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12th Deeprok Light Infantry





'Vertical' Warfare


"Up the cliff! Down the canyon!"

"We crash down the jagged walls of Deeprok like a storm! We sweep away the heretic before they realize that they have wrought the wrath of the emperor! The emperor protects my friends! The emperor protects!"
―Colonel Alaric Attelus addressing the 12th Deeprok shortly before the Battle of Raltfal

The 12th Deeprok Light Infantry, more commonly known as the Deeprok Twelfth was an Imperial Guard Regiment raised during the Saint-Euphrica Crusade. Primarily light infantry, the 12th Deeprok are known as the newest and most inexperienced to come from the desert world of Deeprok. They are well known for their abilities in laying ambushes and using explosives, and their use of zip lines and grappling hooks to flank enemies.


Originally, Deeprok only mobilized six different regiments for the Imperial Guard with the Deeprok 3rd being the only mechanized regiment. However, soon after the beginning of the Saint-Eurphrica Crusade, it became evident that the undersupplied Imperial army needed more men if it was to complete its objectives in retaking the Supheria sector. Thus, six new regiments were formed to aid in the crusade.

Colonel Alaric Attelus was given command of the regiment to atone for his failures on New Calara and Horones V, since the Deeprok had no more suitable officer candidates to lead the regiment. Shortly after his arrival, he began to drill the 12th as he would any other guard regiment, but found himself surprised by their abilities.

Battle StyleEdit

The 12th prefer, like all other Deeprok regiments, to ambush and outflank their enemies. Commonly using their grappling hooks and zip lines to either drop onto enemies or climb up behind them, their abilities to flank are unique and although highly situational, very effective.

The crags and canyon of Deeprok also breeds good scouts and snipers, the snipers of Deeprok being considered their most elite and special force. Most children in Deeprok grow up wishing to be one of the legendary snipers, though very few of them make the cut.

Appearance and UniformEdit

Like all Deeprok regiments, the 12th wears standard imperial armor with dark orange blouse and tan armor. The men of the 12th commonly wrap their faces in light scarves to protect from the sandstorms of Deeprok and goggles are standard issue. Uniform regulations are generally slack, guardsmen commonly not bringing helmets on missions or using nonstandard boots and gloves.

The snipers use wrapped scarves as a standard issue, the high positions they normally find themselves in either being very cold or dusty.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

The 12th employs many of Deeprok's model grenade launcher in its battles. At least four of them are carried in every squad, they also regularly carry snipers rifles, if not by the elite sniper teams then by squad marksman.

Autocannon's are also carried, at least one per squad. However, due to the Deeprok's light kit required for climbing and descending, those who carry the canon will normally not have any other weapon. Stories of guardsmen being caught with only a cannon and being slaughtered are common in the 12th, and those who carry it are generally considered insane.