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“No man dies in vain if the battle is won.”
450th Siege Korps
Command Staff
  • Commander 271283-329874-Herzstoff
  • Commissar Vincencius Hart



Roughly 14,000 men

  • Siege warfare
  • Trench warfare
  • Mechanized warfare

"Death before failure! Glory to the men of Krieg, for we are their redemption!"


The 450th Siege Korps was a siege regiment of the Death Korps of Krieg, infamous for both its tactics and the extreme psychological toughness of its soldiers. The attitudes towards war and death which the regiment eagerly promoted amongst its ranks were a perfectly distilled personification of Krieg military philosophy: grim, fatalistic, and impersonal. Accepting only the most zealous and devoted guardsmen in the Death Korps, members of the 450th had fully embraced the idea that their lives were but a small price to pay for the honor of Krieg and the well-being of the Imperium. This mentality resulted in a very unique kind of fraternity amongst the Kriegsmen of the 450th, as their rejection of individual worth made them search for meaning and strength in groups. The guardsmen of the 450th shared an unbreakable bond, but never devoted anything more than the most minimal of resources towards saving their own, as keeping a fellow Kriegsman from their ultimate fate was more often than not seen as irresponsible and disrespectful in the extreme.