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Aahrgoth closeup
Reaper of Thraxus, Terror of Archorum, Slayer of Kings & Gods
Aahrgoth the Conqueror
Biographical Information

Conqueror's Chosen




Chaos Lord

Physical Description

8 feet, 8 inches


Fused to his armor (Fleshmetal)

Miscellaneous Information
Current Status

Unknown as of 999.M41


Aahrgoth the Conqueror was a powerful Chaos Lord who led the Khornate warband known as the Conqueror's Chosen. Since the 33rd Millennium, over a thousand Imperial worlds have bore witness to Aahrgoth's savagery, most notably the worlds of Thraxus and Archorum, both of which were entirely depopulated over the course of weeks of ceaseless slaughter by Aahrgoth and his warband.

With countless battles won, champions slain, and worlds subjugated beneath his iron heel, Aahrgoth was among the Blood God's most favored servants. As such, he had been rewarded with a plethora of daemonic artifacts and blessings, most notably the Collar of Khorne and the fearsome Axe of Khorne. Aahrgoth commanded such authority amongst the forces of the Lord of Slaughter that even some Bloodthirsters bowed to his whim.

Most recently, Aahrgoth played a major role in the Ulgroth Crusade, before going on to provide aid to Warmaster Abaddon in the 13th Black Crusade.