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The Luminary of Deineya
Aki Blackhammer
Biographical Information

Space Wolves


Company of Engir Krakendoom

  • Command
  • Leadership
  • Wolf Guard
    • Battle Leader/Greatpack Leader (occasionally)
    • Iron Priest (formerly)


Date of birth


Physical Description


Hair color

Golden brown

Eye color


  • Left arm from shoulder
  • Right leg from knee down
  • Bionic stomach
  • Bionic secondary heart
Miscellaneous Information
Current Status


  • Imperium of Man
    • Adeptus Astartes
      • Vlka Fenryka

A cheeky, guile Space Wolf who burns with cold fury towards the myriad foes of the Imperium, Aki Blackhammer, born 613.M41 to one of many of Fenris' tribes, entering the service of the Adeptus Astartes after fighting off a giant Fenrisian wolf with nothing but his father's forgehammer, hence his name.

Unlike many Space Wolves who prefer direct infantry charges and the overwhelming application of force, Aki is a precise, calculating warrior who found that blind rage crippled him in the heat of battle and instead preferred a methodical approach to warfare, stalking key targets upon the battlefield and striking the enemies of man where they least expect it. Although akin to a hunter stalking prey, this difference in doctrine did not detract from the camaraderie that he shares with his brothers - asides from a legendary constitution at both the feasting table and the battlefield, Aki was a talented singer, often rallying his brothers with stories and melodies of past and present. However, after he presented a talent for sensing and empathising with the Machine Spirits of the Chapter's armoury and sometimes found toiling away in the forge of The Aett, he was sent to Mars to train as an Iron Priest.

Part of Aki Blackhammer's epic saga sees a turning point in 914.M41 - he seized the command of a Greatpack on the Forge World of Deineya when he was an Iron Priest, after Krakendoom's leading Rune Priest fell in combat against the Iron Warriors warband known as the Steel Conquerors. The Conquerors had made planetfall on Deineya to loot the war machines of the Legio Cybernetica, as well as extremely valuable pre-Heresy vehicles, among them being a Typhon Heavy Siege Tank and a Shadowsword. When the Rune Priest fell and the company's Wolf Priest, Duregar Steelheart, seized his comrade's body, it fell to Blackhammer to lead the Greatpack to the manufactorum where Warsmith Ronax, the Lord Subjugator and leader of the Steel Conquerors, made his base. Aki, though normally focused on calming the Machine Spirits of the company, began a song - a saga from a long time past that every Astartes in the Great Company knew, joined by fellowship and a mutual desire to see defend this world.

Though the Iron Warriors were infamous for their incredibly hardy fortresses, Aki's familiar tune had boosted the morale and lifted the spirits of the Greatpack; their song could be heard echoing throughout the manufactorum, because the Wolf Scouts had found a section of ruined pipeline large enough for them to move through, and under the heavily fortified position. Much to the puzzlement of the Iron Warriors, who had been expecting a frontal assault typical of the Space Wolves, they began their attack from every direction except the gates of the Manufactorum. The Greatpack held off the Steel Conquerors long enough for the rest of the Company, including Wolf Lord Engir Krakendoom himself, to arrive. The Iron Warriors were soon routed after finding themselves totally surrounded, leaving the system barely a week after this assault with relatively few assets, the most valuable of which being the Typhon tank.

Aki was left chastising himself for letting the Warsmith and the rest of his warband escape, especially with such a treasured and prized relic, but the Wolf Lord reminded the Iron Priest that his sudden show of leadership had pushed the Wolves above and beyond. Blackhammer's newly discovered talent for command over his skills as a warrior saw him soon leave the forge to become a Wolf Guard, often serving as a Battle Leader in Krakendoom's absence.


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