final battle taking place in 820.M41. Ulixis acted as mission command. The young Devastator found a new weapon of choice - the venerable Plasma Cannon. Samson's Deathwatch service would prove to be most interesting in the Gustatius Campaign, as at first, the Kill-team had a lot of internal friction given the Chapters involved. In particular, Harian Nero was constantly affixed on the teachings of the Codex Astartes, and he grew coldly furious at Samson for his unorthodox tactics. While Alasdair simply shrugged this off, the Blood Angels Sergeant stopped their occasional argument wherever he could, while Alaran, Midas and Exitio stayed on the sidelines, refusing to get involved. However, Alaran stepped in every now and then to remind the Ultramarine that the Codex Astartes could not save them from a new threat they knew so little about.

Sinclaire plasmacannon

Samson during his first Vigil in service to Deathwatch, wielding a Plasma Cannon.

His most notable achievement upon the surface of Gustatius was when a major city upon the surface of the besieged Agri-world was home to a infestation of Gaunts and Warrior Broods, but also to a pair of Carnifexes. A Tyrant Guard was also in the process of creation, intended for use by the Hive Tyrant as a body guard, but the Kill-team managed to discover this. Brother Nero and Brother Exitio made their way upon the stone walls to provide covering fire upon the Tyranid forces while Brother Alaran and Brother Midas distracted much of the swarm by performing erratic, unpredictable movements thanks to the use of their Jump Packs. Sergeant Victorio and Samson discovered the Tyrant Guard had already woken. Two more Kill-teams were deployed to the area upon this news, as was a Watch Captain, as this meant the Hive Tyrant was already in the city.

The battle lasted a full day and night, and culminated in both the slaying of the Carnifex pair, but that of the Hive Tyrant and its Tyrant Guard. This would prove to be the last conflict of Gustatius when the Watch Captain died slaying the Hive Tyrant, dying to the Tyrant Guard's berserk blows. A death-defying feat by Alasdair to avenge his death when the Dark Angel leapt upon the carapace of the Tyrant Guard and on to its back, killing it with repeated plasma cannon blasts to the back of its head. The reinforced plating on its head gave way to sustained fire from the weapon, tearing its carapace apart and killing it. This feat of near-suicidal bravery was at first dismissed grudgingly by Brother Nero as blatant disregard for protocol and the marine's own life, but Sergeant Victorio intervened yet again, and Nero came to grudgingly respect Samson for avenging the Watch Captain. Seventy-five percent of Gustatius was consumed by the Tyranids, but it was not beyond repair. The battle had been won for Samson, and in the following year, he departed from Deathwatch having earned his first Vigil, just in time for the explosive campaign against Chaos known as the Siege of Vraks. By this time, Alasdair had moved up in the world, now serving Third Company. While his battles against the Tyranids would prove to come in handy later, he was to return to his roots in a battle against Chaos. Now donning his familiar green armour again, he set off with his company alongside Supreme Grand Master Naberius himself. The Siege of Vraks was a most interesting campaign. The rogue Cardinal known as Xaphan had gained a considerable following on Vraks, attempting to kickstart a War of Faith against the heretics and planters of the seed of doubt that he delusionally believed resided on the planet. As Xaphan continued to preach, he became the idol of the downtrodden of Vraks, the Ordo Hereticus believing that he might initiate classist warfare amongst the planet. Soon, the real trouble would begin.

The Dark Angels - five companies worth, half the entire Chapter - was deployed in 821.M41, when Naberius heeded the call from Lord Commander Zuehkle, who had requested reinforcements. The Dark Angels were thus led by their Supreme Grand Master to the Vraks star-port, preventing any enemy reinforcements from arriving. However, Naberius was confident in knowing his own chapter could take on the star port easily by itself, so he had ceased communications with any of the Guard regiments. Naberius chose the Srna Flats as a primary landing zone, and the Thunderhawks embarked. Samson soon found home with a Devastator Squad, while Samson hefted his signature Heavy Bolter, as did one of his other brothers, and the fourth with a Missile Launcher. The Sergeant hefted a Lascannon. Indeed, the reason for the Angels' landing was perhaps their most secretive - suspicions of the Fallen Angels being present had struck them, and there were now Traitor Legionnaires on Vraks Prime. Led by Arkos the Faithless, Chaos Lord of the Alpha Legion, a reviled renegade whose name was not uncommon upon the lips of the Inner Circle. Interrogator-Chaplain Belphegor was brought to the scene to expunge any and all information from any traitors he could uncover.

Sinclaire vraks

A Dark Angels squad disembarks from a Rhino during the assault on the Vraks space port.

However, the Dark Angels' presence had seeded paranoia in Arkos' mind, and he withdrew most of his garrison to the citadel at the star port, as the Ravenwing's Land Speeders could simply fly over the defenses and strike at the heart of the star port. So did the Angels of Death make their attack not much time soon after, spearheading their assault with Land Speeders and their mighty armoured columns, consisting of Predators, Land Raiders, Vindicators, Rhinos and Whirlwinds. However, Samson and his fellow Devastators did not join the main attack force. Instead, they joined with Orias, Master of Third Company, against the Balan trench. This causeway found itself host to several demolition charges planted by Orias and his Assault Marines. Alasdair's Devastator squad dug in at the eastern end, preventing a Traitor Militia column advance from the west, by virtue of a thousand bolter shells removing them from existence. Within time, the charges exploded and the 3rd Company completed their objective. By the next eight days, the starport itself was reduced to a similar fate the Devastators had bestowed upon the armoured column a week earlier. With the assistance of five-hundred Marines and one memorable encounter where Alasdair had taken hold of a pintle-mounted Storm Bolter onboard a Rhino, Naberius, disgruntled that Arkos had escaped, soon left with his companies, and while there were no Legionnaires they had captured, they had captured many traitor guardsmen. Vraks had dealt a serious blow to the companies, with the loss of a little over two-hundred Marines in the taking of the starport. They soon fled the Vraks system aboard The Rock.

Whispers of ChaosEdit

"Defeat is inevitable, but to accept it, is to be crowned the king of cowards."
―Company Master Orias, dated 845.M41, after the Frigus Massacres.

In 845.M41, The Rock had arrived in the Sirian sub-sector, the very same Alasdair had been taken from many moons ago. They had discovered a distress call originating from Frigus IV, the world Samson had his final test on, about a Warband devoted to Slaanesh. This particular warband was notable, because not only had it originated from the Emperor's Children, but it played host to one of the first traitors amongst the Third Legion, Krax Concordius. A powerful Slaaneshi Chaos Lord, Krax was notoriously charismatic when it came to swaying his followers, a smooth-talker and a hedonist as all Slaaneshi he believed should be. For his actions upon Vraks Prime, Master Orias had made Samson a Sergeant. Wielding a plasma gun into the fray, Alasdair did not take his new position lightly. As Frigus IV came under siege, The Rock diverted two Battle Companies, Third and Forth, to the planet's icy surface. A harsh winter world it was as Samson remembered it, and against the Emperor's Children, it would be a bitter battle. The fighting began only days after planetfall, near the planet's more glacial regions. The Children and Krax had set up their bases amongst the great icebergs in near isolation, as not to be seen so easily. The first battle originated in an old settlement recently converted to play host to Daemon Engines. This Warband had a habit of evicting Chaos Dreadnoughts from their ranks due to their tendency to snap and kill indiscriminately between friend and foe, and instead utilized the terrifying Defilers in substitution.

Sinclaire and co

Dark Angels Veteran Battle-Brothers continue the hunt for Chaos Lord Concordius.

The first objective was to land upon the orbital tower anchored over the ice planet. Traces of a battle long past were visible everywhere - destroyed technology, both xenos and Imperial, were visible everywhere. As the Dark Angels descended upon the planet, companies both Third and Forth descended upon the planet. Most strange of them all was there being almost no presence of any life upon the planet. The Dark Angels realized they had just strode into a trap, out of mere curiosity. Upon arriving at the platform they came under immediate attack by entrenched Chaos Marines and by deafening Noise Marines, one a Champion wielding a terrifying Blastmaster. Many Dark Angels were cut down until it was but Sergeant Cassiel, a Tactical Squad and an Assault Squad, plus Samson himself. Landing the final hit upon the Champion with a well-aimed plasma bolt, the companies realised that the Marines here were certainly not to be trifled with. Within a full day, after receiving reinforcements, thorough cleansing and searching, the tower was cleared and turned into a base of operations for the Astartes. Thunderhawks and Ravenwing Land Speeders immediately began searching for their vehicle stockpiles and eventually found them at an old rundown Manufactorum, which became quite clear when two of the Land Speeders were immediately shot out of the sky. With this further revelation, the Dark Angels called for extra support and Predators, plus a Land Raider Ares, made landfall.

Traveling to the manufactorum, the Land Raider blew down the doors and defended the entrance from the flanking Havocs, along with several Defilers crawling in from the back. With the Chapter banner bearer, Cassiel, Company Master Orias, and the remaining Marines, Orias led the charge. They assaulted the remnants of the Emperor's Children relentlessly, pushing them back to an assembly line where a terrifying contraption laid; a Decimator daemon engine. The hellish machine was adorned with fearsome appendages and flesh draped over the metal, likely from previous victims. When the engine had cut down the Marines all to Sergeant Cassiel, Master Orias and Sergeant Alasdair, plus two squads left, the Land Raider Ares, having expended almost all of its ammunition and lacking any more siege cannon shells, smashed  through the deserted halls of the Manufactorum and to their aid, though ultimately sacrificing the lives of its crew to destroy it by plunging it a crevasse which led to the frozen caverns deep beneath the facility, to the freezing waters and to the Marines' deaths. Orias gave a prayer to honour their sacrifice, though expressed remorse when the Apothecary who collected the geneseed from their already-fallen brothers could not recover the Land Raider's occupants.

Returning to The Rock with severe losses, over the course of several years, Samson would fight against the forces of Concordius' warband until the Chaos Lord was finally found on the opposite side of the planet, upon the ruins of an ice cavern. When the Dark Angels discovered him inside, they almost celebrated, for they were about to receive their revenge. While Samson, Reuben and their fellow Astartes fended off his last defenses, Orias crippled the Chaos Lord, severed his right leg, and caused his helmet to fall off. Unfortunately for him, however, this was not in fact Krax Concordius. It was instead his Sorcerer, Nefar Valac, the Unfettered, a Fallen Angel from the Heresy times. When discovered to be one of The Fallen, Krax Concordius revealed himself in an opening in the cavern, before falling off the edge to a Chaos Thunderhawk and returning to his corrupted Battle-Barge. Concordius lost much, but understanding his losses, he and his warband left the system after revelling in the suffering they had wrought to the Dark Angels. Orias left the Fallen Angel, unbeknownst to his fellow brothers due to the nature of The Fallen, to The Rock's torture chambers, and they departed the Sirius system.

Bane of XenosEdit

"One year out of three-hundred-and-seventeen, and yet, perhaps, the one that changed me the most. Eneldor was not just about suffering the blades and bullets of the greenskin menace, but also it was also a lesson in humanity. Brotherly ties were made with Marines from Chapters not of the Lion's descent - others didn't look upon that idea so favourably."
―An older Samsonreflecting upon his time during the Eneldor Campaign, 006.M42.

Years later after the catastrophe that was Frigus IV, it was now 870.M41, and fought tooth and nail against the enemies of man within the Seyeria Sector, which the Dark Angels reclaimed with the help of the 47th Armageddon Steel Legion under the Lord-General Coryphaeus Tirion and Lord-Commissar Felix Masterson. After expulsing the Orks of Waaagh! Wazarg from the Feral World of Baenus, the lush, Civilisied World of Seyeria, which the sector was named for, was next, which had been taken over by the forces of the Bork'an Sept, belonging to the Tau Empire, and finally, the Tyranid Horde of Hive Fleet Manticore began rolling into the Seyeria Sector, taking over the Feudal World of Lancaster. Though suffering mild losses under the tyranny of the Tyranids, the Dark Angels and the Steel Legion prevailed. Another battle was on the horizon, in 897.M41, two years after the end of the Crusade. The Forge World of Eneldor was coming under attack thanks to the Orks of Waaagh! Roktoof, who had arrived in the sector thanks to an Astropath who surrendered to the Greenskins and was rewarded with a quick death. However, despite the Dark Angels' brooding and lack of trust for other Chapters, this battle would see the seeds of brotherhood between companies Second and Third of the Dark Angels with the Aetherian Warriors Chapter, and the Doom Eagles.

Sinclaire Eneldor

The Dark Angels in the defense of Forge World Eneldor, Assault Marines in front and Devastators providing support.

Of note, Interrogator-Chaplain Araqiel, Samson, and Veteran Sergeants Halius Aetherius, Egon Talorus, and Captain Corradino Breda became brothers in arms. The Orks of Waaagh! Roktoof began their planetfall, chiefly towards the capital spire of Eneldor and towards the civillians. The forces of the Doom Eagles evacuated the civilians, while the Aetherian Warriors and the Dark Angels held off the assault. With time, the Ork tide was weathered. However, things were slowly escalating. The Orks had already reached the Manufactorum, and little more than a sea of green was surrounding it. With the help of several Land Raiders, including Crusader-patterns, Redeemer-patterns, and Ares-patterns, the Marines breached the Ork lines and infiltrated the Manufactorum. With the help of two Dreadnoughts, the Space Marine force, combined with elements of surviving Eneldor Guard and Planetary Defense Force Troopers breached the inner walls of the Manufactorum and searched for any signs of Orks. However, it seems Roktoof had pulled the rest of his greenskin horde from the factory as soon as the Guardsmen and the Astartes came to an ominous, and rather terrifying, conclusion. It turns out that the Orks were not after just weapons, but valuable Imperial Guard vehicles, including Baneblade variants. Of particular note, a Shadowsword Titan-killer was missing.

Guardians of Lost CalibanEdit

"I like you more than other Dark Angels, Samson. You want to know why?"
Aki Blackhammer, a Wolf Guard Terminator under Krakendoom's Great Company, during an exchange with the Dark Angels in 931.M41.
"Why is that, son of Russ?"
―Samson's response, in curiosity.
"You have less of a stick up your rear than the rest of your Chapter."
―Blackhammer's reply.

In 921.M41, Samson departed from Watch Fortress Erioch a second time to return to his Chapter. Having been a decorated Deathwatch Champion, Samson returned to his post of Sergeant, two-hundred-and-thirty-two years of age, an impressive specimen of a Marine indeed. As Sergeant, the next ten years - 931.M41 - would see Samson fight alongside the infamous Space Wolves, which the rivalry between both Chapters is widely known, and almost legendary. Specifically, Third Company would find itself fighting alongside the Great Company belonging to one Engir Krakendoom, a no-nonsense Wolf Lord known for tearing the throats of those foolish enough to question his decisions. These two worlds was the swamplike world of Atradus, and the desert world of Denope. Both planets played host to the Kabal of the Black Heart, a host of Dark Eldar hiding on the planet, waiting to strike any Imperial forces which would dare venture on either world.

Absolution or DamnationEdit

War RecordEdit

  • Perseus II Skirmishes: As a Scout Marine, spent several years fighting against the Khornate Warband known as the Gore Covenant on the Feudal desert world of Perseus II. By the end of the Skirmishes, has the rank of Tactical Marine Battle-Brother in 4th Company.
  • Fourth Quadrant Rebellion: Assaulted the Fallen Angel Kaligar's fortress within Segmentum Solar on an unidentified world, after a full day of fighting. Promoted to Devastator within 3rd Company.
  • Deathwatch Service, Vigil One
    • Gustatius Campaign: Frequent battles in and around Gustatius, with Samson serving within Watch Fortress Erioch for over sixty years. Returned to the Dark Angels Chapter after completing his Vigil and slaying many Tyranids, in 820.M41, the last battle of the Campaign lasting a full day and night.
  • Siege of Vraks: Faced against Traitor Militia and the Alpha Legion warband known as The Faithless on the world of Vraks Prime with many assets drawn from the Battle Companies, led by Supreme Grand Master Naberius. Promoted to Tactical Sergeant in 3rd Company, have distinguishing himself under Company Master Orias.
  • Massacre on Frigus IV: Under the tutelage of Company Master Orias, Samson fights the forces of the Thrall of Concordius, an Emperor's Children warband. Despite suffering heavy losses of 3rd Company, including the loss of a Land Raider, the battle is won, and a Fallen Angel is captured by Orias.
  • Seyerian Crusade
    • Scouring of Baenus: Fighting against the forces of Waaagh! Wazarg, a rivalry between the colossal Ork horde and the "tincan poncy 'umies" of the Dark Angels chapter, as Warboss Skullwrekka put it so aptly, begins, with the death of the aforementioned Warboss.
    • Purge of Seyeria: A grueling battle breaks out upon the Civilised World of Seyeria against the Bork'an Sept of the Tau Empire, various Battlesuits, Fire Warriors, and even Riptides are deployed to fight against the Dark Angels and the Steel Legion, who managed to prevail against their philosophy of the Greater Good. The Tau are forced to retreat, leaving the Seyeria Sector.
    • Infestation of Lancaster: The Tyranids of Hive Fleet Manticore find themselves assailed by bolt round after bolt round, plasma fire, cleansing flame, the subatomic heat of Melta weaponry and artillery shells as the Steel Legion and the Dark Angels complete their purge of the sector, the Angels leaving just as fast as they came.
  • Eneldor Campaign
  • Deathwatch Service, Vigil Two
  • Ravenwing
  • Deathwing
  • Deathwatch Service, Vigil Three
  • The Master of Relics

Personality & TraitsEdit

"You know, I once aspired to be a Black Knight. But then I was told, I am a terrible driver."
―Samson, dated 940.M41, after an incident involving his Ravenwing bike and a fleeing Fallen-piloted Land Speeder.

Sinclaire newface

Alasdair, some time after the New Sirius campaign.

Samson changed much over the course of his life - initially austere and grim, as he viewed the galaxy around him, pulling up an icy barrier between himself and his own Dark Angels brethren. This explains where he is now - he was considered a perfect candidate for the Inner Circle, despite problems with his temper and his reckless attitude. But, however, something triggered in Samson's mind while he fought on Eneldor. Stuck behind enemy lines and away from his own Chapter, Samson, along with his fellow brothers, worked with their Doom Eagles and Aetherian Warriors allies to remove the Ork threat. A valuable lesson in humility and kindness was learned as he forged friendships, and he began to pull himself from his reclusive shell, realising he should consider the consequences of every action and not hold even his own Dark Angel brethren at bay. Alasdair grew into a man with careful consideration for others instead of a narrow, single-minded goal, which was to execute his duty regardless of what happened. Because of the fact he grew out of this mindset, a brighter view of the terrible galaxy began to fill his mind. It is interesting to note how Alasdair's attitude and behaviour evolved. At first, as a simple child, his curiosity was very hard to sate, and he wanted to know much about the world that surrounded him. These traits survived well into his induction into the Dark Angels, however, as the truth began to unfold, he found himself distant and icy, deeply cynical of the truth, of the galaxy's impending, and inevitable, doom. Eneldor changed all of that, and a sense of compassion followed.

Given the fact the Dark Angels reveal the truth only to those who would be fit to be privy to the Chapter's secrets, Samson's newfound outwardness and amiability seem like an ill fit, but the Inner Circle's biggest mistake was confusing Samson's kindness for weakness, which he quickly averted during the New Sirius Campaign. An interesting facet of his personality, which was put in place to trigger his change from his icy demeanor - was his desire to understand. Chiefly, his desire to understand the enemy is a key trait of his. As he spent much of his time by himself and only appeared amongst his brothers for routine, Samson spent plenty of time analysing his enemies and their tactics. Studying and planning counters for many enemies, Samson frequently looked to the Codex Astartes for guidance, citing it as a useful rulebook, but no supplement for a Marine's own intelligence.


Over centuries of endless carnage, war and battle, Samson has come into the possession of several weapons of personal significance to him. From top-to-bottom this is some of the most important wargear he has wielded throughout his eternal crusade against the enemies of man. Note that Samson did not carry every weapon on him at once, this is simply a list of different weapons and armour that he has worn so far that has some sort of personal history with him.


  • Lightbearer, Relic Blade: Lightbearer is a Relic Blade of fascinating make, easily held in one hand by the colossal Marine. Believed to have been forged with a sterling crystalline ore that once existed on Caliban Lightbearer's unique sanctity resulted in it becoming unusually potent in battling daemons. The etching of REPENTIA is formed along the blade, the scripture glowing visibly in close combat with daemons. A small incense burner often accompanies it to further agitate daemons while in his presence.
  • Storm Bolter, Astartes Ryza-pattern: Samson used to be a talented Devastator Marine, but could only rely upon his above-average strength or quick-draw of a combat knife in order to defend himself in melee. As a Chaplain, his signature weapon became the Storm Bolter, easily capable of a high rate of fire which would be kept under control by his impressive vigor and his advanced bionic arms, while using his unique Crozius to fight in melee.


  • Wings of Nestor: These pair of wings meant to be attached to the sides of a helmet were often sported by Samson, either on a Corvus helmet as Company Champion or on his skull-faced visage as an Interrogator-Chaplain. In actuality, they belonged to the first Master of Third Company, Nestor Varrius, after the Horus Heresy, for his diligent service of eight hundred years. The wings are seen similarly as battle laurels - a mark of considerable honour.
  • Cloak of Ayproria: Weaved for the Interrogator-Chaplain during the Panem Crusade, Chaplain Samson and Master Sammael were both well-received by people of the Agri-world of Ayproria. After driving the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Manticore away from Ayproria, Alasdair was gifted this cape for his armour, of crimson and bone-white, adding an extra layer of protection with an Adamantium weave.
  • Robes of Araqiel: A bone-white tabard worn over Alasdair's breastplate, this garment was going to be offered to his predecessor, whose mind was tainted by Chaos. It was given to Samson after his death as a reminder not of terrible loss, but to honour the man's sacrifice.


  • Badass Beard - Just look at the images in the gallery! Even his young self has facial hair of some sort.
  • Bunny Ears Lawyer - There is even a motif on his armor's helmet - the wings rise up a way similar to bunny ears. In terms of the actual trope, Samson is eccentric by Chapter standards, but is none the less capable...
  • Military Maverick - ...which translates into some unorthodox battle tactics, such as ramping off a cliff face and ramming his own Ravenwing bike at a fleeing Land Speeder piloted by a Fallen Angel. Watered down, however, as Marines must adhere to strict protocol.
  • Deadpan Snarker - Sweet Emperor, yes.
  • Genius Bruiser - A non-Librarian example.
  • A Father to his Men - Despite being a snarker and a bit of a cold-hearted jerk at times, he'll look out for his brethren.
  • Sugar and Ice Personality - His "sugar" side is affable, warm, witty and tends to resonate rather well with Imperial citizens and civilians, as well as Imperial Guard. His "ice" side, however, shows barely any compromise and Samson grows much more colder, based on the notion that Samson is ultimately alone in the galaxy, a rare personality who finds little solace or comfort amongst the Imperium and its many battles.
  • Defrosting Ice King - Slowly becoming this. His companionship with the assembled strike force with him as the commander, and his interactions with Valmor, Corradino and Halius tend to melt the "ice" side of him.
  • Pungeon Master - Almost memetically. More often than not, groan-inducing, especially from his brothers.
  • The Juggernaut - Even before Deathwing service, it wasn't uncommon to see Samson on the battlefield charging his enemies with his blade in front, knocking them over.
  • The Snark Knight - Samson is perceived as this by many onlookers and some members of the Chapter when he feels a little more icy, and one-half of the Inner Circle. However, in truth, Samson is not so haughty, rather, he is recognises the galaxy around him is a deep, dark place, using his nicer snarks to alleviate some of the misery and defuse tense situations, while using his sharper quips to deride opponents.
  • The Atoner - Almost a living avatar of the Dark Angels' crippling guilt, Samson carries his own shame and the Chapter's.
  • The Big Guy - Amongst an entire army of brawny, eight-feet muscular powerhouses, Samson stands heads taller than even them.
  • Battle Cry - "Until the sword is reforged", or some variation of. Referring to the lost Lion Sword, and the Deathwing Heraldry depicting said broken sword.
  • Gentle Giant - A giant by Astartes standards, but quite docile when not in combat. His movements are deliberate and ponderous when around Imperial civilians, something that is noted upon in Sleeping Giant.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center - Despite his mean looks and often stonefaced demeanour, he is at heart, a believer in the Emperor and protector of His people.
  • Dark is Not Evil - Like the rest of his Chapter, who tend to have a dark, brooding, Gothic theme, but still remain on the side of the Imperium.
  • Good is Not Dumb - Some would mistake Samson's kindness and size for that of a dimwitted brute. How they were wrong...
  • Good is Not Nice - Standard for the setting, due to the Imperium's zero tolerance policy on aliens, bar the occasional "enemy mine" situation with Tau or Eldar. He is often this to others if he is particularly "icy". He tends to go on or off.
  • I Gave My Word - He keeps his promises, and his loyalty to the Chapter has been strained in the past - but he has been proven trustworthy.
  • Tranquil Fury - The scariest part of his personality is that he does not often get visibly angry. He sits somewhere between serenity and unstoppable rage in battle.
  • Dissonant Serenity - This happens quite often in battle - Samson is at home on the battlefront, viewing war much like an artform. He does not make a habit of shouting his throat out, although when he does, it tends to have an effect.
  • Not So Stoic - In contrast to the rest of the Chapter once again. Alasdair might appear stern and stalwart on the battlefront, off the battlefield he is more open to his brethren.



  • Many revisions have been made to the character who would be Samson - he was originally conceived as Brother Skarius, a Doom Eagles Devastator Marine. He went through many different Chapters as time went on, passing through Iron Hands, Black Templars, Ultramarines, Crimson Fists, before the line was drawn at the Dark Angels.
  • Samson was the name of an Israelite in the Bible, known for his strength. This ties in with the theme naming of Dark Angels having names taken from ancient Hebrew texts. His birth name is actually Shamshoun.
  • Though having faced every major enemy of Man, Samson's most hated enemy was that of the Tyranids. Fallen Angels and Chaos come in at a close second. He also has a grudge against Orks, due to their presence on his homeworld, and its eventual invasion.

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